#AskBP 064: Are Rentals Still Okay To Invest In If I Plan To Relocate In a Few Years?

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Are Rentals Still Okay To invest In If I Plan To Relocate In a Few Years?

Many young professionals aren't quite ready to invest locally in real estate because they believe that they will be moving away from their current city in just a few years. On this episode of the #AskBP Podcast, Scott Trench discusses some points to consider when deciding if local buy and hold investing still makes sense for you, even if you plan to move away in just a few years. If you are on the edge and aren't sure whether to invest in local real estate or not because of impending relocation, this episode is for you!

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    Alexander Zeisberg Residential Real Estate Broker from Bremerton, Washington
    Replied almost 5 years ago
    I say go for it! Have fun and challenge yourself. You only get one life. But if it dont feel right, figure out why. Cause you might be crazy. haha im teasing. I bought two Single Fams and been able to convert them to a little income but mainly a free place to live. Plus i have fruit trees and bushes and all sorts of cool beauty and fun stuff to do. So for me it makes sense. Personally. Although, my dad owns a Bed and Breakfast down in SouthEast Texas and i would probably never invest down there. Although i would also never live there. Hopefully whereever you are can only get better with owning your own home. Its better for the soul i think. =) Its also better for your bigger pockets if you play it smart with BP.