Real Estate Investor Websites: How to Build the Perfect Lead Gen Website With LeadPropeller

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I’m almost speechless.

For those of you who know me, you know this is rare. But I just got finished setting up a real estate lead generation website (a “I Buy Houses” website) through, and I’m blown away.

In less than twenty minutes I had my website built, including all the language I wanted on there, and it’s live. Right now. On the internet. For motivated buyers to contact me. So I can buy their houses. So I can make more money. So I can live the life I want.

The purpose of this blog post is to share a bit about LeadPropeller and how you can use it to make yourself a website and start attracting leads. But first, let’s talk about the problem.

Why You Need a Real Estate Investor Website

Leads are the lifeblood to any real estate investor.

Whether you are a house flipper or wholesaler, without a pipeline continually filling up with deals, it’s almost impossible to scale your business. Sure, you might get a deal here and a deal there, probably on the MLS, but I’ve got a secret for you: that’s no way to scale a business.

Yes, you could send out direct mail. I love the idea of direct mail, but there is one major hangup: direct mail costs a lot of money — usually around $1 per piece of mail.

You could put up bandit signs all over town, but you’ll spend more time running from the cops and probably end up paying more in fines than you’d ever make from those leads. Bad idea.

Then there is the internet. You KNOW that the internet is where everyone is. You know that people are searching Google for queries like “How do I sell my house quickly?” and “What to do when I can’t pay my mortgage?” If only you could have a website that those people end up on.

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Now you can — and you can do it more easily than you’d ever imagined.

Real Estate Investor Websites From LeadPropeller

You probably recognize the name behind LeadPropeller: Danny Johnson. (If not, you don’t read enough BiggerPockets Blog posts or haven’t listened to the 18th episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast.)

Danny is a wholesaler and house flipper who gets a ton of his leads online and has for years. Now he’s created this awesome new program to help YOU make an incredible website.

And it’s stupid simple to use.

Seriously, my grandma could make a website using LeadPropeller.

Furthermore, these websites are mobile-optimized, which means they look great on a cell phone, on a tablet, on a computer, on a billboard.

Other benefits include:

  • SEO-friendly, so people who are searching online have a greater chance of ending up on your site
  • Website text already written, so you don’t need to come up with things to write
  • Add video to your website if you want (but you don’t have to)
  • Add a blog to your site if you want (but you don’t have to)
  • Super fast load times, which means people searching your site don’t have to wait long for pages to load
  • Get leads texted right to your cell phone
  • Very fast to build — you can be up and running in twenty minutes (or spend more time customizing)
  • No code or HTML experience required (In other words, today could be your first day using a computer and you could figure this out!)
  • Track your leads on the back-end of your site
  • TONS of video tutorials on how to do everything
  • Integrates with major email marketing companies like AWeber and Mailchimp, if you want to set up automated emails
  • And a lot more.

Here’s a few screenshots of LeadPropeller and how you can use it to make yourself a real estate investor website:

Real Estate Investor Website 1


Step One: Visit “” to sign up. (Pretty site, eh?)




Step Two: Sign up. (Takes less time than folding your underwear.)


Step 3 Dashboard



Step Three: Follow the simple 4-step process. (So easy, even Ben Leybovich could do it! Hah!) 


Step 4_ Choose Your Favorite Design


Step Four: Pick your favorite design with pre-filled out text. (Danny’s a marketting genius. He’s got it all finished for you!) 


Step 5 - Edit


Step Five: Edit your website with no coding needed (Yes, your grandma could do this. If she had a computer.) 


Step 6 - Edit and Customize


Step Six: Add nice pictures of yourself. (Isn’t my wife cute!)

Step 7 - Walk through the checklist - videos


Step Seven: If you have any problems, simply walk through the handy checklist and watch videos on how to do each and every step of the process.



Step 8 - Final Product


Step Eight: Publish your page and see how it looks! (Go ahead, check out mine at It might look different from the image above, as I’ll be editing it over time.) 


Step 9 Get Leads

Step Nine: Get leads delivered straight to your inbox! (Yes, this lead was myself testing it. What do you expect, I just built the site 20 minutes ago! Be patient, young Skywalker.)


