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The Power of YouTube: How My Real Estate Channel Netted Almost 10k Subscribers in One Day

Antonio Coleman
4 min read
The Power of YouTube: How My Real Estate Channel Netted Almost 10k Subscribers in One Day

For all of those of you who are reading my content here on BP for the first time, I would suggest taking the time to look over my past blog posts. The reason I say this is for you to get a good idea of the basics when it comes to real estate marketing.

You see, I strongly feel that you can’t be successful in investing until you learn how to market. Yes, anyone can do the following…

  • Put an ad in the paper
  • Run a radio ad
  • Put out bandit signs
  • Cold call
  • Drive neighborhoods
  • Etc.

But those who know how to use both the online world and the offline world are the ones you have to fear. Believe me, even if you’re having success without a website or even creating a Facebook business page for your REI business, you still need to adopt some form of online marketing before other investors really start to catch on.

Why YouTube Marketing?

The other week was one of the first times I didn’t post a blog article on BiggerPockets. One of the reasons for this is because I wanted to let you all digest my last blog post, “How to Get a 40%+ Response Rate on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign,” which invited a lot of comments and engagement.

As a next step, I will be going over a topic I get asked about all the time: YouTube marketing. I get a lot of emails from those who are in the REI industry asking how can they use Youtube to market their real estate business.

So over the next few weeks, I will be covering all topics of Youtube and letting you know how I accumulated 164,748 visitors, 9,784 subscribers and 100 opt-ins in a single day, all from making educational videos.

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You see, I preach all the time that if you have a real estate website, then you must turn it into an educational website versus just a place for people to opt-in. The goal is to get leads, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, then you must add value to investors, and you must go the extra mile to create “epic-wow” content.

This goes for video also, which is now one of the most preferred platforms online. Most people would rather search for a video these days instead of simply reading a blog post. So if this is the case, then we as investors must capitalize on this by creating REI-geared videos that educate in order to get those leads over to our website.

YouTube Success

Today I’m just going to go over how powerful Youtube is and why you should implement it into your real estate business. You may know that Youtube is owned by Google — which at the end of the day means good ranking. We will cover that in some later posts, so stay tuned.

I started using YouTube back in 2005, which is the year it came online. No one at that time knew about the power of Youtube and what it would really mean for the online world. The early days were all about simply creating a channel and starting to post videos.

People would come to YouTube to search for any type of subject and would find a video that would serve their needs. Over time, marketers began to realize that they could capitalize on YouTube. For one, it had grown to millions of visitors per day, and for another thing, Google started to rank those videos in the search engines — a trend which still rings true today.

What Does This Mean?

It all comes down to having video that shows up in the search engines. You might be thinking, why do I want my videos to come up in the search engines? How will this benefit me?

The truth of the matter is, when I talked about finding 8,300 buyers and sellers back in an earlier blog post, I was referring to the local leads that are searching online for people to help them. This could be someone looking for a buyer for their FSBO house, or it could be someone going through foreclosure needing to find someone locally to help them.

What is the best way of getting in front of these leads — something that’s easier and a whole lot cheaper than traditional marketing? Oh yeah… YouTube videos!

This is how I was able to dominate my local market back when I first started to use YouTube years ago. Unfortunately, the screenshots I took of my account back then showing traffic, opt-ins and subscribers to my channel were all on a hard drive that crashed a few years ago.

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So as of today, I don’t have the numbers, but I’ll explain what success I had with it my campaign.

My Results

My strategy was to make simple, short videos on Youtube that aimed to educate people in different areas. Over a two year span, I had over 150 videos online, and many were ranking very highly in the search engines. This meant that I was getting not only traffic from YouTube, but also hits coming in from the search engines.

People always want to know what other forms of marketing they can do besides bandit signs, direct mail and cold calling. I tell people one of the easier forms of marketing that is a whole lot cheaper is creating videos.

Videos rank very well in the search engines, and once you learn how to use this to your advantage, then you stand a chance at dominating your local market. The other investors in your city won’t be doing anything nearly as powerful as this.

If you want to learn more about how you can achieve similar results with video marketing, stay tuned for the following:

  • How to set up your Youtube channel optimized for local searches
  • How to choose topics to focus your videos on
  • How to optimize those video for tons of local searches
  • How to get people off your video and onto your REI website
  • How to convert video visitors into leads by offering something of value

I hope you can see the power of Youtube and creating videos for your real estate business. Now it only comes down to taking action and getting this ball rolling!

Do you use video marketing? If so, what results have you seen?

Leave a comment below!

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