Introducing BiggerPockets LOVE: The Dating Site For Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

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By now, all of us know that BiggerPockets is a fantastic resource for avoiding bad real estate deals.
But even more than a bad deal, a bad life partner can REALLY cripple any real estate aspirations.
The so-called “cash-flow negative spouse” can devastate your finances, ruin relationships, and worst of all, turn good real estate deals into total PIGS.
But folks – Fear not!  BiggerPockets has an answer to the real estate dating scene.
We are proud to announce the launch of our new matchmaking feature, BiggerPockets LOVE!
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Simply visit and meet Mr. or Mrs. Perfect (Investor) today!  Designed for investors, by investors, this app already has 275,000 seasoned real estate pros to choose from!
The best part is, like much of the rest of BiggerPockets, finding Real (Estate) Love is absolutely FREE!
Whether you are a newbie just looking for a first date or a veteran investor with too many dates, has the tools, networking, and education you need to pick up your next love interest.  Simply fill out your profile, and tell the community a little bit about yourself, and watch as dates flock to you from all over the country and the world.
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Top Three Reasons to Date a Real Estate Investor:

BiggerPockets_Love_2_jpg___66_7___Click_here_to_see_all_the__BiggerPockets_LOVE_success_stories___RGB_8____Reason Number 1 : They spend on what matters
Tired of lecturing your significant other on saving for investments instead of buying that depreciating asset of a new car? Find a fellow investor, and they’ll be just as enthusiastic as you about terms like “financial freedom” and “positive cash flow”!
Reason Number 2 – They’re a tenacious bunch
Through good times and bad, real estate investors understand hardship, and like true entrepreneurs, they’re willing to eat a little ramen and endure some late nights by keeping the end goal in mind. Similarly, your new investing better half won’t give up on you — even when times get tough.
Reason Number 3 – They want to spend just as much time on BiggerPockets as you
Tired of fighting over Netflix decisions and wondering which new knock-their-socks-off date to plan? Instead, why not cuddle up with your real estate investing sweetie and peruse the BiggerPockets Forums together for a quiet, relaxing night in? From no-money-down financing to the pros and cons of wholesaling, you’ll never be at a loss for interesting conversation!
You’ve learned all about it… now it’s time for you to see for yourself. Click the big green button below to see YOUR perfect match on BiggerPockets Love!
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Scott Trench

Scott Trench is a perpetual student of personal finance, real estate investing, sales, business, and personal development. He is CEO of, a real estate investor, and author of the best-selling book Set for Life. He hopes to now share the knowledge he has acquired with others so that they will have the tools they need to repeat his results in just 3-5 years, giving them the option to go anywhere they want in the world, work any job, start any business, or finish out the journey to financial independence and retire young. Scott lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys skiing, rugby, craft beers, and terrible punny jokes. Find out more about Scott’s story at, MadFientist, and ChooseFI.


    • Here here! Actually the cash flow negative spouse is a real deal breaker. I was intrigued thinking seriously? How do they have people on already? Well, sure, why not.

  1. Curt Smith

    I would have never thought of fishing in the same place as I do for my business. I hope this takes off.

    I would also add that you set up pay per click ad system in BP like FB, Linkedin, Google. Where I can place ads next to topics a user searches on, locale, etc etc.

    • Kathleen Hiatt

      I am:

      -too far away
      -only at 1.5x expenses
      -No criminal history(speeding ticket, does that count?)
      – I’m positive my ex-boyfriends would not give references because I don’t keep in contact with them, but for the record, I broke up with them because they disliked my time spent on my investments. Ex-husband might and it would probably be positive. Kinda
      – I have a dog, 8 chickens, and two Leopard Geckos. Not particularly fond of cats. But can tolerate them.

      Does that at least qualify for penpal status?

  2. Raj Patel

    Scott I know this is april fools joke but in all seriousness I think this would be great. Lots of time people work hard and make decisions to save invest make sacrifices and try to better their future but if the significant other is not on board you will never get there because they don’t value that brighter future. I have seen so many people who make great money but don’t have much because they don’t want to tell their spouse to stop their spending habits. This includes both men and women. And also they don’t want to sit down and talk about their finances like money is bad thing to talk about. When two people are on the same page lots of things can be done and you can be successful in real estate and other investments. I love my wife support and her willingness for both of us to work together to enhance our future and meet the goals. Too many people don’t give financial decisions enough significance when they find a partner. Go for it Scott develop the app I think you will be surprised how many people sign up and how many peoples future can be changed because they found the right cash flow positive thinking spouse

  3. Jordan Sunshine

    As much as this was an april fools joke I’m totally dead serious that I would pay for something like this. I wish there was a place to go to find positive cash flow significant others. It’s so hard trying to teach someone who doesn’t care to learn or who never grew up learning about saving money or investing it properly and it’s holding me back from accomplishing my goals. If I could go back in time and start over I’d make sure I found someone who was financially stable and in a positive cash flow position. It’s not as easy to fix a negative cash flow person as it is to fix a negative cash flow property. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix a negative cash flow person please let me know.

  4. Alex Day

    This caught me off guard for a moment lol. I had to check the comments. Just my two cents and forgive me if this doesn’t make sense but bp is my pass time before I doze….lol anyway when you’re truly passionate about something or you see a different picture, sometimes i feel it’s hard to not be biased. It would be as if you were interested in a documentary and you have you’re own reasons for wanting to learn from it and sit through it but he/she is completely oblivious. Adding to the fact that as a couple you are now putting your money at risk, it lays on a nice thick layer as well.

    I’d be interested to see what some people have said or done to sort of help find common ground. Especially because you’re partner is your partner for many reasons that don’t involve finances. An idea could possibly be figuring out what the reasons are behind it and trying to ease those reasons such as he/she being uncomfortable using the familes saved earnings. A way to alleviate that could be picking up a side gig that will allow you to bring in your own money while keeping your own original finances safe. You’d essentially be starting out with nothing but the piece of mind would be worth it in the end.

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