Just like that, you can start receiving leads from motivated sellers in your area who are searching the web! You can also put your website URL on your business card, on billboards, on flyers, or wherever else you want to start generating business for your real estate investment company!

Pricing for LeadPropeller (and BiggerPockets Discount!)

LeadPropeller is normally just $49 per month for THREE different websites, including unlimited support, web hosting, the domain name, no setup fee, and no contract (cancel any time).

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However, because we love our members, we’ve hooked you up with some sweet discounts!

If you are a BiggerPockets free member (or even if you are not a member and just happen to be reading this on, you can get 25% off your first month with LeadPropeller if you use the coupon code BP25 when checking out.

Free LeadPropeller Review Button

Even better, if you are a BiggerPockets Pro member, I have good news. We’ve negotiated a reduced monthly charge (yes, save money each and every month) for our Pro members through a partnership with LeadPropeller. Right now, you get get 10% off the monthly cost of a LeadPropeller real estate investor website AND get 50% off your first month. That’s a savings of $83.30 your first year! To redeem your Pro member Perk, just head to and click on the LeadPropeller Perk. (Yes, BiggerPockets does make a commission when you purchase through our link. However, the price is still lower than if you were to purchase alone. Aren’t partnerships great!?) 

Pro Lead Propeller Green BUtton

If you are serious about taking action with your investing business, LeadPropeller is a no-brainer investment. You get a website. You get a domain name. You get pre-written sales text. And it’s easier than you can imagine.

Questions? Comments?

Leave your thoughts below and either I or Danny (the guy who built this awesome tool!) will be here to help!

About Author

Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast. He began buying rental properties and flipping houses at age 21, discovering he didn’t need to work 40 years at a corporate job to have “the good life.” Today, with nearly 100 rental units and dozens of rehabs under his belt, he continues to invest in real estate while also showing others the power, and impact, of financial freedom. His writings have been featured on,,, Money Magazine, and numerous other publications across the web and in print media. He is the author of The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down, The Book on Rental Property Investing, and co-author of The Book on Managing Rental Properties, which he wrote alongside his wife, Heather, and How to Invest in Real Estate, which he wrote alongside Joshua Dorkin. A life-long adventurer, Brandon (along with Heather and daughter Rosie) splits his time between his home in Washington State and various destinations around the globe.


  1. You guys are doing really great things, but I caution you, your Grandmother without a computer in all likely hood possesses more tech savvy than I do. Just ask Josh, to his credit he got back to me anyway.
    I know it must be frustrating to come in contact with the last person on the planet to be forced to acknowledge the internet as a necessary tool but thanks for all your effort.

  2. jeffrey gordon

    Okay Brandon I will check it out. There are a lot of possible ways to get a website and a lot of them do not require an onging $50/month fee. Unlimited support sounds interesting,not sure how that can work for the site developer unless there is not much requirement for support. How good is the hosting, is it shared or dedicated and what are the response times etc. Shared hosting runs $15/month for a lot of sites and domains are $15/year. That all being said, it sounds good that it doesnt require the “guy” to set up the site.

    But, the ole rub is where are the leads that come to the site and convert to registration coming from?

    As you know 4% registration conversion is considered pretty good and 10% conversion to deal of those means a .004% deal flow. SEO for web traffic with a site that is similar to other sites other than a few local names is not likely to be very significant. Pay per click traffic can run $1-$5 per click which with a .0004 conversion to deal rate means a $250 to $1,250 cost per transaction. How does that compare to direct mail costs for a similar transaction??

    I think the traffic is the real challenge with websites and SEO is a crap shoot that mostly enriches the vendors and not the website owner. PPC is not for timid. Old school might be creating a web site that does the best job of be local and helps local property owners and investors with their real estate challenges, that takes a lot more time in content creation than what you seem to be proposing. Everyone wants a quick solution because that seems way more fun and easy, me I think the Bawld Guy with his old school strategies and his high value content video website is a much better marketing model to emulate–he doesnt compete with anyone at the bottom of the sales funnel, he locks up the clients much higher up in the sales funnel where there is very little competition.

    I see everyone who is really a real estate investor/rehabber getting way far afield into direct response marketing, from my perspective the primary winner in that direct mail business is the vendor not the investor/rehabber–just saying!


