BiggerPockets Podcast 128: Investing in Foreclosures, Quitting Your Job, and Getting More Than 10 Loans with Anca Rader

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On this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down and talk with a real estate entrepreneur who recently was able to quit her job and travel the world thanks to her real estate ambitions! You’ll learn the unique methods Anca uses to get around the “4 to 10 loans” limit to finance numerous properties, as well as many other tips on everything ranging from house hacking to buying foreclosures to buying at an auction, and so much more. Don’t miss this excellent interview with an incredible successful investor, Anca!

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • How Anca got started with real estate
  • Why Anca started with 50-50 partnership deals with her dad
  • How they got their first deal
  • How home equity loans can help you invest
  • Buying foreclosed properties
  • The ins and outs of REO foreclosures
  • Tips for new real estate investors
  • What you should know about getting loans
  • How Anca manages her 33 rental units
  • Using commercial loans to finance residential investments
  • How Anca uses the BRRR strategy to invest with low-money down
  • Anca’s smart strategy for getting deals when working with other agents
  • The dangers of buying properties in auction
  • Things you need to know about long distance investing
  • And SO much more!

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  1. Juan Martinez

    Anca- Great story, you are living and breathing the American dream and the opportunities this great nation has to those who are willing to go for it! as an immigrant myself, i truly enjoyed listening to your story and what you have accomplish!!! keep making it happen!!! Juan.

  2. Lorene Fleming

    What a great podcast! Anca, you are amazing and inspiring! Keep killin’ it girl! Josh and Brandon, I pesonally think your lame jokes are too cute – they have me laghing to myself as I listen on the bus on my way to work. I just ignore the crazy looks I get. Thanks for an awesome show! 🙂

  3. Jeff Johnton

    Thanks for the info. I am getting pumped up about real estate investing. We own a four plex (notice I did not say flat!) right now. My wife gave me permission to do a fix and flip. Financing seems to be the issue right now…

  4. Patrick Inglis

    Great info and great story Anca. The info on the 203K loans was particularly good stuff, I wasn’t familiar with it. I had some experience with a few years back as a co-broker on a commercial listing, and they can bid against buyers to meet the reserve and (although this was several years ago so policies and procedures may have changed) the reserve can be adjusted mid-auction based on level of interest. Good luck!

  5. Danny N.

    Man! I really enjoyed this one! Great listen and great podcast and very inspiring. I Like how Anca was able to “retire” from her 9-5 after working full time but adding to her portfolio at the same time. she took a very practical and realistic path to achieve this.

    @Anca, the 4 family you got for 80k, what type of neighborhood was it in? and does it have have market rate tenants or some sec 8?

    • Joseph Coach

      @the 24 min mark…One of the points was to use small local banks for loans. She used crians list of the top local banks and started calling them, closest to the furthest away. She called them during lunch hours and asked to speak with a commercial banker at the bank. First question is to ask if they do commercial loans on residential properties? If they do, what type of loans? Ask not only for the interest rate but also the terms.
      Hope that helps Nate.

  6. Igor S.

    I believe Anca’s last name is spelled “Rader” not “Radar” like posted in the title above

    “BP Podcast 128: Investing in Foreclosures, Quitting Your Job, and Getting More Than 10 Loans with Anca Radar”

  7. Nicole A.

    Great point on the benefit of having a LLC allowing you to purchase more properties than the otherwise cap rules from Fannie Mae and such! I’m getting antsy and think it’s time to get unit number 5 and 6 for my company. Thank you, Anca, for sharing your experience.

  8. Brandt Fanion

    Great tip on getting loans. Get a list of top 100 banks, find the top banks in your area. Speak with a commercial banker from each bank and ask if they offer commercial loans on residential properties to get the best possible option for a loan. Nailed it!

    (best comment)

  9. joe kim

    Anca’s podcast exemplifies why BP is such a valuable resource.

