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How to Think & Work Like a Successful Real Estate Investor

Engelo Rumora
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How to Think & Work Like a Successful Real Estate Investor

Just the other day I was reading an article about millionaire mentality. I shared the same article with my friends on Facebook where I got the standard likes. I don’t know if anyone actually read it, as the article was nothing original or profound but it was correct.

Being successful is not an end result of work. Success in anything, is the continued outcome of constant work and relentless focus. Every one of us has the same amount of time each week, 168 hours. That is 7 days. It’s what we do with it, what you do differently with those hours that changes the outcome.

I have nothing special over any of you. I quit school at 14. I never attended college. I swept floors on constructions sites to make a living. I was just like so many you will meet. I worked for a pay check, used up my hours laboring and got some cash for the hours spent. I soon realized though that my life was going nowhere. I wanted and needed more!

Success is All In Your Mindset

Today, I am a successful Real Estate investor— because of the way I think. The way I changed myself and my habits enabled me to use time to my advantage and move ahead of my competition. Everything I do and everyone that I allow to enter my life align with that purpose.

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It’s not just to make money. Money can be spent, it can be lost, devalued or stolen. My focus is on a lasting contribution to my circle of friends, family and partners. Money, thankfully, does come along with that contribution! Like any investment, when I use my time to accomplish something I expect a greater return. I have walked away from many people and deals.

Not because I wasn’t going to profit, but because the return on the investment being “my time”, was below expectations and had a higher possibility of risk.

When I think about millionaire mentality, more importantly, what I do in my life to keep that focus, is curtail to my success. I wake up every day earlier than most, 6-6:30am at the latest. I change my voice mail greeting with the new date.

My Daily Routine

I read several positive articles about Real Estate topics and leadership.

I pop out the notepad and update my daily to-do list and areas of focus. I check online forums for new deals and urgent emails. By 7am, I am in the office updating and responding to social media. By 8am, my daily appointments are set and I meet with or call my business partners to relay information.

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Over the course of the average day, 100 phone calls, several face to face appointments, 100+ emails and a dozen or so property evaluations. I try to not work more than 12 to 13 hours each day and possibly take a half day off on Saturday.

Because so much Real Estate is listed on Sundays and most people are free to meet, I am typically working the whole day. At the end of the day I review my list and reply to messages to prepare for the next morning.
This takes commitment and a daily desire to meet your goals, always reaching toward the end result and the better the results, the harder you must work.

I get up every day knowing what I need to do to be successful for myself. I don’t need anyone to validate that or remind me of it, I just do it because I commit myself to the task. I use all the time and resources necessary to focus on meeting my goals.

I ask you, “What are you doing to make millions of dollars? What are you doing to be successful?”

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