    • Danny Johnson

      Hello, Jeffrey.

      Just to be upfront and open, I am the owner of LeadPropeller.

      You bring up some really good points. I can understand your perspective but differ in opinion.

      While it’s obvious that I would (being the owner and all), please hear me out.

      First, to answer some of your questions:

      The hosting for our sites is shared on our server. The hosting is set up with the latest technology for incredible uptime and speed. We’re not using old and busted technology.

      Yes, traffic to the site is something that doesn’t just come with a website. No matter who you go with, generating traffic is going to be something that needs to be done. This is why we have training that comes with our websites (in the form of tutorial videos, checklists – as Brandon mentioned, and articles) that helps you know where to focus your efforts.

      As for speed, you can check the page load speed of my own site to see for yourself.

      Regarding other options:

      While most people do know they can get a website with hosting for much less than the cost of a LeadPropeller site, it’s not really comparing apples to apples.

      When you sign up for a site with 1and1 or other popular web host, you might get a simple editor and simple templates, but you still have to do all of the work. You still need to figure out what pages you should have, what the content should be (copyrighting etc), what approach to take with the message, how to set up forms to get the information you need from sellers that visit your site, how to make sure the information entered is valid, how to get that form submission to you, have a way to keep track of that information, have to hire some developer to make sure the website will be mobile responsive (look good and WORK on smart phones and tablets as well as they do on computers), figure out how to optimize your pages for onsite SEO, know what things to avoid being penalized by the search engines, worry about being on a shared server that would be considered a “bad neighborhood” (meaning there are porn, gambling or other frowned-upon websites being hosted on the same server), contact horrible support that knows very little about websites when you have an issue with all of this, etc.

      The list really does go on and on.

      Here’s a rundown of the features and benefits that makes the cost of our websites seam like a no-brainer to most (and no, I’m not just copy and pasting this from our website :)):

      Clean, modern designed websites (I like to say ‘real estate investor websites NOT designed in the 90’s) lol

      There are several templates to choose from for each type of site (house buying, house selling/renting and house wholesaling sites)

      All templates come with default content you can use and just customize the parts you want to customize (I do recommend customizing as much as you can to differentiate yourself)

      Customization is done with click and change technology that we built into our custom editor that we built in-house (this is NOT the wordpress editor a lot of sites use to allow people to “customize” their websites)

      We have a backend database that will keep track of your leads from motivated sellers, investor buyers, website comments, people looking to buy or rent a house (pretty much anything ever submitted to your sites)

      The leads that come to your site are emailed to you immediately as well as texted to you (this can be turned off if you want to)

      We have auto responder messages you can have emailed or texted to people that submit information to your website.

      Our forms also integrate with several major email marketing platforms like (Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse and ConstantContact) – also adding MadMimi right now.

      You can create as many email addresses as you want with your domain name (done very easily in our backend system) – You can even set up email forwarding.

      The domain for the first website is free.

      You can setup additional pages on your website very easily and customize them how you want, including landing pages.

      The forms on our websites are setup to ask all the right questions and in a certain order as to better determine motivation to sell.

      You can very easily add a WordPress blog to your site that matches the look of your site so that you can create content that focuses on a lot keywords easily.

      Our support is top notch. Our phone and email support is handled in my office. Our customers know us by name and the sound of our voice.

      And all of this has been done because I myself have been using a website for years to generate thousands of leads for my own house flipping business. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot through trial and error over the years and keeping up with what the search engines like and don’t like.

      So, yes I do benefit from people getting these sites, but they also benefit tremendously.

      We all know that all marketing takes work, dedication, tweaking etc. No one system is completely perfect and the end all, be all.

      We are just trying to do our best to provide insane value to all of our customers and that’s what we are working hard at doing each and every day.

      Thanks for reading all of this and letting me voice my opinion.


      • jeffrey gordon

        Hi Danny, good to see the owner weigh in.

        Just so we clear the air here first. Is there an affiliate relationship between Bigger Pockets and your websites?

        As an investor/real estate agent type, I find everyone would love for me to sign up for monthly residual tools/coaching etc. It is kind of the basic premise of the RE broker who sees all of his agents as monthly cash flow generators of $400/desk and all the other crap he can get them to buy in marketing themselves.