    1. Diversity – different people (woman, immigrant) with different stories of success
    2. Brandon/Josh asked really good questions to polish/refine the golden nuggets that Anca was sharing
    3. Great story of progression from newbie to experienced investor with tips along the way (loans -fanny to freddy to commercial)
    4. Entertaining podcast all the way, with Josh/Brandon tripping all over themselves in front of an attractive/SMART lady.
    5. It inspires me to encourage my young daughter (only 9) to pursue REI! I’m sure in a few years, I will play this podcast for her. This podcast is for sure to inspire many future Miss REIs
    6. Bravo to Anca for taking time to spend time with her family in Romania. REI can be consuming/addictive sometimes in a negative way, but people like Anca inspire me to remember the things in life (family and friends) are way MORE important than money and REI.

    Thank you Anca, Josh, Brandon!

  10. Bryce Young

    As a young college student with just a few thousand in the bank, the 203k loans and FHA loans will work perfectly for me. Thanks, Anca, for being willing to help new investors like me to not be intimidated by the learner’s curve in real estate investing. Josh and Brandon, thanks for asking questions for the beginner audience, such as “What is a foreclosure?” to keep me in the loop. I just learned about biggerpockets through this podcast and I love it! Full summer vacations here I come! (In 6-7 years of course)

  11. Joseph Coach

    Commenting while listening… come on Josh and Brandon send that book! Awesome podcast too! We’re closing on our first home (primary residence) right now with a foreclosure on the same block. This information is going to helps us acquire it… hopefully!

  12. Kevin Ramirez Nieto

    I can’t thank you guys enough for everything I have learned from BP and the BP podcast. So many tips and tricks I now use in my real estate investing business regularly! I can say that one of the biggest things you guys have taught me is that you can always learn something from anybody. By that I mean, you guys have guest from all walks of earth and from every corner of the industry, things that I didn’t even know were niches in real estate and that are not related to what I do at all, and I still ALWAYS get something valuable out of them. I apply that to my day to day meetings, I meet with people in and outside of the real estate industry and every time I can pick something from them that can be beneficial in my business. Thank you for that

  13. Gavin Peacock

    128 was excellent in every single way
    Josh’s jokes and Brandon’s beard have brightened up my day
    Anca from Romania’s a brilliant first time guest
    With information and advice that simply was the best
    I’ve not yet purchased Turner’s book, the title is so long
    I browse along the bookshelves, but always get it wrong
    If it was much shorter, I’d be reading it right now
    And purchasing a duplex, (with just a little bit of money down, or someone else’s, or perhaps a creative financing arrangement that’s a win-win situation for everyone involved)

    So thank you, chaps, for this podcast and everything you do
    I love to listen every week, (and have left a nice review!)
    7 days to wait though, for podcast 129
    I wish I had a book to read, to pass away the time…

  14. Nelson J Castillo

    Thank you Anca! This may be the best podcast yet. I will use a lot of this information, especially the tip regarding the 5% on the fha instead of 3.5%. I recommend this podcast to everyone like myself, who is getting started in real estate. Since BP will be giving away copies of this book, I figure it might be best to explain why I, of all people, deserve to get a free copy. For one, I am currently in the process of saving every penny I can for my future real estate investments. Also, after reading this book I plan to pay it forward. I will loan this book to others that are in the same situation as me financially. I believe paying it forward is a rewarding and gratifying experience that everyone should try sometime. Lastly, my goal is to ultimately help other young people like myself by providing them with homes that are affordable. I believe this book will help me accomplish my goal.

    Thank you,

    Nelson J Castillo

  15. Sunny Suh

    Realtor kind of crushed my dreams on a FHA 203b loan that was presented here and also in other areas. He mentioned that not only do I have to be approved but also the property which can cause a hurdle. Any insight into this? I agree with the other commenter, the 5% on the FHA 203b loan was great info.

