Homeless Guy Finds 8,300 Buyers and Sellers in 10 Minutes by Doing the Research

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I’m back again today to present to you guys one of the most unused methods of real estate marketing.

Last week I jumped off this marathon of well in-depth instructional posts on how to dominate your local real estate market. I presented you guys with the top 10 real estate marketing tools to generate unlimited leads. There is no reason in this world for you to be doing any sort of real estate without these 10 tools, and if you’re not using them then please try to incorporate them sometime soon down the road.

Yes, you can still be successful in real state without them, but if you want to dominate, and get unlimited leads daily then I would take action on them. Like I continue to say, if you want to dominate, you must have the right tools and creative mind set. Hopefully, the things that I will share today, and over time will allow you to get that cutting edge over the local competition.

First thing First

Research is the key to getting in front of those people whom you want to target.  If my business is run off of tenant buyers, then I better do some research to see if there are people in my local market that are considered to be tenant buyers.

Side Note: I will be creating a blog post here soon that will show you how to find all of the people in your local market who will be willing to be a tenant buyer. Plus, I will give you the exact blueprints on how to interview these people all on autopilot. They will be begging to give you the downpayment. Pretty Awesome Stuff.

Today it’s all about what I would do from day one of being dropped out of a hot air ballon, and I have no money and just a laptop. My whole strategy of marketing will be from the poor man’s perspective. My goal is to show you how to do research in your local market, if you want to become the #1 real estate man or woman in your local city. You have to know the numbers to be able to compete, no matter your angle of real estate.

Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to say something really quick. Whenever I do free workshops in my city, when it comes to coming into a broker’s place of businesses to talk to their realtors, I’m encouraged to teach them the latest marketing strategies. Sometimes I’m networking with brokers on many occasions, and at times I will ask if I can come in and do a free workshop for the staff and realtors. Now, what I’m about to say is that for all parts of real estate not just realtors, it can be for investors, wholesalers and the whole nine yards.

So we setup a date, and time to meet at their place of business. Sometimes there are 10 people, and other times it maybe be 100 people or more. No matter what, I’m going to present the best one workshop of their lives. I cover most of all of the subjects of real estate marketing to just give them some tools to go out and implement. But, there is one thing that I ask from the top of the show before I do anything else. The question I ask determines so much about how much people know about the marketing side of real estate.

I’m pretty sure that right here on BP, there will also be people who don’t know the answer to this question. But, that’s all right because I’m going to help you find the answer, and you can thank me later for it.  The question that I ask first and foremost before doing anything else is:

How many people search for real estate in your city each month online?

After I ask this question, you can hear a pen drop as people are looking around at each other. To use my local real estate market as an example, I will ask them how many people search for the keyword “Shreveport Real Estate” each month throughout the internet?

Every time I ask this question no one seems to know the answer. Why? The why could be many reasons. The #1 reason that I know for sure is the lack of education from the real estate companies, down to the course that they bought to learn real estate if they’re an investor. People for some reason or another, just don’t know what their market consists of. I know as a real estate marketing guy that if you don’t know the numbers, then you are no competition to me.

If you can’t tell me how many people search for “apartments in Shreveport,” or “houses for rent in Shreveport,” then I’m going to dominate your local market. Heck, I don’t have any money, but I do have my good old Macbook Pro, which is pretty awesome if you guys ever decide to get a Mac. (If you don’t already have one)

How in the world are you going to compete without knowing the numbers, my friend? What is even sadder is that the real estate companies don’t even know the numbers, and they’re the ones looking to do business with every buyer and seller in that city.  It is crazy to me when I talk to people, and they’re clueless about the marketing side of real estate, and wondering why they’re struggling. It is not good enough just to know how to flip a house, you need to know how many potential houses are there to flip.

Just the mere lack of knowledge in the real estate industry  makes my head hurt, but I feel as though if it’s missing that piece of the puzzle from the marketing side, then I guess that I nominate myself to start the conversation.

I want all of you to know that if you don’t know the numbers you can only go so far in the industry. Yes,  you can still do deals, meet new people, and probably live very comfortable. I’m not all about just getting by, I’m about going all in and doing it right, so that I can get on the radar of everyone in my local city.

For those brokers who have tons of realtors..

For those investors..

