BiggerPockets Podcast 116: How to Quit Your Job Through Wholesaling, Flipping, and Taking Action with Nasar Elarabi

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On this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, learn what it took for Nasar Elarabi to quit his dead-end job and become a full time wholesaler, flipper, and landlord. Tune in for discussions covering how he funds his deals, what makes him a better landlord, and why he’s tried his hand at many avenues of real estate. In this not only informative, but also wildly entertaining episode, Nasar shares his tales of success and the failures that helped him learn — including the first flip he ever undertook (that turned out to be disastrous).

This show is packed with a heavy dose of motivation and miles of actionable content, so don’t waste another minute. Just hit “play!”

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • How Nasar got into real estate 
  • The story of how he got it all wrong with his first flip
  • What he learned from those mistakes
  • How he shifted to buy & hold properties
  • What you should know about debt to income ratios
  • How Nasar funds his deals
  • How he became “too stupid to quit
  • Why he shifted once again to wholesaling
  • What makes him a better landlord now
  • Interesting information on owner financing
  • How to know when to quit your job
  • The ins and outs of achieving a “slam dunk deal
  • The importance of working with the right people
  • What exactly code enforcement leads and delinquent tax leads are
  • What makes him different from other investors
  • And SO much more.

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Tweetable Topics:

  • “Slow down and learn to focus on that one thing that you want.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Just because you own four houses does not make you a real estate expert.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Sometimes you’ve got to jump off the roof and get your wings on your way down.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You’re going to learn more doing it than reading a book.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. Raquel Llanes

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!! I learned so much from this podcast alone. I found that my county has a website that they post tax delinquent addresses. So awesome! Such a good podcast, thank you so much for all the info Guys!

  2. Doug Sheridan

    Great stuff Nasar! When I was young and cutting my teeth in outside sales I had a poster in my office of “Tigger” from Whinny the Pooh that said ” Think less, jump more”!

    I still call Tigger my favorite business coach to this day.

    Thanks for sharing your success and failures in R/E and life.

  3. Leonard L.

    Nasar, you are one funny dude. I have never laughed so f***n hard during a business podcast. So many guys on this podcast make it sound easy, but you were totally real. Not only about how some people cannot be wholesalers, but who else have I EVER heard say they deserved to be fired?! Speaking of keeping it real, I realize listening to you that, although I grew up in mixed race neighborhood of LA, I now live in a pretty white suburb and I never hear black voices anymore. Kind of a bummer. Anyway, if you are ever in Orange County, let me know because I want to buy you a beer/wine/hand-crafted cocktail (that last one a nod to your foodie status).

  4. Sheikh Rahman

    Amazing podcast!
    With all of the talk on the internet, I never thought that real wholesalers would be so few.
    This was a great perspective from someone actually working for his daily bread.
    Thanks Josh, Brandon, and Nasar!

  5. Corey Edmonds

    Thank you so much for the information, with a great BP podcast episode! I’m also from North Carolina and returning to Charlotte this year once I arrive from my work overseas. My goal is to dive headfirst into wholesaling properties in the area! I would love to speak with you directly upon my return and possibly learn from you firsthand if you’re willing!

  6. D'Aydra Allen on

    Just finished listening to this. It was great for my ears and motivation for my business! I love how real and honest Nasar is, thank you! It’s so good to hear a person share their mistakes and lessons while being in a place you hope to be.

  7. Kathia L.

    Awesome podcast, up there in my Top 10 Best Podcasts and I laughed out loud throughout, you and Josh should be a comedic duo. It was so nice I listened twice.
    Thanks @Nasar for giving us the real deal on wholesaling. I came to BP thinking I could wholesale bc I saw a “guru” who shall not be named but on his website he wanted tons of money to help me, help myself. If it wasn’t for BP (thanks @Josh) I might actually be paying monthly for free info. I’ve figured out that buy and hold is the way to go for me. I’m taking my time and scouting for my first deal now after pouring over the podcasts blogs, books and articles.

  8. Vince Beusan

    Naser, just finished this morning listening to the Podcast. Definitely an entertaining funny podcast with good sense of humor. I found that it lightens up the conversation, but also gets the point across well.

    Thanks for sharing from the heart with honesty of the deals you’ve done with the BP community. Wholesaling is a transactional job, and you clearly explained that and how each deal is check to check. Also I like how you informed the people about keeping their funnel full with understanding how to Market, negotiate and sell. I’ve been selling solutions for 19+yrs and those are the key ingredients no matter what the widget is…

    Wholesaling is not easy, and the steady consistent “DO’ers” win the race! See you around BP!

  9. Lauren Har

    4 minutes and 40 seconds into podcast and I am still listening to rambling useless conversations and waiting for some kind of useful information. Please add a fast forward button to your podcasts or get to the guest/ point more quickly. All the podcasts start the same way.

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