How Often Should I Blog? Your Guide for Achieving Maximum Content Exposure

How Often Should I Blog? Your Guide for Achieving Maximum Content Exposure

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Last week I talked about when writing your local real estate content, you must think about linking out to local resources. There are other businesses in your local market that have websites and a social media presence that you can leverage to get your content out there.

I talked about the effectiveness of having other businesses with local customers and clients share your content. The goal is to piggyback off of their already-done work to get your brand in front of their audiences. Just like that, your local real estate website could easily be in front of hundreds if not thousands of targeted people who are:

  • Homeowners
  • Potential Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Going Through Foreclosure
  • Behind on Mortgage
  • and etc.

Whatever the situation is, just know that the key is to outsmart the other investors by linking out to other businesses. Know that we are doing this for a few reasons, including:

  • Free Publicity — for Both You AND Them
  • Attracting Leads
  • Educating the Leads
  • Building Back Links (for SEO Purposes)

Before We Move On

I’ve been writing for BP for almost six months now, starting from August of 2014 to present date here in February of 2015. I’ve had the pleasure to meet some great people behind the curtains. From people who have inboxed me to those who simply called to ask questions about this local real estate marketing stuff.

I also have had conversations with those who can’t seem to wrap their heads around it. I see now that many of us have been programmed to think that something is supposed to work in a certain manner.

Maybe at one of the those high dollar real estate seminars, they told you that bandit signs, cold calling and direct mail was the only way to get leads. You see, I personally — in my early days of investing back in 2002 — was one of those who attended the seminars.

Yes, back then those were some of the most effective ways of marketing to gain leads. Every real estate course that you buy even today is going to teach that form of marketing more heavily than doing online marketing. WHY?

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The simple truth is that the old still works — to a certain degree. It’s a whole lot easier to send out direct mail or get the paper and call all of the “for rent” house ads and ask if they want to sell their house. That form of marketing is very effective, and it gets the ball rolling very fast and is less time consuming. Still, if you don’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on tons of leads that will come to you on an ongoing basis.

You Know What Should Scare You?

  • Not Having a Website
  • Not Having an Online Presence
  • Not Having Automation to Your Business

The key to success with this real estate industry online is to be consistent and to automate nearly everything. Heck, I don’t want to talk to a homeowner who is selling their house until they’re ready to sign papers. Why would I want to answer a phone all day long and spend 20 minutes every single time explaining the process of how I buy real estate?

One guy told me about 3 months ago that he doesn’t want a website because he’d rather talk directly to all of his leads. He said that he doesn’t want to give them a chance to contact anyone else in the local market. I paused for a minute, and told him that if you set up your foundation first, that will automate the process. Then you will not lose any leads. What you will do is eliminate all of the tire kickers and be left with the hot leads that are ready to do business.

Finally, just understand that this online marketing thing is not for everyone. Some people prefer one way over the other, so choose what works best for you. But I will say that if you plan on dominating your local market one day, then without the internet, you will make that hill that much harder to climb.

How Often Should I Be Blogging?

Coming from a guy who has written probably 5+ million words online over the years and accumulated millions of visitors to the content on my company and marketing websites, I can tell you one thing about publishing content online:

Do it often, and make it high quality.

I know websites that only post once a week, or bi-weekly, and even some that post once a month. The thing about those websites is that they are nationwide websites that have produced something epic and allow people to digest it overtime.

What I found out is that there is not a magic number of how many times you need to publish content on your website. What matters is the consistency with which you publish content and the quality of that content, which should lead to shares and traffic at the end of the day.

Here’s a Game Plan for You

Follow this game plan, and believe me, you will be calling me within 6 months to a year thanking me for this little tip. All I need you to do is spend around 2 hours per day producing high quality local content. Just a measly 2 hours a day total from this day forward, for 5 days a week, will allow you to dominate your local market when it comes to content.

Everyone knows that I write about 1,000 words every single day. I understand if there are 20 local real estate investors in my local market, and we all have websites, but I’m the only one producing content… then guess who will be dominating the local real estate market online when people are looking for help? Those looking for answers to everyday real estate questions, from how to avoid foreclosure to how to find the best local deals, will eventually stumble upon my site.

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The Key is to Manage Your Time Like This…

This totals 2 hours of work.

Look, you can do this yourself or have one of your employees to do it first thing every morning at 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. This should be a top priority in your business in order to build your local real estate content. I promise you that in 6 months to a year, you will have a total of 240 blogs posts and over 240k words added to the local search engine.

With these type of numbers, people all around the community will be finding your content and website, which should bring in more leads.

Start blogging before the investors read this blog post!

How often do you produce content for your blog? Will you be amping it up this year?

Comment below, and let’s talk marketing!

Last week I talked about when writing your local real estate content, you must think about linking out to local resources. There are other businesses in your local market that […]