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Essential Tools You’ll Need to Create Your Very First Real Estate Video

Antonio Coleman
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Essential Tools You’ll Need to Create Your Very First Real Estate Video

A few weeks back, I talked about “4 Expert SEO Tactics to Get Your YouTube Videos in Front of Local Leads.” I covered some of the steps vital to optimizing your real estate videos for maximum exposure online.

You see, even though we’re in the real estate industry and the services we offer are usually offline, we still have to think about online marketing.The simple fact is that direct mail is still as effective as it was 20 years ago. But since the arrival of the internet, people are searching more online for help versus on any other platform.

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The goal is to get your investing business in front of people who are searching, and one of the best ways of doing that is by using video. You don’t have to spend thousands on direct mail, or even run an expensive ad in the local real magazines or newspapers.

All you have to do is the research I covered in detail some time back, create the videos and watch magic happen.

Tools for Creating a Real Estate Video

There are a number of tools you’ll need when creating your first real estate video. For recording, you may want to try the following:

  • Camcorder
  • iPhone
  • Camstudio


If you decide to record your first video with a camcorder, just make sure that you have it set at 1280×720. You will have to run through the settings to complete this action. YouTube transitioned to this format years ago to suit what we see today as widescreen videos.


Sometimes the best video that you can do is with your phone, with iPhones producing some of the best forms of video and audio you can get for that price. Now, you don’t actually have to have an iPhone since today there are literally tons of phones that have capabilities similar to the iPhone; just be sure your particular phone has high enough resolution to produce high quality videos.


Sometimes videos don’t have to be made with you at the front end of the camera. There will be times when you might want to do on screen recording, and when you do, I suggest Camstudio.

This free open source software was one of the first video screen recorders I ever used back in the day. What it does is capture screen recordings of any and all of the actions you’re performing on your computer.

Create the Outline

If you want your real estate videos to come off as natural as possible, then I suggest creating an outline. You want to make sure that you hit as many bullet points and topics as possible.

All you do is write out all the pointers that you want to get out to the buyers, sellers or whoever you’re trying to reach. Doing this makes for a higher conversion of leads at the end.

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Write the Script

When we watch a movie and there is a scene of people talking back and forth, this is using what we call a script. Some people may add in a few words here and there, but at the end of the day, it’s something that they’ve memorized over and over again.

This is why movies seem so real — because no one is having to think of what they’re about to say next. Everything just flows from A to Z, which makes for a dramatic scene.

Your real estate videos must have a script, which is easy to make after you create that outline. Once you have your outline in place, then you can just start writing what you want to say from there.

Make Them Take Action

All the hard work above is worthless if people don’t take action on what you’re saying. If you’re talking to sellers who are facing foreclosure, then make it known that it would be best to come over to your website and read the great “epic-wow” content that you wrote on how to avoid losing your property.

Whatever video editing software you use, make sure you include your educational real estate website’s URL domain at the bottom of the video to be seen throughout the video.

The key is to refer to that domain name as much as you can throughout the video to encourage people to go take a look. Once people hit your website, then that site must start to educate by offering great content and a way for them to opt in.

Doing this on a consistent basis over time will gain you more and more local leads by optimizing your videos and creating them in a fashion that forces people to take action.

Any questions about the video making process? Any tools you’d recommend to others?

Leave your comments below!

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