    • Anca Alexandru Rader

      I would say to get a new realtor then and also make sure you work with a good loan officer/mortgage broker that is experienced in 203k loans, since not everybody does it. The realtor gets the same commission (based on purchase price) regardless of whether you get a 203k or conventional loan, so it’s not in their interest to recommend a type of loan that typically takes longer but there is no added benefit to them…

      Such a loan is a bit more challenging to work with, but I think the hassle factor is worth the $35,000 reward for rehab costs. Just think how long it would take to save up that much money in the first place, so your dollars per hour spent into getting that will probably be well spent, and you will probably be able to charge more for rents and get better tenants if you fix up the place nicer.

  16. Brian Nelson

    Great podcast! Anca has achieved precisely what the majority of us are aiming for. I have one question that I hope Anca can elaborate upon just a bit. She mentions how she “flips to herself” in order to get the cash back via refinancing at a higher valuation. Anca, is this the primary way you have managed to get to 30+ properties and over 60 units in such a short time? It seems as though deals like this just aren’t THAT abundant (at least not in San Diego). I’m running into the problem that, with a 25% down payment as an investor, I can only scoop up maybe one property per year based on my current salary. Is fix and flip to yourself the answer to amass so many properties so quickly, or are there other things you are doing? Thanks!!


    • Anca Alexandru Rader

      Hi Brian,

      To get over the 4 property hurdle that’s kind of how I did it. You buy foreclosures with cash, then fix and rent, once that’s done go to the bank and have them be appraised. If you’ve done your homework and bought/fixed well, the property should be appraised at well above what you put in, and you can take all your money back to buy/fix the next place/places, and still have 25% equity while having a cashflow property. And at this point, the ROI is truly infinite..

      Please let me know if that is detailed enough or if you want me to give you an example.


  17. Dante Pirouz

    How soon after purchasing a property can you get a HELOC? I purchased a duplex for all cash and have renovated it and my bank told me I had to wait 6 months before applying for the HELOC. Are there any banks that are doing HELOCs sooner that that after initial purchase?

  18. Russell Whitney

    I enjoyed this podcast so much that I actually listened to it three times. Three times!!! Maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago and biased, but more likely because it was that I found this podcast in particular to have a very real, “I can do that too” feel to it. Great stuff guys, and thank you Anca. Moving towards my first 3 FLAT! Building the empire, one penny at a time.

  19. Chelsy S.

    Good to hear about the path Anca took and to hear her accomplishments. It’s great to have so many connections in the industry to get started and the support they provide to help you excel. Congrats Anca and good luck in future endeavors.

  20. Shelli Callan

    On a side note, love the 3 star review conversation. This first time I listened to a podcast. (#49 Amanda Han) I kind of wondered if I could do it. I thought these guys might be a little too goofy for me. Boy am I glad I kept listening! The content far out ways the little bit of goofy, which I have come to love by the way!!

  21. Stephanie Dobbs

    There was so much information here that I really enjoyed! Calling 100 banks sounds like an ideal challenge for me to take on, as I’m looking into hard money, and going with a community bank may be a better solution (especially since I recently worked to obtain a partnership with an experienced investor). Also the information regarding ‘flipping to yourself’ Ms. Radar is genius! I heard something similar to that in passing about four years ago, but really appreciate the way it was explained and the acronym given as BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) Strategy!

    Due to this Podcast, I will definitely look into foreclosures for my first flip, as I was not aware of the removal of liens prior to listening. Thanks BP (Brandon and Josh) for the great information, as I know this is putting money in my pocket!

  22. Jeanne J.

    So I was just laid-off, and my plan was to take my severance to buy my 2nd house. But listening to Anca sounds like I’d better get back to work until I have a few houses under my belt??? (I have 1 SF now.)
    Am I in the running for Brandon’s book?

  23. Adrian Smude

    Great show! Love the idea of taking the top small banks in the area! I’m about to start contacting local banks and was just going to go at this randomly, I believe you have saved me from searching and being unorganized. Thank you!

