Make Your Contractors Accountable Without Having To Be There In Person

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When you’re working full time and can’t be on site every day during a renovation,  one quick tip is to insist upon is having your contractor take photos of all the work performed!

The majority of contractors have smart phones with photo taking capabilities, and many are more than happy to comply with the request. There is an art to requesting it to ensure that they will comply with your wishes and I would love to share them with you today!

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Lisa Phillips

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Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips is an REI coach that exclusively advises everyday investors on how to cash in on working class neighborhoods for higher profits with sensible investing strategies. You can meet with her live at her weekend intensives or retreats, in the 4700+ member Sub30k Mastermind Group, or on Google+ here!


  1. Sara Cunningham on

    Good idea Lisa. I am renovating my last purchase right now. I had no problem getting loads and loads of before pictures from my PM but haven’t got any of the after pics. This has reminded me to stay on top of them and bug them once again.

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