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Networking Made Easy: How to Host Your Own Real Estate Workshop

Networking Made Easy: How to Host Your Own Real Estate Workshop

3 min read
Antonio Coleman

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For those of you who took a little time out of your day last week to read my blog post on radio marketing the smart way, I hope you enjoyed it. For those who didn’t get a chance, I will say that I think it will be worth your time if you ever plan on advertising your REI business on there.

Today I’m stepping into an area that I love the most about real estate, which is the networking. You see if you’re around my age, in you early or mid 30s, we all remember the cartoon Transformers. I use to get up every morning to watch that show as a little kid.

For years it was off TV until a number of year ago, a few people in Hollywood decided it will be smart move to bring Bumble Bee and the rest of the Transformers to the big screen. Not only did they bring back these older cartoons; they brought them to life as well. This pretty much tells us that those were the good times in television, and someone is willing to start introducing those characters again.

The Transformers of Real Estate

If you can remember the cartoon, then you will know the Transformers is group of vehicles that come together to form one big giant fighting machine. Once they come together, they create a nearly unstoppable force.

What I’m trying to say is that when people or companies tag team together, they’re able to become much stronger than they are individually. This is why when you see the economy start to change in a downhill slide, you may see a few companies merge together instead of going out of business. The power is in numbers, and the enough numbers in real estate can mean tons of success with less work

What I’m referring to is that if you want to really take your business to a new level, think about putting together your team of Transformers. You guys can come together and put those brains in action to start the process of educating each other. Lending a hand here and there will make all of you as strong as any real estate company in your city or local market.

Transforming Workshops

One of the best ways to take your business to an all new level is by forming a workshop in your city for investors, as well as others in the real estate field. You don’t have to be an REI to join in on this workshop; you just have to have some affiliation with real estate.

This could include…

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Brokers
  • Realtors
  • Title Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Contractors
  • Etc.

What you can do is place a page on your REI website, which you can learn how to do if you read any of my earlier content here on BP. Having an educational real estate website should be a top priority on your list when starting out. Believe me, if you overlook this form of your marketing, you will just make everything else that much harder.

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Now, all you need to do is simply create a page on your site explaining what your RE workshops will be about and who can join. Explain that there will be a number of people from the real estate industry that will bring different flavors of this industry to the table. Let them know that this is just not an investing group; it’s the Transformers of real estate, and we all will benefit from learning from each other.

Explain for that investors not seasoned on mortgages, there will be someone there to explain things. The brokers can give more in-depth insight on their local real estate market, lending information that investors may not be apprised of yet at this time in their investing careers. You see, as a team of people in this industry, we all will be able to scratch each other’s backs to get what we want out of the workshop.

Next, you want to let people know the cost for this once or twice a month workshop. My recommendation is to keep it between $10 to $20 per workshop. Believe me, people are willing to pay this amount for all of that knowledge in the room.

Just think about the networking opportunities that will arise out of this. For a measly few dollars per month, you can be learning as much as the real estate book most of you might be reading now.

Finally, understand the fee they pay each month will cover the room and food for each workshop. Now you will have people covering the tab without you having to spend a dime out of your pocket — besides your own monthly fee.

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Recruiting Real Estate Transformers

The process of getting people to be part of your team of real estate Transformers is pretty simple. What you will have to do is send out emails, make call, and place ads in the local newspaper or even use Craigslist if you want. Stay consistent until you have enough people from all parts of real estate that will make your workshop stand out from the rest.

Have you ever tried setting up your own real estate workshop? What do you do to reach out in your local market?

Let’s talk networking in the comments section below!