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Put Down the Bandit Signs! Here’s How to Reach Leads FAST

Antonio Coleman
5 min read
Put Down the Bandit Signs! Here’s How to Reach Leads FAST

Welcome to Part 2 of creating a lead magnet for your real estate business and website.

Last week, I talked about how to create one of these lead generating items for your website that has the ability to put your brand in front of thousands of people.

Before we get into how we are going to market that lead magnet, which I call “epic-wow” content, I first want all of you to put your thinking caps on for a minute. Don’t say that you don’t know what a thinking cap is — because we all learned about this in elementary school.

Our teachers wanted us to start the process of thinking about something in more detail, versus just reading it. The goal for us here is to start the process of thinking outside of the box if we want to be able to dominate our local market. We need to do things that will get our business and website noticed in the local market.

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With that being said, I hope you already have that “epic-wow” content available to you today, preferably posted on your website. Remember, this piece of content will be the #1 page that people will visit on your website. I say this because we will be pushing this page out to tons of people and encouraging them to share it with the masses.

If you understand the principles of viral content, then you will realize the power behind what we’re discussing. Our goal is to share this to a few, but allow those few to share it with thousands of people in the local community.

Just understand that if I fell into your local market today, this would be what I would do the second that my website went live and was ready for traffic.

Here We Go…

The goal is to put this in every homeowner’s, renter’s, realtor’s, broker’s or whoever else’s hands that will be buying or selling a property in our local community. I don’t have to say it again — but the key to success for any business is to educate people so that they will come back when they need help.

So on day one, all that I suggest you do is share it on all of your social media accounts. Ask everyone in the family to share it on their accounts, so that the viral effect can begin. What we are looking for with this is to get the people who are closest to you in on the marketing effort.

The reason for this is that the people around us will be more willing to share our content due to the relationship. Plus, the content will be so good that they will be happy to share it regardless. Not only that — our family and friends will have people who will see this being shared everywhere and will naturally want to read and start sharing it themselves.

Some people don’t understand the power of the internet at all. Many think it is just a place to go and search for items (and possibly look at videos on YouTube). No way: there is a whole world within the internet, and those who know how to use it are the ones who benefit from FREE marketing.

You see, with just a few clicks of the mouse to share this “epic-wow” content to our family and friends, we just got in front of thousands of people in less then 48 hrs. The reason that I can say less than 48 hrs is because I’ve done this many times with local content that I’ve written on my personal website that has eventually gone viral, receiving hundreds of shares and thousands of visitors over a week’s span.

Next, we want to take it a step further by sending out a text message with the same format in place. We want to start a viral effect through our local contacts via mobile avenues. We want to link to our awesome content so that people can read it and continue the sharing process. Don’t forget at the end of the text to ask people to forward it to at least ten close friends who might be interested in buying or selling a property.

Just this mere marketing strategy alone will be enough to start getting the whole community talking about your “epic-wow” content — and your real estate business in general.

Overdrive Marketing

Finally, I want to talk about the other form of getting this out to even more people. What you can do is visit your local Chamber of Commerce after you’ve completed the first stage of promoting your content. Go to them and ask if they could add that link on their website, and maybe even share it on their newsletter.

This is very powerful due to the fact that tons of people read the local Chamber of Commerce website. Think about doing this to get the casual person looking at their website to come over and read your content.

The other marketing strategy — and the final one that I will go over today — is recruiting the help of the local real estate market. What we want to do is to contact local realtors and network with them on this project. But we will need to give some type of value to them if we want them to share our content with their buyers and sellers.

So what I suggest is that you set up a page on your site asking them to share their contact information. Over time, you will have a list of hundreds of local realtors’ contact information on that page. Since you did that for them, now it’s time to ask them to share your “epic-wow” content with their clients.

The power behind this is like no other because now I’m able to put my business in front of thousands people who are buyers and sellers — all for FREE.

I never had to do the following:

  • Use bandit signs
  • Place a paid ad
  • Use radio (which can be very expensive)
  • Pay for a TV Commercial (also very expensive)
  • Cold call (which can be scary and tedious)
  • Engage in Driving for Dollars (gas is too high for that)

I don’t think that I have to go on and on for you to realize the power behind this type of marketing. While the other local investors are crossing their fingers on that direct mail — which costs hundreds of dollars and is not targeted at all — you have just put your business in front of thousands of people and paid not one dime in advertising.

Today is about marketing smarter than the next person — and consequently watching your business soar to the sky.

Final Remarks

This concludes the last installment concerning getting your foundation set up, which is your website. Next week comes the part of online marketing that may be a little over some people’s heads. No worries; I will walk you through the first step of dominating your local market, which is bundling that online presence.

Without an online presence, your business will only grow so far. Yes, you can still make a great living in real estate without having a website or an online presence. But if someone in your local community starts to get smart and focused on this effort of dominating the online world, then you risk falling behind.

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I say this because there will be no way for you to compete with me if I’m dominating the search engines for every targeted keyword in a given market. So don’t miss my next blog post, where we start our journey towards local marketing domination.

Do you have an “epic-wow” piece of content posted to your page yet? How successful has your online marketing been thus far?

Touch base with me by leaving a comment below!

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