        While none of it is terribly expensive, it all adds up in a hurry to a pretty good monthly nut for a startup business working on a limited capital reserve budget and no incoming revenue streams.

        The folks who survive in RE seem to one way or another get focused on those investments and activities that produce immediate positive cash flow to their business. Anything that doesnt do that is both a distraction and misallocation of capital and one of the reasons such a high percentage of folks fail at the business!

        Those that buy all the tools and coaching that promises to deliver them cash flow usually end up not doing the “old school” face to face stratagies that dont cost a lot of money nor a big learning curve, rather they are “belly to bellY’ prospecting techniques that have historically worked in the business.

        As you know Danny, “Social Proof” is a huge concept in marketing.

        Referring to your 1,000’s of website generated leads is a start, but if you want to influence my buying decision we are going to have to move a lot further along the “social proof” paradigm to impress me with the success of your offer.

        Most folks can understand what you mean when it is broken down to a similar manner as I did in my illustration.

        How much will it cost to generate a closed deal from website traffic and how long will it take to close the first deal.

        The rest of it is may give a warm and fuzzy feeling but a startup business needs to close deals and generate cash flow now or it wont survive for the long term.

        I have never seen anyone (and trust me I have been online in real estate since 2001) everyone prove the economics of SEO traffic strategy–_EVER!

        From my experience it is a Black Hole to pour time and money into and the entire time be subject to Google and/or Facebook changing the rules anytime they wish and destroying your entire strategy over night–they both only make money when they sell ad space so they have no incentive to allow me or anyone else to get “free traffic” off their websites.

        So PPC is really the cheap and quickest weigh to test any offer, no allure of Free Traffic to distract us.

        I believe PPC has short term value to a startup, but truly believe that really great and deep content wrapped up in great offers is the real long term value of a website property for a real estate investor/agent. Unfortunately that takes time and wisdom which most startups dont have.

        A great website with great support and a great offer still has to have enough traffic to convert, the strategy to create that traffic is what would make a vendor stand out to me, not the support nor the hosting speed or the site design.

        I am looking forward to hearing about the affiliate status of this offer and BP?


        • Brandon Turner

          Hey I’ll jump in quick here – Yes, we definitely have an affiliate arrangement with LeadPropeller, as I spell out pretty clearly in the post. (i.e. “Yes, BiggerPockets does make a commission when you purchase through our link. However, the price is still lower than if you were to purchase alone. Aren’t partnerships great!?”) BUT we never, ever recommend something on BiggerPockets that we don’t absolutely love. e get pitched affiliate deals 10x a day, but maybe work with 3 or 4 different folks per year for this purpose, because in order for me to write up a review like this, I have to truly love the product, which I do in this case.

          So hope that clears that up a bit!

        • Shane Woods

          Hey Jefferey, I’ve talked to Danny on several occasions throughout the last several years, and his SEO genius is legit. I don’t have a “lead propeller” website (yet), but I’ve followed his buying site and his blog for years, and I know first hand he knows what he’s talking about. If you’re not sure, try searching any keyword you can think of relating to house buying in San Antonio and see where his site ranks in the search. Using keywords that motivated sellers would search for, he’s always up there. I just tested it myself with about 10 different variations of house buyers, we buy houses, sell my house fast, etc. all with san antonio in the search query since my geographic location isn’t there.

          Now, to speak to additional proof of paying for SEO , let’s step out of RE for a bit. I worked for an audio visual company for 6 years. When I first started, they had just launched their website, and were paying for print Yellow page ads, NOT SEO optimization. The phone rang often, but almost all leads were from referrals or print YP ads.

          The 2nd year of the website, they decided to pay about $100/month for targeted SEO for the website. The phone started ringing from the website significantly more after the 2nd month of paid SEO. After a year, internet calls were far surpassing the YP leads, and they cancelled the YP ad, and upped the SEO budget. In that time they’ve grown in revenue, employees, and quality of leads. Pretty consistently. As a test, search for audio visual Dallas or Fort Worth, (of leave off the city name if you’re located in the DFW area – and see where Athans Audio Visual ranks in the results and/or ads. SEO works if done correctly.

  3. Curt Smith

    My reading / skimming came away with thinking this tool is a squeeze page generator. Does this sum it up?

