4 Expert SEO Tactics to Get Your YouTube Videos in Front of Local Leads

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Back in 2006, I discovered some new platform called YouTube. You see, at that time people were totally focused on this other website called MySpace. Yeah, MySpace. MySpace was a place I could go and start marketing the heck out of my website using anything from smart to spammy ways, which I’m not proud of.

Once this new platform came along that was called Youtube, more and more people started to really take note of it. I started to think about how in the world I could use that website to start creating educational videos.

Now, you all have heard me talk about hosting educational content on your website that encourages people to take action. I wanted to do the same back then to be able to get the word out there about what I was doing and the website I had at the time.

So, I created one video with my old school webcam (that still hangs above my desk here). I created one video, then two, and so on and so forth… amounting to about 150 videos in about a two year span. From those efforts, I was able to reach my targeted audience by doing exactly what I’m going to share with you today.

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I optimized my videos to rank for any keyword or keyword phrase related to my business, which drove thousands of people to my videos each day. Those views turned local and national traffic on to my website.

I wish I still had the numbers and screenshots of something that happened by total accident. I created a video titled, “How to Get Free Traffic from Youtbe.” Now, you may have noticed that “YouTube” is misspelled. I didn’t catch this until about a week after I posted it. But something amazing happened: When I was looking to go back in and correct the misspelling, what I noticed was that the video was getting about 1,000 views per day.

Honestly, I was very confused because it wasn’t ranking that well on Youtube search just yet, so there had to be another reason why that video with the misspelling was pulling in so many views.

Light Bulb Moment

What I did next changed the way that I look at videos to this day, and that’s the reason I stress that you need to get into video marketing to grow your real estate business online. If you want more potential leads finding what you have to offer, then start the journey today by optimizing your videos to rank higher to capture more local leads.

What I did was that I took that title of the video that I created, and searched it out on Google.

I even took off every part of the video title instead of “Youtbe,” and to my surprise the video was still #1.

After I picked my face up off of the floor, I started to piece the puzzle together. What I learned is that people sometime search for things and misspell them, and if your video is optimized for a commonly misspelled word, then you’re ranking higher than the rest.

That is what truly happened. I was ranked for a misspelled word that people were searching for on Google, which prompted people to click on my video. Now, that traffic wasn’t targeted, but it opened up the doors for me to think outside the box when it comes to ranking videos.

About a month ago, I talked about “The Power of YouTube: How My Real Estate Channel Netted Almost 10k Subscribers in One Day.” I wanted that blog post to settle before I started getting into details on how to use YouTube to grow your leads, all for FREE.

If you implement these 4 tips I have below, then you will be that one step ahead of the local competition.

4 Expert SEO Tactics to Get Your YouTube Videos in Front of Local Leads

Implement Optimized Titles

Don’t get too crazy with your titles, just keep them simple and to the point. Your title should include the keyword or keyword phrase that you’re looking to rank for.

For Example: “We Buy Houses in Shreveport, La” or “How to Sell My House Without a Realtor in Dallas, TX”

What you see is that titles are focused on a keyword or keyword phrase, as well as the name of the city, to optimize the video for local searches. Not only do “I Buy Houses,” but as you can see, we listed our city also.

Doing this little optimization can put your business in front of tons of potential leads each month.

Add Optimized Descriptions

Believe it or not, Google still holds a little weight on the description of your videos. Having an optimized description targeted around your local real estate market will put your business in the driver’s seat. Just three short sentences with the keyword or keyword phrase will outrank many of the other local REI videos.

Use Local Tags

The tags/keywords play a big role in where your videos show up on YouTube. Meaning, if you don’t include some keywords or keyword phrases in your tags, then your REI videos might not show up for local searches on YouTube.

So at the bottom of the page when optimizing your videos as you’re uploading, think about adding those keywords or keyword phrases to the tags. Just a few seconds of doing this can lead to highly local targeted traffic.

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Link to “Epic-Wow” Content

Last but not least is that you should include your website link in the description. Now, I’m not talking about at the end of the descriptions, I’m talking about at the beginning. Tell people both at the beginning and the end of your video that the link is in the description.

Now you will get people clicking on that link and arriving at your educational REI website, which should do the rest of the work.

Take Action

Can’t tell how effective this form of marketing can be for your real estate business? You don’t have to get too fancy with these; videos just create and optimize themselves with the tips that I gave you above, and the local rankings will come with time.

Optimizing the videos is one thing, but finding the keywords and keyword phrases is another one. Next week, I will reveal the proven little secret I use to create tons of videos targeted around exactly what people are searching for. The goal is to give the people what they want, and once you understand how to do that, this is when you will become the local authority in your city.

Investors: Do you use YouTube to get the word out there about your business? How do you optimize your YouTube channel?

Let’s talk below!

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  1. Isabelle Ivanov

    Here is another tip that can boost views and get your video on page 1 in Google search results. Make sure your video that you are uploading has the keyword(s) in the file name (for pc users, right click on the file; mac users, click on the “info”). Also go to the “properties” of the video enter keyword tags, and keywords within the description. Once the video is uploaded go to “video manager” and click the tab “subtitles.” You have an option to edit the subtitles, sprinkle your keywords throughout the subtitles. FYI use google keyword tool to find relevent keywords your audience is searching for in your local area. Doing all this will immediately boost your rankings in youtube and google.

    • Antonio Coleman

      Thanks ISABELLE,

      You really help add another element to my blog post..thank you very much

      I could’ve added these tips, but I just didn’t want to confuse the readers even more. But once again I will lie to say thanks, and I hope the readers take advantage of them.

  2. Matt McKee

    I completely agree with the last point – just take action!

    Ready, Shoot, Aim – would be my tip for anyone thinking about launching a YouTube channel related to RE investing. By just taking action your already separating yourself form 99% of other investors who aren’t creating video content.

    Shameless plug for my YouTube Channel (I’d love feedback from anyone who watches it, and am happy to help out anyone looking to launch their own RE investing channel)

  3. Dethorn Graham

    Great article. I just started my real estate investing journey and I was transitioning into marketing in the digital world. Thankful that I came across this post. Will be using these techniques and will keep all my connections up to date on how they helped my business grow.

  4. Dethorn Graham

    Thank you for such an interesting article. I just began my investing journey and I was transitioning into marketing in the digital world. I will definitely be using the tactics mentioned above and will keep all my connections up to date on how they worked out for me. Happy Valentines Day all…..

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