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Real Estate Blogging: How to Pick Article Topics That Search Engines Will Find & Local Leads Will Read

Antonio Coleman
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Real Estate Blogging: How to Pick Article Topics That Search Engines Will Find & Local Leads Will Read

Last week I talked about integrating blogging into your real estate business to maximize your reach online. Blogging is the most useful form of content that people produce today online to share ideas, stats, results, and thoughts. Content like this ends up in the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, just to name a few.

Thousands of people in your local real estate market are online today searching for those targeted real estate terms. So you have to ask yourself one question: do I have content that will serve them?

This is the question that you must ask yourself as a realtor, broker, investor, or just someone who has a real estate website teaching people how to buy and sell real estate. The key is to create content that people are searching for locally, that will educate them and lead them towards the right path of success. Now, that could be through working with you or teaching them how to do a certain real estate act, from buying or selling a property to getting out of foreclosure.

Whatever the case may be, you have to become the #1 online real estate resource in your city by producing tons of free content. I’m going to show you what to write, as well as what format to write it in, for you to serve the potential leads and the search engines.

Remember, we want our content to serve the community and get shared, but also we want the search engines to show us some love by ranking our content high so that it can be found locally.

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What Should I Write About?

Going back to the post that I wrote back a few months ago on the homeless guy who found thousands of buyers and sellers, I was referring to the keyword research that I did in Google Planner. This is where I found hundreds of keywords by only typing in Shreveport Real Estate. The system sent back hundreds of keywords that I can go after to produce content online that could be found by potential leads. Here are some of the top searches that came out of that search:

  • 1,600 – Shreveport Real Estate
  • 1,900 – Homes for Sale in Shreveport La
  • 1,900 – Apartments in Shreveport La
  • 1,300 – Houses for Rent in Shreveport La
  • 880 – Homes for Rent in Shreveport La
  • 720 – Shreveport Apartments
  • 390 – Rent Houses in Shreveport La

After having found these keywords, I’m able to write about these topics on my real estate website in some form or fashion, which I will show you how to do. And it doesn’t stop here; the system gave me a few hundred more. From here, you will go over to Google Planner and do a search for your city + real estate, and download the results that you get into a spreadsheet.

What you’re doing here is getting your topics that you want to write about that will include all of the terms that you download. Meaning, if you get over 500 keywords off of doing a search for your city + real estate, then you will need to write 500 pieces of content on every single keyword. Now, I can see the look on your face when I said that you will need to produce 500 pieces of content.

Think about this… if you talk to any of my clients — no matter if they’re in the real estate industry or whatever industry you can name — I always say the same thing to all of them when it comes to dominating any niche. Give me 6 months to a year, and I will dominate any marketing in the world in any city. The reason for this is because I’m going to do what you don’t want to do, knowing that what I will be doing will be 100x more effective than your marketing.

I know the work that goes into all this and how time consuming it is, but I understand the bigger picture that most investors don’t. What I know is the numbers, and if the numbers show that I can get thousands of free leads to my website each and every month just by producing some simple and well written content, then I’m doing it.

The Numbers

Now, let’s just take out the top terms that I found above that gets 1,600 or 1,900 searches per month. Let’s take those out and just blog about the other 595 terms/keyword phrases that only average together around 20 searches per month. Some of these other keywords get about 120, 80, or even 50 searches per month, but let’s stick with the worst case scenario here and use numbers of only 20 searches per month.

595 x 20 searches per month = 11,900 total searches per month.

Now, just by blogging about all of those terms and hopefully getting them to rank on the front page of the search engines for those terms, I could easily get my real estate business in front of over 11k potential leads each and every month. How powerful is that?

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Now I’m not even talking about the top terms that I found that combine to around 8k searches per month; I’m just going after the lower ranking terms and am still able to dominate any market in a matter of 6 months to a year. There is no other form of marketing on this planet, besides paying thousands on TV or radio, that can put you in front of all of these thousands of leads. Blogging is powerful stuff, and I use it every single day to run my business in order to be able to get my content in front of those who need it, want it, and are ready to use it.

Taking Action

Your task for this week is to run over to Google Planner, if you haven’t already done it, and search for your city + real estate. Download the terms and get ready to start a journey of blogging your way to the top of the search engines. Here are a few topics that I will be talking about in the up and coming blog post.

  • How to Write 1,000 Words a Day
  • How to Format Your Content
  • How to Make Every Blog Post SEO-Friendly
  • How to Link to Useful Local Resources
  • How Often Should I Write and Publish Blog Posts?
  • How to Share My Content in My Local Market
  • and Much More!

These are just a few key points that I will cover that will put you on the road to dominating your local real estate market. No one else is doing this, so once you start this process, you will start to see your content appearing everywhere online locally. Don’t wait another minute — let’s start blogging today, so that we can achieve even greater results tomorrow.

Comment Time: What do you think about this form of marketing for your real estate business?

Leave a comment below, and let’s talk!

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