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The 100 Best Real Estate Investing Blog Posts of 2014

Brandon Turner
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The 100 Best Real Estate Investing Blog Posts of 2014

What did you learn about real estate investing in 2014?

If you are anything like me: a lot.

Most of that learning has been from the BiggerPockets Podcast and the BiggerPockets Blog. Each week, more than 30 volunteer writers contribute articles to help others in the BiggerPockets community grow their real estate businesses.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t learn something from these amazing people.

Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to sift through our “Analytics” on the back-end of BiggerPockets and see what the most popular posts for each month were. Below you’ll find the top 8 or 9 posts from each month, based on number of unique views in 2014.

Obviously, there were hundreds of incredible posts that didn’t make this list simply because the headlines were not quite as “catchy” or there was an over-abundance of incredible posts out all at the same time, so I want to take just a moment and thank every one of the volunteers who donated their time this year to help improve the BiggerPockets community.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to my buddy Dave, who helped me put this list together and organize it. Thanks Dave!

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And with that, I give you:

The 100 Most Popular Real Estate Investing Blog Posts from 2014

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in January

  1. Flipping Houses: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide
  2. How Dodd Frank Law Changes Seller Financing for Investors
  3. How to Achieve Consistent (and Legal) 12%+ Returns Through Passive Real Estate Investing
  4. 3 Simple Landlord Mistakes Costing You Big Money
  5. Should You Buy a House for Yourself or Buy an Investment Property?
  6. Building a One Page Financial Statement to Change Your Financial Future
  7. Hate Your House Payment? Here’s How One Man Used Creativity to Get Others to Pay His Mortgage – And the Result Changed His Life Forever
  8. 14 Killer Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in February

  1. I Paid Off My First Rental Property! (Here’s How… and Why)
  2. How to Find Cheap Houses for Sale: 10 Tips for Smart House Shopping
  3. The 5 Fastest Ways to Lose Money with a Rental Property
  4. Newbies Take Note: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Houses for $30,000
  5. 13 Rules Great Landlords (Almost) Never Break
  6. Using a Free CRM to Manage Your Real Estate Business
  7. How Much Money Do You Need to be “Rich” and Is It Worth It?
  8. The 2 Biggest Mistakes Made in Calculating Rental Property Returns

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in March

  1. How to Buy a Rental Property in the Next 90 Days (With Bonus PDF!)
  2. Why I Invest in Single Family Homes Over MultiFamily
  3. Let’s Be Honest: You Won’t Become a Real Estate Investor (Here Are 8 Reasons Why…)
  4. The Real Key to Success is Cheating. Here’s How (and Why) To Cheat…
  5. Should You Buy More Rental Properties Or Pay Down the Ones You Have?
  6. Real Estate Investment Advice From Warren Buffett
  7. Facepalm Moments: 21 EPIC FAILS From Construction Projects Around The World
  8. Building Wealth: 10 Strategies for Successfully Managing Equity

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Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in April

  1. The Best (and Worst) US Real Estate Rental Markets in 2014
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Using Direct Mail Advertising to Grow Your Real Estate Business
  3. How to Invest in Real Estate While Earning Minimum Wage
  4. 5 Simple Strategies For Real Estate Acquisition Domination! (You are Going to LOVE #5!)
  5. 3 Benefits to Getting a Real Estate Agent License
  6. Five Tips to Get Great Deals On the MLS (Including Buying Houses on Friday…?)
  7. 7 Actionable Things You Can Do Today To Become a Better Real Estate Investor
  8. How to Estimate Rehab Costs with No Construction Background

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in May

  1. 7 Actionable Things You Can Do Today To Become a Better Real Estate Investor
  2. How to Estimate Rehab Costs with No Construction Background
  3. 13 Red Flags for Troublesome Tenants (+ 9 Totally Insane True-Life Tenant Stories)
  4. Passive Real Estate Investing: How to Have a True “Four Hour” Real Estate Workweek
  5. Is Real Estate a Good Investment? (Nope, However…)
  6. 14 Things Every Real Estate Investor Should Do Every Single Day
  7. Getting Started in Real Estate With Less Than $1,000
  8. 10 Things Nobody Told You While Getting Started In Real Estate

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in June

  1. BP Podcast 073: Investing in Rental Properties When Your Local Area is Too Expensive With Mehran Kamari
  2. How to Really Calculate Cash Flow on Your Next Rental Property
  3. 12 Things I HATE About Landlording (with Gifs!)
  4. How Real Estate Empowered Me to Buy a Lamborghini (And What It Means for YOU!)
  5. 10 Powerful YouTube Videos Every Real Estate Investor Needs To See (#10 Might Even Change Your Life)
  6. 10 Rules for Investing in Real Estate Without Looking Like an Idiot
  7. The Top 5 Ways to Make More Money on Your Rental Properties
  8. 8 Things The Real Estate Experts Won’t Tell You About Hard Money