    Any example URLs?

    Can this product take my domain being pointed to my pages? I’m actually ok with the returned page to my entering into a browswer: be displayed as: I don’t think this is a big deal to most sellers…

  4. jeffrey gordon

    Thanks Brandon, it has been a crazy week and i havent even found the time to scroll to the top of this thread 🙁

    You guys are right this is a great product! I wish you luck with it. I will hope that someone without a vested interest in selling it will provide an unbiased report on how it worked for them in great detail and dispense with the back thumping and fuzzy warm generalities share so far as proof of value. Sorry, but i come by my money through a lot of hard work and effort and i stayed at a Holiday Inn last night and know as much as you, so you are going to have to prove the value to me with hard specific facts that I can verify or you just fall into the big barrel of folks trying to convince me you have the latest sparkling trinket that I should be distracted by its hope and change promise. Make me a compelling offer other than saving a few dollars the first month. The amount of time or money necessary to generate any significant amount of traffic that converts and buys from me in this niche dwarfs the monthly cost of your service and there are any number of competing vendors whose platform could do a similar job and can claim extraordinary customer service as well. I am a real estate agent/investor I want to do deals, becoming an expert in SEO is neither what I want to do nor know how to do, so I would have to pay for it and it is not cheap nor guaranteed.

    Thus that is the real cost of generating leads on a web platform and that what guys like me need to understand because your great website alone won’t do much for me without traffic and until you can guarantee or show that the product will earn me more money it is just another empty promise of which I am beseidged sp? with every day unfortunately!

    Social proof Danny and Brandon, Social Proof! I am wanting to see a lot more social proof to support your claims please, I would love a sure thing that would bring me more deals on a cost effective basis, but this is not my first rodeo!

    I am out on this topic, thanks for putting up with a grumpy old man! 🙂


    • Curt Smith

      Hi Jeff, I agree with you!!!!! Another SEO / website blogger here recenlyt has been saying forget yellow letters, market via a website. Yet he TOO gives no deal closing statistics.

      I do like this service’s build it yourself product.

      In Atlanta and other hot markets the appreciation has eliminated alot of trapped sellers, banks are willing to do work outs, the number of forclosures has dropped to a small fraction. The amount of search traffic “gotta sell my how now” is what percent of 2009? 10%? 1% ?

      My experience is that my 2 websites get zero leads and my yellow letter direct marketing gets all of the leads. And recently deal conversion of these sellers calling me has dropped. Seller motivation is very very low is my report to this group.

      Dollar for dollar, and hour for hour of time spent, my view is don’t bother with websites, do more proactive and direct marketing. Put something IN the sellers hands, vs waiting for them to find you.

      Ok OK OK, Hey Jeff here is one use for a website you (and I till just this second) may have over looked. When you mail out direct mail, emails, SMS, you say: Curt at Sweetgum Properties. Alot of sellers will go google “Curt at Sweetgum Properties” and google will add Locale and find my Atlanta based website. Instant credibility. This is my present view of websites, solely a credibility booster with sellers.

      • Danny Johnson


        I’m sure you will agree with me that websites, direct mail, or any other form of marketing takes work and you get what you put into it.

        We all know that markets are different. What might work better in one city may not work so well in another.

        In addition, there are also SO many variables that make a statement that your website doesn’t work completely irrelevant. Variables being how much effort has been put into promoting the site, optimizing for SEO, the methods used to promote the site, how often they were used, whether SEO done was actually hurting the site instead of benefiting it, how difficult users find your site to navigate and whether a call to action is clear… and so on.

        Regarding costs and benefit of using a site for leads versus other methods of marketing. Let’s use an example. Let’s say someone wants to send out 1,000 letters to absentee owners.

        Just like with websites, there are variables to consider. You can’t just say direct mail is better. What does the letter being sent say? How relevant is it to the person receiving it. Are there credibility enhancing elements? Is the list of absentee owners accurate?

        Let’s look at cost. Let’s say those 1,000 letters printed, stuffed and mailed first class (so that vacants are returned to sender) cost roughly $1. That’s a $1,000 for that mailing! I’m sure people get letters done a little cheaper, but this is for sake of illustration.

        Let’s say the sending gets roughly the response rate that is attributed to direct mail of about 1%. That’s 10 leads.