For those wholesalers..

For those birddogs..

I’m here to show you all something that you can use for your own business, or maybe to go back and teach to your staff. What I’ve learned is that if you want people to work hard for you, and bring in the same results as you, then teach them what you know. If you have real estate partners, and you all do business together, then make sure that they see this post so that they know what’s going on and how we go about getting those numbers.


Once this blog post is over, you will become that higher percentage in your local market that knows and understands the numbers. You will have to have stats to know what your market looks like when it comes to the buying and selling side. What you will have is the material to build the business you have always wanted. Just having the numbers, which is the stats, is not enough. You will still the need the blueprints to build that house, so with all those numbers I will walk you through how I would take stats and put them to use.

I’m writing these blog posts in the form of I just fell out of a hot air ballon in my home town of Shreveport, La, and all that I have are the clothes on my back and a laptop. Below is what you should do from day one of knowing what your local real estate market consists of.

Homeless Guy Looking for Buyers and Sellers

One of the ways that I’m looking to dominate my local real estate market, is obviously getting every buyer and seller to contact me. But, I’m poor, broke and homeless without a dollar to spend on advertising, and I’m in a very big city. So, for this reason, I will have to be creative if I want to start making a living and get off of these streets.  I want to become the head real estate person in the city.

I’m not too familiar with the city, so I have to do some research.  The first place to start is from using one of the 10 real estate marketing tools  that I talked about in my first post here on BP. I will use the Google Keyword Planner created by Google. One thing that we must not do is over think things when it comes to our marketing. Most of the answers are right there in our faces, but we just lack the knowledge of finding the solution.

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I need to get down to the numbers, and see how many people I can market to. Once I get those numbers, I will be more inclined of knowing which route I’m going to take when it comes to the investing part. I’m very confident in knowing that every stat that I come up with,  should make it pretty easy to dominate the market.

I say this due to the fact that most real estate people only know more about doing the deals from A to Z. Some know a little about social media, direct mail and such, but none of them can tell you much more about all parts of marketing. So for this reason, I’m spilling the beans and showing you guys the exact route to take.

Doing the Research

Next week I will talk about doing the research on the local competition, which I know you guys will love. I will show you exactly who I would go to about finding who I’m competing with, and how I can surpass them. But, today we are here to get the numbers and see how much real estate is out there that is up to grab.

First thing we want to do is fire up the Google keyword Planner free software. For those of you who are not familiar with this tool, it is something that I have been using for over ten years now. We used to use this tool back in the day to find targeted keywords for our Google Adwords campaigns. This is what I think Google really wanted it to be used for until we came along, and realized that it is something we needed to take advantage of from an SEO stand point.

Just know that this free tool allows you to find out what people are typing into the search engines. The numbers they give you are really spot on at times, because if you can get your website or online profiles in front of those terms, then you stand to get those buyers and sellers. This is why I said that the research is so important, and knowing the number so that you can put your brand in front of those keywords.

Once you go to their website, it will ask you to enter a keyword to start your search. What you want to type in is the following:

“your city + real estate”

pic 1


You want to put this in the search box as “your city + real estate“.  What I’m going to search for is “Shreveport Real Estate.” This is the general keyword that I want to search for that will bring back even more related keywords. Next, you want to click on “Get Ideas” at the bottom to get sent to the results page.

Next, you will see a page with “Ad Group Ideas and Keywords ideas.” I’m going to click on the keywords ideas. From here I will be able to see how many people not only search for Shreveport Real Estate, but also be able to see the other tons of keywords buyers and sellers are typing into the search engine.

When doing my research on the numbers, I’m looking to see how much of an audience I have to market to when it comes to buyers and sellers. I need those buyers if I have a property that I need to flip, lease out or rent. I need to know how many potential leads I can possibly get.

Plus, I need to know how many people are ready to sell so that I can jump in front of them to see if we can work out a deal. All of those numbers are right here folks, and if you know how to get your brand out there in front of those numbers, then you hold the keys to success.

