20 Cool New Inventions for the Modern Day Real Estate Investor

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Make no mistake about it – we live in an amazing new era that offers us easy access to some crazy new technology.

Some of the inventions in the world today are truly ground breaking and have the power to legitimately changes our lives. Other inventions and gadgets are moderately amusing, but give nothing more than novelty value. Nevertheless – ALL of the things I’m about to show you have been good enough to impress a lot of people and as such, I want to show you this small compilation of new technology that might just peak your interest.

Believe it or not, most of these are real products that you can buy right now. The list may surprise you – check it out!

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Step into the age of digital security with these iPhone enabled door locks


Automate your the lawn mowing at your rental properties with a Solar Powered Lawn Mower


Stuck in the field without electricity? Power up your devices with this solar powered charger!


Strangers knocking at your door? Check them out with this Digital Viewer


Tired of carrying around a wad of credit cards in your pocket? Use an all-in-one credit card like this one!

Visiting one of those local haunted properties? Use an iPhone Ghost Detector


Want to keep tabs on your vacant rental property? Use a dropcam to keep an eye on the situation


Tired of knocking coffee all over your work space? Free up some desk space with this Cup Clip


Keep your core strong with this ridiculous-looking Ball/Chair


Give your feet a rest with this under-desk foot hammock


Or just take a nap at your desk with this Ostrich Pillow


Need a more durable keyboard for your office? Use one that can take a serious beating!


Keep your keyboard clean with this electronic cleaning putty


…or just get rid of your keyboard altogether and use this thing instead!


Need to shoot some good videos and pictures of your property? Use a Quadcopter and get some amazing new perspectives!


Scare off those would-be intruders with this Dummy Security Camera with a Blinking Light


Staging a home? Increase your lifting power exponentially with these forearm lifting straps


Tired of agonizing over the thermostat? Get a one that learns the preferences of you and/or your tenants


Visiting some properties in a local War Zone neighborhood? Always come prepared with the ever-so-practical iPhone stun gun case


Visiting some properties in a Detroit War Zone neighborhood? Always come prepared with the ever-so-practical Hyundai Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle


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  1. Great post. I’d like to use that quad copter thing. You could add some cool videos of your property to a website, videos I’m sure no one else would have. Plus, one might be able to get an idea of the state of the roof and chimney, maybe even some upper floor windows, without going up there.

    • Hey Chad. Yeah – I thought about that too after the fact (those pesky details). I guess it’s not always going to be feasible for vacant houses per se… but who knows, if the stars ever align and you can tap into a neighbor’s wifi, it might just work!

  2. Gualter Amarelo on

    I hate to admit it, but I work pretty heavily with credit cards when I’m doing a renovation. Having just one in my wallet would definitely free up some much needed space. Maybe I will finally be able to have business cards exactly when I need one!

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