Just Because it Looks Good, Doesn’t Mean it Is Good!

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Sometimes I am busy…that’s an understatement of the century!  But, truly, some weeks I just find myself looking for a short cut as it relates to my post.  Translation – you are getting a video 🙂

In real estate, almost nothing is as it seems.  Something that looks gorgeous and totally belongs in the space aesthetically, may actually cause a lot of heartache down the road.  Knowing this requires perspective, which, as you know is a function of experience.  For all of you newbies, in this video I discuss two of the most common pitfalls that many of you don’t think about.

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Check it out:


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  1. Gualter Amarelo on

    Hey Ben,

    Thanks for taking the time to remind us that paneling is the sign of something amiss. In my area paneling was primarily used to encapsulate lead paint so pretty much every property has it. My solution is usually to come in and paint it with a nice bright color or worse case I’ll do another layover with 1/4 drywall (this is reserved for higher end rentals). I’ve gone to the studs before and I just find the whole process cumbersome and expensive. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it!

    Obviously if there are structural or utility issues you can’t just paint it when your done, but doing a layover on one wall (assuming the issue is localized) can save you allot of money and headaches. I love seeing the old wood colored paneling because it deters most sellers and I know how to make it pretty again!

    Thanks again for your quick post Ben. It’s good to see your face now and then, lol.


  2. The Russian accent definitely makes your videos more entertaining than your writing. Not that your writing is bad, Its just cool to mix it up with a cold war feel to it. I don’t even know if I am making sense… Anyways, nice tip!

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