        Now, if the person had a website that cost $49 per month. How many months would that $1,000 that was spent on direct mail get them?

        Almost 2 years!

        So, in order to relate this, they almost have 2 years to generate 10 leads to compare the two.

        We do not suggest that just having one of our sites will get you to the first page of the search engines for a ton of keywords without doing anything. That would be ridiculous…especially at just $49 per month.

        Markets are different. People are willing to put more work into certain forms of marketing than others. You really do get out of it what you put into it.

        We don’t just allow people to easily set up a professional website, we give them training to help them promote their site and get benefit from it.

        The comments about just giving a website and awesome customer service completely ignore what I commented about what we provide earlier.

        Curt, great tip about people searching for your name and company name. Thanks.

        Have a great day. 🙂


  5. Bob H.

    Brandon, your site looks nice, but what indicates that anyone you don’t contact would ever see it? I went to and searched for “apartment buyers.” Then I searched the first three pages of results for “turner,” but was not there. Next, I viewed the source of your home page and found two phrases in a meta keywords tag — “we buy houses” and “sell house fast.” I searched Google for those two phrases, but the result was the same: no search result for your site.

    • Curt Smith

      A case in point re the touters that we do SEO. Google changed their algo 1.5 yrs ago and it’s now very difficult to hack your way up in ranking. You need links to your site from high credibility sites which is very difficult to do.

      Like I said I now feel that a website is more fluf for sellers to find when you contact them directly via yellow letters you hand out business cards when you meet a seller at their house etc when they google who you are.

      • Danny Johnson

        Hello, Curt.

        I respect your opinion but want to help people understand that SEO is not as black and white as you are making it sound.

        You said, “Google change their algo 1.5 yrs ago and it’s now very difficult to hack your way up in ranking”.

        This is like telling people, “Homeowners decided to stop opening junk mail, so direct mail doesn’t work anymore.”

        Google actually constantly changes their algorithm(s). They have more than one. Some run frequently, others not often. Nobody, except Google knows exactly what the algorithms check for…but people have educated ideas about what they most likely do look for.

        You said, “You need links to your site from high credibility sites which is very difficult to do.”

        This is wrong on several counts. First, you don’t have to have links from high credibility sites to rank. It helps tremendously, but is not a prerequisite. Second, it’s not difficult to get links. We highly recommend doing content marketing to build credibility, get social media sharing and links from other sites. This is not difficult to do or hire someone else to do.

        Also, I don’t feel anybody was touting that SEO is the only way. It’s one part, usually a more relatively longer term, approach to getting leads from a website.

        We don’t expect people to know all about how or why to do what should be done to get benefit out of a website for motivated seller leads and this is exactly why I listed it as one of the benefits that people get from getting a LeadPropeller website.

    • Danny Johnson

      Brandon’s site is brand new and he has not yet done much of what we recommend for promotion.

      Ranking for keywords in the search engines takes time. It would be awesome if there was a way to have a brand new site show up in the top rankings, or even the first 20+ pages of results without doing anything other than setting up the site.

      Besides all of that, searching for such unfocused terms as “apartment buyers” without location will likely be much more difficult to rank for. This is even more so for the searches of “we buy houses” and “sell house fast”. If he had ranked this soon on the first 3 pages for those ultra competitive keywords (less competitive but still competitive when the location is included), there would have to be black hat stuff going on….which we highly discourage for obvious reasons.

      I would hate for anybody to have the opinion that just setting up a site will automatically get you traffic and ranking without doing anything else. We never suggest that to be the case. It does take work but can be very well worth it.

      As was mentioned before, ranking sites is a longer term strategy. In the meantime, people can include their websites on other marketing they do, post ads on free classified sites like craigslist and do pay per click advertising to start getting traffic sooner and use their site to build credibility.

      Hope this helps clarify how search engine ranking is not as simple as building a website and doing nothing else and having it on top of the rankings. 🙂

  6. Hey Brandon, do you have any suggestions for lead generation softwares? There are a few like LinkedIn Sales navigator with Rapportive, Aeroleads, Builtwith etc which can be used with CRMs like pipedrive to build a salesfunnel? also have you used Zapier and Ifttt with sales tools?

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