If I go through the numbers, I’m looking to find those big searches of people that I can market to. Here are those stats that I found that I can go after to dominate this local real estate market. Remember, I have no money, only a laptop equipped with some marketing skills.

pic 2

Check Out The Stats I Found…

1,600 – Shreveport Real Estate

1,900 – homes for sale in shreveport la

1,900 – apartments in Shreveport la

1,300 – houses for rent in Shreveport la

880 – homes for rent in Shreveport la

720 – Shreveport apartments

390 – rent houses in Shreveport la

In a mere 10 minutes, I just found 8,300 potential buyers and sellers to market my newly created real estate business. With these numbers, I pretty much can do whatever I want. The chill that’s running through my body of the excitement knowing that the local real estate companies, realtors, brokers, wholesalers are not targeting these keywords.

Most of them are doing the real estate magazines, newspapers and maybe a little radio here and there. They have not a clue about the 8k people who are waiting to do business with them. Now, this just a portion of keywords that I can target, which I found tons more that are centered around my real estate market.

Those keywords combined with what I already have listed, comes out to be about 100k people per month in the city of Shreveport, La looking to buy or sell some form of real estate. Wow, I just stumbled upon a gold mine of leads that I know for a fact I can get my business in front of those people.

This is the form of research you have to do if you want to know who you’re marketing to, and the potential leads you can be getting. There is no way with the radio, magazines or newspapers that you will be able to get in front of 8,300 targeted people who are looking to do some form of real estate.

You see that I said “Targeted.” You can spend tons of money on advertising that is not targeted at all, which is crazy… but not me. I prefer getting down to the numbers to see where those people are, and how I’m going to market to them.

I Got The Numbers – Now What

Maybe you’re excited right about now, thinking “why in the world didn’t I know about this?” Why didn’t someone teach us how to do this type of research so that we could be more productive in growing our real estate business? Truth is that most real estate people are good at the deals, and not so much when it comes to marketing. So, they spend their time learning how to buy versus learning how to get people begging to sell their house to you.

No matter what, now you know how to find these people in your city to market to them. Now, all I have to do is come up with a plan of attack to see how I will cater to these thousands of people. These numbers alone tell me that there is no way in the world that I can’t dominate this market, and pretty much become the #1 real estate person in my city. The other real setae companies and individuals will not be able to compete due to the extreme marketing that I will be doing. So, this is why I’m going to show you how to put these numbers to work to help grow your list of leads.

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I’m going to have to grow my real estate business around these keywords, and I know the exact route that I’m going to take. I know what I’m going to do, and how long it may take to dominate the market. These are the same strategies that I will also walk you through to help grow your business. All you have to do now is jump on the ride of real estate marketing 101, and enjoy the ride. We have the numbers, now it’s all about taking action, and action is what’s about to go down.

But First

Before I get all into setting up shop and going after my local real estate market, I first must see who I’m competing with. It hurts my heart when I ask real estate people who your top 3 competitors are, and most of them can’t even tell me? They can’t even tell me if they have websites, or even if they are on social media. For this reason, I know they are lacking the keys to drive the car of success.

Next weeks post will be all about me digging deep into my local market here in Shreveport, La, to see whom I’m competing with. Just to see what they’re doing, and how I can pretty much surpass them with creative marketing. Plus, what I will show you is the same formula you can use to do research on your competitors.

Hint: Today they’re your competitors, but soon I will show you how to get them to work for you. So amazing!!

Here’s a Challenge

In the comment section below, I would love to see the stats that you found when you used Google Keyword Planner to find out how many people are searching for real estate in your city? That will be a little homework for you to find the top 3 keywords people are searching for in your local real estate market.

Next Weeks Post: How to Do Research on the Local Competition..Stay Tuned

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Antonio Coleman

Antonio Coleman is a real estate marketing consultant and CEO of the Real Estate Marketing Headquarters where he routinely gives high value to his clients and subscribers.


  1. Antonio,
    I’ve been trying to get into this free Google Keyword Planner tool since your first blogpost, but all I’ve been able to dig up (the link in your first blog post is a 404 now) is GoogleAdWords and I’m not prepared to pay at this point. Can you put a link to where you can actually use this for free to see how many people are searching terms in one’s area?

      • Hey there are also other keyword tools that use aggregate information from he google keyword tool. The one i use is by Spencer Haws “long tail pro” i am not affiliated with him or get any money from the endorsement… its just a way better and less confusing tool then the google keyword planner tool (which does not really show proper keyword volume unless you are running adwords campaigns)

        • Hi Tony,

          Long Tail Pro is a great tool to use when looking deeper into keywords bro. I tried it out when it first came out some years ago on other projects. It works like a charm. Here I’m just looking for people to use something that is free, and almost accurate if you know what I mean.