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in July

  1. Why Are So Many Real Estate Investors Going Bankrupt?
  2. 4 Side Income Streams to Sustain You As You Pursue Real Estate Full Time
  3. How to Buy a Duplex: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide
  4. BP Podcast 079: Low Income Landlording and Investing to Make a Difference with Michele and Bruce Fischer
  5. Real Estate Investors: Do These 5 Things Now… Or Regret It 10 Years From Now
  6. The 7 Dirty Truths about Landlording (Like it or Not!)
  7. 5 Reasons Your Rental Property Is Not Cash Flowing
  8. How to Start Investing In Real Estate Doing The Things Nobody Else Wants To Do
  9. The Epic Guide to Finding an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in August

  1. The Simple Action No One Does That Will Make You A Millionaire
  2. A Slow, Boring, Incredibly Awesome Strategy for Building Wealth Through Passive Real Estate Investing
  3. The Top 8 Mistakes Made By Rookie Landlords
  4. 23 Totally Awesome Life Hacks for Landlords (To Save You Time, Stress, and Money!)
  5. How to Make $20k in 2 Weeks – Step by Step Guide
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing: 10 Tools to Generate Unlimited Leads
  7. 20 Cool New Inventions for the Modern Day Real Estate Investor
  8. How to Get A Loan To Flip Houses in 4 Steps
  9. The 10 Best Real Estate Investments for Smart Real Estate Investors

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Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in September

  1. The 15 Most Hilarious Autocompletes from Real Estate Related Searches
  2. How to Build a Real Estate Empire From the Ground Up
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Analyzing Rental Properties (+ Free PDF!)
  4. Protect Yourself As a Landlord With These 6 Crucial Documents
  5. The Ultimate Comprehensive List of Tenant Red Flags
  6. How to Crunch Real Estate Numbers Painlessly Using This One Simple Rule
  7. 6 Investment Rules Necessary to Build a Real Estate Empire
  8. 7 Signs You’re Entering Into a House Flipping Disaster

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in October

  1. 10 Things Only Personal Finance Nerds Would Understand
  2. How to Quit Your Job & Invest in Real Estate Full Time: Steps 1, 2, & 3!
  3. BP Podcast Show 91: Getting Started as a Real Estate Wholesaler with Ben Grise
  4. The Buy ‘n Hold and NEVER Sell Strategy: A Case Study
  5. BP Podcast 090: My First Real Estate Investment – A Newbie Podcast With Matt, Romeo and KC
  6. BP Podcast 094: House Hacking, Partnerships, and Investing in Multifamilies While Working a Full Time Job with Michael Siekerka
  7. Flipping Houses: 101 Awesome Quick Tips for Success
  8. 6 Foolproof Steps to Obtaining Your First Investment Property

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in November

  1. The (Totally Unfair) Secret Advantage of the 1% — and How to Level the Field
  2. How to Quit Your Job & Invest in Real Estate Full Time: The Final Steps
  3. Newbies Take Note: You STILL Shouldn’t Buy Houses for $30,000
  4. Think Bigger: How to Buy 100 Rental Properties in 2015
  5. 8 Killer Resources for Savvy Low-Budget Wholesalers!
  6. Confessions of an Ex-Banker: How to Get Your Next Loan Approved, Guaranteed.
  7. The Incredibly Simple (Free) App That’s Going to Revolutionize How You Manage Real Estate Projects Forever
  8. The 3-Step Exercise to Help You Work Towards the Life You Want

Best BiggerPockets Blog Posts in December

  1. BiggerPockets 2014: A Year in Review 
  2. Five Business Books That Changed My Life in 2014
  3. 4 Home Improvement Jobs You Should ALWAYS Hire Out
  4. Introduction to Real Estate Investment Deal Analysis
  5. 3 Tips Rehabbers Overlook When Evaluating Buy-Fix-Rent Deals (With Video!)
  6. The 3 Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Property
  7. How to Accurately Estimate Expenses on a Rental Property in 3 Easy Steps
  8. Should I Get My Real Estate License? An Investor’s Examination of Benefits & Costs
  9. Newbies, Want to Break into Real Estate? Above All, DON’T Do This
  10. How to Use Commercial Real Estate to Add $1M to Your Net Worth in 5 Years

What Do You Think Was the Best Real Estate Investing Blog Post of 2014?

Now it’s your turn – which of these posts (or any other) do you think was the best real estate investing post of 2014?

Also, what post would you like to see written in 2015?

Leave your comments below!

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