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Cyber Monday Sale on BiggerPockets Books and PRO! [Expires in 7 Hours!]

Brandon Turner
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Cyber Monday Sale on BiggerPockets Books and PRO! [Expires in 7 Hours!]

Thanksgiving night I went to Wal-mart just to watch the chaos.

It was a blast!

Men fighting over the 60” TV so they can spend more time zoning out, unproductive in life. Women pushing each other out of the way to get the latest toys to spoil their kids rotten. Grandmas scrambling to get the last sewing machine deal so she can make all those “lovely” sweaters no one wears.

As entrepreneurs – we love a good deal. As a real estate investor – I bet you love them even more than most. However, I doubt you love to be part of the chaos.

Well… have I got some good news for you.

Right now BiggerPockets is offering a deal better than any two dollar flat screen TV.  Better than an ugly Christmas sweater.  Better than spoiling your kids rotten.

We’re offering financial freedom… and there is no chaos involved!

This weekend you can invest in yourself by getting 20% off any (or all) of the following by using the discount code “thanksgiving

To get the discount on any of these purchases, simply use the code “thanksgiving” when checking out.

But let me tell you some more…

What does this actually mean for you? 

f8e37d4f-no-money-3d-book-cover-png_0aj0f60aj0f6000000 Okay, the books are pretty self explanatory. 20% off any package of either The Book on Flipping Houses or The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down. 

(P.S. – This doesn’t apply to Amazon orders.)

However, let’s talk about Pro for a minute. You’re going to like this.

A BiggerPockets Pro membership is typically $29 a month, which is $348 a year. However, use the coupon code “thanksgiving” and you’ll get it for just $23.20 a month. But – you are an entrepreneur so you’ll appreciate this:  An annual membership is normally $290 a year (so you get 2 months free) but use that same code, “thanksgiving” and you’ll get 20% off that- so just $232 for the year. And for those who ain’t Mathletes… that works out to just $19.33 a month when you buy the annual membership.

But wait, there’s more!  (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

When you upgrade to BiggerPockets Pro this weekend using code “thanksgiving” you’ll not only get that incredible discount – we’re also giving away over 24 HOURS of real estate audio education: the 2012 BiggerPockets Summit Audio recordings.  These Mp3s are yours to download immediately and will give you access to a wealth of information that we normally sell for $125. If you were not at the 2012 BiggerPockets conference… you are going to want to hear this!

What do you get with a Pro Membership? 

Okay, good question.

Besides helping BiggerPockets keep the lights on and allow us to keep making awesome tools for the investing community, you also get:

  • The ability to post ads in the Marketplace
  • Unlimited access to the Flipping & Rental Property Calculators
  • Access to the “Pro-Only” Forum (for private questions)
  • The ability to upload a welcome video to your BP Profile
  • The ability to download unlimited files from the FilePlace
  • Discounts and promotions through BiggerPockets Perks
  • Find local BiggerPockets members through BiggerPockets.com/meet
  • Set up to 20 Keyword Alerts

And more much!

 Should you buy a monthly or annual plan?

Well, the discount applies for either: 20% off no matter what you choose.

But hands-down the best deal is in the annual, so if you think you’ll still be a real estate entrepreneur 12 months from now, I would get that.

What Next? 

To get 20% off on either PRO or the books, just be sure to use discount code “thanksgiving” when checking out! And remember – this sale ends on Monday so get it while it’s hot!

To upgrade your account from a “free” or “plus” account to a “Pro” just click here or visit BiggerPockets.com/pro.

Upgrade to Pro

To order The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down, click here.


To order The Book on Flipping Houses and The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs click here!

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