          For local searches the numbers are more “true” than for the national searches. People are still getting good numbers from GKP to dominate their local market.

          So Tony, how is wholesaling going in your city? Do you have any strategies you use to find those golden nuggets in your local market?

          Antonio Coleman “Signing Off”

      • Scott, thanks for explaining that little issue. Just want everyone to know that most of all the tools I use are free. If I do use paid tools, they are extremely worth it. My goal is to keep money I your pocket, not spend it on things that don’t add value to your bottom line.

        Antonio Coleman “Signing Off”

  2. Antoine,
    I tried what Scott suggested and all I get via the link here is the ability to open an Adwords account which I am not prepared at all to pay for, so I stopped when I got to the billing page. Can’t see any free tool features. I could be completely missing it but after trying previous to this blog post – based off your initial blog post – and today that’s 2 days where I’m just not seeing these free keyword planning tools. Can you detail how to find them to help the Google-challenged such as myself, lol? Thank you!

    • Hi Christina,

      You will need a free Google account, and create they will ask if you want to setup a Adwords account which is free to setup. Once you are login into your Google account and Google Adwords account you should be able to see “Google Keyword Planner” underneath the “Tools” tab at the top.

      Christina, this should work if not I might create a tutorial on the whole process.

      Antonio Coleman “Signing Off”

  3. I am having a similar problem and Adwords want me to set up an account with billing info and everything. My screen has no tools tab. My tabs are “about your business,” “your first campaign,” “billing,” and “review”. I don’t know what screen you are looking at or why mine is different but I am almost certain we are looking at different screens, is it possible that the free tools come after a paid campaign?

    • Zenon,

      You don’t have to pay for the Adwords account it’s 100% free. You just have to make sure you read the pages your on so that you know what they’er asking for. Once you have a account then you can login and see the free tool at the top.

      Antonio Coleman “Signing Off”

    • Jonathan Roylance on

      I’m seeing the same screens as you Zenon — About Your Business, Your First Campaign, Billing, and Review.
      For those just telling everyone to “just click on the Tools tab, and go to Keyword Planner”, you are talking about something that is unavailable to those of us who haven’t started a campaign, and it’s frustrating.
      I’m thinking Zenon may be right, that the Tools tab might appear after you set up your first campaign, but not before.
      I’ll keep playing with it, but Zenon, you’re correct, and everyone else who can’t see the TOOLS tab, we’re looking at different screens than the people who claim there’s a TOOLS tab.

      • Jonathan Roylance on

        So, I went ahead and Started a Campaign, and now I can see the TOOLS tab.
        So, for those of you who are confused about the Keyword Planner, you will still have to set up an initial campaign (I set my daily budget as $0.10, and put in a fake website, and a couple random keywords, and then used a prepaid debit card that has about $1 left on it). But now I’ve set up my AdWords account, and I have access to the Keyword Planner.
        I then suspended the campaign that I had just created, so I wouldn’t get charged anything at all. (you can either Pause it, or Remove it — both suspend the campaign from running and charging your account)
        So yes, it is still FREE to set up, but you do have to give them a valid credit/debit card to get it started, and there’s minimal hassle involved.

        From there, you have access to the Keyword Planner, and lots of other cool, free tools that Google has available.

        You can set up your first campaign, or just use the method I described in my post below about typing keywords into the Billing portion of Your First Campaign, and it will give you those keywords’ Search Popularity. The Keyword Planner is better and has more features. But you’ll definitely have to use a debit/credit card to sign up, and you can suspend that first campaign immediately so you won’t be charged.

        Hope this helps!

  4. This is just awesome, 2 minutes and I see 9,900 searching Detroit. I’m outside in a small city with one 70,but so cool to see the possibilities. By the way, great writing and start to finish knowledge bombs, thank you.

    • Eric,

      Man I see over 9k people are searching for some form of real estate in your market. The key now as an investor is to get in front of those people. Once that happen this is where the fun begins, and the leads start coming in without hunting them down.

