A Decade of Changed Lives: Celebrating 10 Years of BiggerPockets

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It was the fall of 2004, and I was struggling to find answers to the countless questions that were holding me back in my personal real estate investments. I launched BiggerPockets to help me find those answers, and ten years later today, we’re helping tens of millions of investors around the globe to not only find answers to their own questions, but also to network, to find partners, deals and opportunities, and to find the best tools and resources available to assist them with their dealmaking, projects, and property management.

The Original BiggerPockets Homepage

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen tens of millions of unique visitors, 215,000+ members who have posted well over a million forum posts, and tens of thousands of blog posts, resulting in well above 100 million page views to the site. Our amazing members have organically created dozens of local investor get-togethers around the country and globe — our Seoul, Korea group boasts almost 20 members, and some of these gatherings have brought close to 200 people together in one sitting.

Off-site, we’ve had over 3 million downloads of our top-ranked Podcast and have sold over 20,000 copies of our best selling books (3 of them).

Our small team of 9 full-time staffers are assisted by a dozen amazing moderators, 30 regular bloggers (close to 200 over our blog’s history) and an army of members who do their part to assist in keeping the site free of spam and other nonsense.

We’ve always marched to a different tune at BiggerPockets, challenging the status quo and forging forward in an environment where investors have often been persona non grata. Despite the challenges, we’ve remained steadfast in our message and in our mission to help people to find financial success through real estate investing, regardless of background or of the content of their wallets.

This dedication to our members remains our number one priority as we move forward. We owe our success to those of you who have believed in us and who have bought into the belief that if we work as a community to help one another out, we too will find our own prosperity.

I’m honored that BiggerPockets has played a positive role in the financial lives of so many people, and I’m excited by the prospect of doing so for countless others as we forge forward with the next stages of our company’s growth.

Here’s to BiggerPockets for all!

– Josh Dorkin, Founder

Josh Dorkin

NOTE: Click Here to check out some photos from the 10 Year BiggerPockets Celebration.

About Author

Joshua Dorkin

Joshua Dorkin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, educator, and co-author of How to Invest in Real Estate. He started BiggerPockets to help democratize the real estate investing landscape for himself and others, aiming to make it accessible for everyone, regardless of income or education. Today, BiggerPockets is the premier real estate investing website online with over one million members and reaching over 70 million people with the message of financial freedom through real estate investing. Joshua, along with his wife and three daughters, make their home in Denver, Colorado, and spend any time they can traveling, exploring, and adventuring. Read more about Joshua’s story in 5280 and Inc.com.


  1. This site has been a real blessing to my husband and I. It has given us the knowledge we need to make smart investments and has really been instrumental in our success. Thank you for a place investors can go to get the information they need without having to open up their wallet! Congratulations on a decade of changed lives!

  2. Coincidentally, my wife, Eva and I, got married on November 6, 2004. Surprisingly, when we got married, I had two rentals. Divorce in 1998 had decimated my portfolio. I had become somewhat disillusioned with real estate. But one of my rentals had some equity, so I refinanced a rental in CA while living in CO and bought a rental in TX. My Texas Realtor suggested I check out a site called Bigger Pockets. I did not join right away, but I read it daily. It got me motivated, it got me excited and it opened my eyes to a lot more opportunities. I had the experience but was just lethargic in doing anything. Today, I have 25 rentals, 26 doors and am retired. A big thanks to Josh and BP!

  3. Congratulations to BP on its 10th Anniversary!!!!

    Thank you so much Joshua for creating a place where we can find answers to our questions, learn from each other and support each other at many different levels. This site has helped to shape and changed many, many lives.

    May this site continue blessing and changing lives for years to come! Cheers!!!

  4. Bigger Pockets has been instrumental in my real estate education. Just like you, Josh, I had lots of questions about how to get started in real estate investing. I didn’t want sign up for a $5K course/ info pitch. Thanks to Bigger Pockets, I have had many questions answered just by reading the forums.

  5. Josh: While I have been investing in real estate for many years, I have only recently (approx 6 months) come across your blog. It is my daily go to location for inspiration and ideas. You never stop learning. This comes from a Boomer.

    Keep it going!!

    Happy Investing.

  6. Chris Clothier

    All I can say is Wow! I am a huge fan, a true believer and a pretty vocal supporter of your unique vision and approach. You guys have absolutely played a role in our success. Here is to you having success beyond your dreams!

    Hopefully my kids, if they choose to follow my footsteps, are doing business with your kids somewhere down the line and you and I look back pretty damn proud of what we built in our two companies and whatever the role we played in the success of the other.

    All the best


    • Joshua Dorkin

      Hey Chris – As always, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and support. I’m glad that we continue to provide an amazing service to companies like yours and to the millions of individuals who utilize our site.

      Thank you.

  7. I can say without a doubt that BP has changed the trajectory of my family’s life in 3 short years. I’m beyond excited to see what the next 3 years brings as we all grow and continue to learn build from one another’s experience. Thank you Josh!

  8. Great job Joshua! I know this site has helped so many people get over the hurdle and take action. I love it and I cannot praise it enough. You have done a fabulous job of creating a forum that has integrity and is genuine. Can’t say enough!


  9. Chad Carson

    Congrats Josh! The mission of BP is unique and very important in our real estate arena, especially given the “educators” out there with missions basically opposite of BP’s. I hope BP continues to thrive, inspire, and educate people for decades to come.

    I’m excited about the future and being a part of it!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS on your tremendous success and your outstanding vision.

    What you’ve done is nothing short of miraculous. Bowing in gratitude and respect.

    You and your tribe ROCK!!! and I’m thrilled to be a part.

    Wishing you years and years and years of continued success and prosperity.

  11. Congrats. I am forever grateful that I discovered biggerpockets. If only I discovered BP before I wasted money on guru. Josh thank you for helping many investors around the globe. I wish eternal success for BP many years to come.

    Thank you.

  12. BiggerPockets is definitely helping to change lives!

    Congrats to you and everyone in the community for building such a great resource.

    And thanks for the shout out to those of us in Korea! ^^ We’ve just started, but I think we have a pretty motivated group. Going to do a Happy Hour next on Nov 8th.. We’ll update with pictures. Thanks for continuing to inspire!

  13. Congrats Josh!

    I joined this site because it had great content and I thought perhaps I could give back by sharing my experience in a field that has been both good and bad to me.

    What I didn’t expect was that the site would contribute to the growth of my business, make me money, and make me new friends (including you and Brandon!). That’s true power. What you’ve built changes lives, and that’s a rare accomplishment.

    Thank you for creating this community and for all of your hard work maintaining it as the gold standard for REI information and relationships.

  14. Thank your for everything that you and your team have accomplished. My investment trajectory was catapulted by this wonderful resource! I really can’t be more thankful!

  15. Congrats Josh,

    The podcast is amazing every week, you and Brandon are very generous with the info you give out , and each guest’s you guys bring on I learn something new. Keep it up, and another 10 years of laughs and education.

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