YES! 6 Proven Elements of Persuasion That Actually Work

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Can you think of anything more powerful than the ability to persuade?

Think of what you could accomplish if you could get anyone to respond to you with the word: “YES”.

Imagine if you could:

  • Find all the buyers you need
  • Close deals with one phone call
  • Hire the best help, for the best price
  • Snag all the best properties in your market
  • Sell all of your properties at lightning-fast speed
  • Get access to more than enough capital to fund ALL of your future investment projects

If you could tap into this kind of super-human persuasive power – you would be unstoppable.

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There Actually Is A Science To It

…and it isn’t about “tricking” people into doing business with you. It’s a matter of figuring out what kind of undeniable value you bring to the table, and then helping people recognize that you have the solution to their problem.

Believe it or not – all 6 of these concepts can have a very direct impact on your real estate business. If doesn’t seem obvious to you – here are a few illustrations that may help you see it:

1. Reciprocity

What can you do to lend a hand to the people in your network? Are there any ways you can help someone along the way? Think about the resources you have at your disposal – Knowledge? Time? Money? Expertise? I’m willing to bet that if you start getting generous with the people you need, there is a high likelihood that they’ll start returning the favor at some point in the future.

2. Scarcity

Whether you’re selling a house, commercial building, vacant lot or an industrial facility – there will ALWAYS be one-of-a-kind attributes that you can draw people’s attention to. No two properties are exactly alike. Think about what a buyer stands to lose if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity you’re offering. What kinds of features does your property have that aren’t available anywhere else in the neighborhood?

3. Authority

To be seen as an authority, you need to be credible. To be credible, you need to prove yourself. Show the world you mean business and give them verifiable evidence of your knowledge, experience, skills and results. If you can connect the dots and give your prospects plenty of valid reasons to legitimize what you’re saying – you will find the business you’re looking for.

4. Consistency

If someone to tells you, “Yes, I want to buy property in this area, please let me know when you find one!how difficult do you think it will be to “convince” them to buy a property that meets their criteria? When a person tells you their intentions, they are much more likely to follow through with those intentions when presented with the opportunity. This is why Buyers Lists are so powerful – simply remind them of what they’ve already told you and they’ll be prompted to act in accordance with their past behavior.

5. Liking

Just like Persuasion, there is a science to Likeability. Regardless of who you’re dealing with, it is vitally important to exercise things like friendliness, empathy, kindness, and compassion when you’re dealing with people. These things will make you likeable, and this can go a long way your ability to be persuasive. Check out the book The Likeability Factor: How To Boost Your L-Factor And Achieve Your Life’s Dreams by Tim Sanders for a more in-depth look at this concept.

6. Consensus

Ever wonder why advertisers use testimonials for the products & services they’re trying to sell? It’s because they work. Think about it – has another person’s opinion ever played a role in the decisions you’ve made? Have you ever bought one product over another based on the customer reviews you’ve read online? Have you ever looked up a movie review before blowing $20 for tickets? We are all interested in what other people think – so use this to your advantage! Get testimonials and reference letters from the people you’ve done business with. This will solidify your credibility and give your business some serious legitimacy when you’re working with prospective buyers.
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Seth Williams

Seth Williams (@retipsterseth , G+) is an experienced land investor, commercial real estate banker and residential income property owner. He is also the Founder of - a real estate investing blog providing real world guidance for part time real estate investors.


  1. I remember years ago working with a lady who posessed all of these qualities. He seemingly had the ability to get people to buy many of his listings as well as the pocket listings in the office. I though her style was a little aggressive, but she had the ability to read people. Some people posess the “Gift of Gab”. This was not her. There is a difference with having the Gift of Gab and having people skills. A “them first” mindset is what she posessed. Years later, I took some of these qualities and applied them to my business and my life. I would say mindset is the biggest thing. And the confidence the pull it off.
    Nice Article!

    • Thanks for sharing Gerald. I used to get really frustrated (maybe even jealous) of people who succeeded because they had the gift of gab… because I didn’t have it! I eventually learned exactly what you did – it’s much more about mindset and having a “them first” attitude. This will carry you MUCH further in the long run, because you can’t fake it – you actually have to care.

  2. I really liked this article Seth. I think a future project for me would be to review my direct mail letters and post cards and incorporate some ideas from the 6 concepts discussed. I have also had many many meetings with prospective clients which means it may be easy to sit down and think about how these concepts can help me in the face to face meetings.

    Thanks again Seth. I always enjoy your input on BP.

  3. That’s great Gary – I’m glad you liked it! These 6 concepts really do work – I’ve employed them many times myself (when applicable) and have seen the results first-hand. If you need more examples, check out the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini. He’s one of the foremost experts in this realm and his book is a very eye-opening read (he’s also the co-creator of the video above).

  4. Great points Seth.

    We are the creators of your reputation, our public image and ultimately our businesses. We can almost always set ourselves apart by being genuine, by helping others without and expectations, and by simply being an ethical business person that does what you say you will do. Simple isn’t it?


  5. arthur cecchini on

    i use these techniques in my job as a hospitalist quite often. it seems like people in the healthcare related industry are the worst with people skills. i see very few nurses/physicians/other healthcare providers that use any type of social techniques. you would think that being in a field of work where you must care for people, it would have more of this, but quite the opposite seems to take precedence. (i do my bed tot authentically care for people but considering these techniques does help out spectacularly)

    now when speaking to loan officers, real estate agents, etc, i see these techniques employed very much to their fullest extent. i suppose since more is at stake since i can technically be a total jerk to somebody and get nearly the same outcome.


      • I know exactly what you mean Arthur. I actually have a doctor who is extremely friendly, and I’m always caught off guard by his kindness (because I never expect someone in his position to be so overtly friendly). I have to say, this kind of “niceness” and goodwill goes a LONG way with people – especially when they aren’t expecting it (and even more so when they’re in a vulnerable state where they desperately need a smiling, empathetic face).

        These principles really do apply to everyone’s life, it’s just that some professions expect this kind of behavior and others don’t. Thanks for chiming in!

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