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The Android User’s Guide to Top Real Estate-Related Apps

The Android User’s Guide to Top Real Estate-Related Apps

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Larry Alton

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Managing your real estate investments doesn’t need to be difficult, particularly if you embrace the incredible technology created specifically for this purpose. Today, there are plenty of great apps available to help streamline the process, from property management to home security.

We’re constantly hearing about the next app that will revolutionize our business practices. However, for Android users, this can turn into a stream of disappointments when it’s revealed that the app is only for Apple products. Instead of dwelling on the negative, let’s look at some of the best Android apps available for anyone who’s invested in real estate.

Secure Your Properties

If you’re not living in the property you’re trying to sell or rent, security is essential. An empty home is a dream for vandalizers, and the solution is as close as your smartphone. “Your phone can serve as a mobile security tool for safeguarding your home, passwords, data, personal safety and more,” according to a blog post from Protect Your Bubble.

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The post also suggests several apps for better security, including one for home protection called Vivint. After installing a smart security system, including surveillance, electronic door locks, and a security system, the Vivint app allows you to monitor your home’s security from anywhere at any time.

Organize Your Documents

There’s a lot of paperwork involved with real estate, and certain apps can help you to stay organized, even when the documents contain sensitive information. Here are some of the best organizational apps that investors can use:

  1. Keeper Password Manager: Manage all of your passwords in one place equipped with high-tech security against identity theft and hackers.
  2. DotLoop: This advanced collaboration tool allows you to facilitate the process of filling out documents. Using the secure app, you can pre-assign areas the client needs to fill out, and then send it to them. The encrypted program will guide them through the process, ensuring that no spaces get left blank.
  3. Dropbox: The Dropbox app functions much like it does on your computer, allowing you to store documents and information virtually. With the app, you can access those docs anywhere, anytime.
  4. CamScanner: This clever program uses your smartphone camera to scan documents directly onto your device. They look like the real deal, too!

Watch the Market

Keep your eyes on the market at all times with Android apps designed to watch the real estate market. You can have real-time information about the current state of the market in your neighborhood (or anywhere) with the mobile app.

A blog post that previously appeared on the BiggerPockets blog suggests Zillow as one of the first and best apps for this purpose. “They created a living database of more than 110 million U.S. homes,” according to the post. “Including homes for sale, homes for rent and homes not currently on the market, as well as Zestimate home values, Rent Zestimates and other home-related information.” This kind of information will keep you informed and ahead of the competition at all times.

Monitor Finances

Financial apps are extremely helpful in your position. Not only can they help keep your finances in check, but they can also help your customers. When it comes to personal and business finances, consider budgeting apps such as You Need a Budget, Expense Manager, and Wally +. For a more professional budgeting app, consider Expense Payments Moneydo, which allows you to calculate your monthly cash flow.

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When helping your clients, look at mortgage calculators such as Mortgage Calculator or Mortgage Calculator Pro. These apps help you to explain to your clients the financial obligations that come with purchasing a property.

Sell the Property

There are also great Android apps that can help you sell your property. They can feed you the information you need to make the home look appealing and even help you find good deals. Some great apps include:

  1. Smarter Agent: This app allows you to create your own branded app to facilitate the showing and purchasing process for your clients.
  2. House4Cell: This app is a text messaging system that interested buyers can use to find out information about a certain property. When a buyer texts a certain numeric code they find on a yard sign, the app will respond with a text message that includes listing information.
  3. Homefacts: Research an area in a snap with this app. It will provide all kinds of interesting demographics useful for selling a home, including info about demographics, school information, crime risk, unemployment rates and more.

Real estate apps for Android devices are ready and available to help you close deals as quickly as possible. With these apps and a little intuition, you should have no problem turning around an investment.

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