      So Eric..are you working on getting that site setup because thats the next step. You have to lay that foundation if you haven’t taken that step yet?

      Antonio Coleman “Signing Off”

  5. Antonio –
    I’m seeing the same as Zenon. I’ve had a gmail account forever and when I go to Adwords, this is what is coming up (see what Zenon lists). Would love to use this tool, and to do the things you are detailing, but I can’t find it. To me, it looks like I have to create and pay for a campaign before I can use the free planning tool. oh well, I’ll try your steps with something else, I guess.

  6. Jonathan Roylance on

    Same here with the Google AdWords wanting you to make a campaign. However, in the “Your First Campaign” portion, which is after “Your Business” (just enter someone else’s website if you don’t have your own so you can get past that screen), you can enter a budget of $0.50/day, then start typing in Keywords under “Choose Your Target Market”.
    When you type a keyword, it will display the Search Popularity and then estimate your Daily potential reach.

    This is all before you get to the Billing tab. You can type in multiple Keyword combinations, and it will add them all up.

    This still doesn’t seem to be the Google Keyword Planner that Antonio is referring to, but it gives you a quick, free idea, about what people are searching for.

  7. FYI, you don’t have to use the AdWords Campaign. Just click on the Tools link at the top and select Keyword Planner from the list.

    BTW, New Braunfels tx real estate showed 390 and new braunfels real estate showed 1300. Both of these results show a “high” competition rating. Can I assume that many realtors are using seo and it will be difficult to overcome this challenge if we are all going after the same keywords?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Antonio Coleman


      Don’t worry about that it say that it has an high competition level. This is because of the Adwords of people spending money for advertising. We are not looking to do that type of marketing, we are looking to get into the organic searches which is free. So going after these keywords with my style of marketing will be extremely easy.

      So lets go for it.

      • Hello!
        I am in the keywords tool and did my search but it turned up 800 keywords! How do I narrow down what I will use?
        And what am I looking for with respect to “competition”: high, medium or low?
        I’m not sure how I can use this information.
        Thank you!

    • Greg S.

      The high competition rating is for people who are looking to buy adverts for that specific keyword. The way Google AdWords works, you have bid how much you want to pay per person who clicks on your advert (Pay Per Click or PPC for short). The rating is to tell you that there are a lot of people paying for ads for that keyword.

      There is no causation between high competition AdWords and organic search, but there may be a correlation between them. In short, if there are a lot of people willing to pay for Ads on that search term, there will probably be people doing SEO to. This is were competitor analysis comes in, and were I will stop!

      • Antonio Coleman

        Greg..no need to stop my friend just because you think it would be hard to rank. Heck when I went after the keyword “wedding speeches” around 7 years ago it was very competitive. After 8 months I was siting in the #1 position. Yes its a lot of hard work but its all possible if you do the homework.

  8. Sonya Stovall

    Ok i’m late to the party. Starting from the beginning to read your advice Antonio and all I get is the same as everyone else asking for payment. I don’t see what you are referring to John about the Tools link at the top. I do so the results for “dc, real estate” as I type in keywords, so maybe having the free doesn’t matter as long as I see the potential.

  9. Kerry Baird

    Am I looking at this correctly?
    Under Ad group ideas
    29130 “homes for sale” high competition
    20810 “houses for sale” high competition
    Under Keyword ideas
    “homes for sale” 22200 high
    “houses for sale” 14800
    “For sale by owner” 12100 medium

  10. Antonio Coleman

    Kerry, are you including your city in these searches? If not then you’er getting back what we cal national results. You want the local market results which are more true numbers. So do a search that includes your city or town.

  11. Lauren Hogue

    Hi Antonio, I am new to Bigger Pockets and new to investing! I came across your first blog post and since then have been trying to read as many more of yours as possible! I am setting up a Google Ad account now, but things look VERY different here than they did 4 years ago… Have you done a follow-up blog with Keyword Planner that is more recent? Can you give me some insight on how you use this tool today for your own business? Thanks so much! Lauren

  12. Lauren Hogue

    Hey Antonio! I found another tool that does an even better job than Google Keyword Planner — its called Google Trends. This has all the comparative numbers that Keyword Planner no longer shares. Just thought I’d pass the info along! Thanks!

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