  24. Christopher Davis

    I would not have considered investing in another country even though my wife if from Poland and her mother goes back twice a year.

    We’re not at that point yet but at least it is another potential source of property deals. It is a good tip and another reason to visit the country – it’s just something we never made time for.

  25. Meghan NA

    This is some great stuff. My brother, husband and I are considering buying a property to fix up and flip but are wondering if renting them out is more lucrative. We are looking at SFH in the suburbs of MSP in MN, ideally so we can take a split level or similar and turn it into a home with a ktichenette downstairs so we could appeal to granny flat/older child living at home/daycare/cool parents crowd. Is there a good resource for deciding if real estate investing is better for fixing and selling vs renting? It sounds like this podcast is discussing a lot of buy and hold. I know a lot of resources suggest buy-and-hold for du/tri/quad-plex. Is there a different suggestion for SFH?

    Also, what are some of the most common ways of splitting an investment when partnering with others?

  26. Jeffrey McKee

    Amazing story! I love how you and your dad were able to come together and start wreaking it in real estate. I will be brief. Aside from having access to MLS, and commission leveraging with listing agent, what other benefits do you see from having the real estate license? Do you think you would have been able to accomplish what you have done with out it? I do not have one, but i have seriously contemplated getting one. You recommended going to work for a real estate company that is filled with investors after getting license. Sounds like a great strategy! Could that be done part time?

  27. kim jeane

    Thanks Anca for sharing your story with us. It has inspired me to move forward on other properties that I have only considered purchasing. I appreciate the timeframe that you provided in getting where you are today. It means to me that in 7 years I can accomplish a lot. The knowledge of the 203(k) loan will assist in obtaining additional properties by engaging some others that I know that would like to experience the learning and earning potential that the real estate market can provide.

  28. Robert Hatley

    Anca is an inspiration and extremely relatable. I did not know about the 5% over 3.5% down payment for MIP; that is a great tip. She has quite the story of starting out.

    Brandon you should add a laugh track, that may help your lame jokes or at least we will know they are supposed to be funny. 🙂

    This is another great podcast; keep up the great work.

  29. Keith Arnold

    loved the podcast. listening to you three reminded me of my youth. I think you should be able to figure out who Rocky is…… That would be you Josh….. I mean the squirrel on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Guess who is Bullwinkle Brandon and my favorite of all Natasha.

    thanks again for another enlightening show.

  30. Jim Stoffey

    Anca, great podcast. Thank you for mentioning 203K loans. Believe it or not, I have had a hard time finding any real estate professionals that know what that type of loan is and how it works. I find a lot of stuff I have learned from BP is not common knowledge in the industry. Crazy!

    Also, thank you for mentioning books that you have not heard before…I always wish guests would do that.

    Thanks again.

  31. Gianni Laverde

    Awesome podcast full of inspiration and great tips. Anca’s real estate journey is impressive. Taking action and being resourceful are a great recipe for success in real estate.
    Thank you for all the tips provided in the podcast

  32. Zul Hirani

    I listened to your podcast the other night. I am very impressed about your success. Wish you only the best. I like to be your colleague and take your help in my pursuit of my financial independence.
    regards. God Bless you

  33. Edwin Fisher

    Loved the show, I consider it a privilege have been your friend even before you become so famous (grin). I love your advice on house hacking, 203k loans, and getting past 4, properties, I used your advise and called a list of banks before getting my most recent loan on my Quad thanks for that nugget of brilliance. I am not married so your idea of having 4 for each spouse will not work for me, but it is a great Idea for the future!

  34. Jeremy Alemany

    Great episode! Very helpful for me since it’s a very similar situation with me and my family members. I am going to partner with my dad and my brother to begin (once we find a good deal), and just like Anca, I am more risky than both of them, and it was good to understand that others have multiple businesses to satisfy all goals.

    It’s also good to learn more about Auctions. Thank you!

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