4 Daily Habits to Continuously Improve Yourself as a Real Estate Investor

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Want to get ahead in real estate? As the age-old quote by Aristotle says, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” To truly succeed in the long haul of entrepreneurship, be sure to adopt these 4 habits crucial for building your business.

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4 Daily Habits to Continuously Improve Yourself as a Real Estate Investor

Learn Constantly

Similar to any professional in their field, being in the know with all the latest trends, news and findings in the real estate industry is a must. The best of the best always go beyond what is expected of them and incorporate their work into their daily lives, regardless of whether they are actually on duty or not.

In real estate, the game is always changing, and without constant education, it is easy to fall behind. So treat real estate investing not just as a job, but as a passion. Top CEOs in America read a average of 60 books a year. All it takes is one idea to revolutionize your business!


Keep it Social

Simply keeping up with your fellow real estate investors can be highly beneficial to you. Try to meet up with other investors as often as you can because you can learn a lot by simply listening to what other investors have gone through, what they have learned from their experiences and the ins and outs of their businesses. However, don’t be selfish and forget to lend them a helping hand too. After all, a beneficial relationship goes both ways. I would HIGHLY recommend this point for newbies getting started in the industry.  

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Be a Leader

Even if you are headed down the road to success already and have a team working for you, don’t just sit back and do absolutely nothing. Talk to the team and discuss different methods of achieving and setting new goals. By building a relationship with your team members, you’ll motivate them to work harder, thus allowing your business to keep on growing. After all, the best investors are team leaders who are always inspecting their team’s work and who have strong expectations of which their team is highly aware.


Be Financially Active

Going hand in hand with tip three, the best real estate investors don’t just passively sit back expecting someone else to work on all their accounts for them. Yes, perhaps you have a team member who does it, but be sure that you take the time to seriously go through it yourself so that you have a better picture of what you are going through financially. This way, you might be able to find out which areas in your business you can improve on and invest more time and capital in.

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In no way is it possible to fully master these four habits, but definitely work them on a daily basis. There is a fine line in presenting yourself in a confident, positive light while still appreciating the fact that you still have a ways to go. I believe that by acknowledging that you have room to learn and grow, you will be on the road to becoming a more productive and successful real estate investor.

What daily habits do YOU practice to hone your real estate business?

Let me know with a comment!

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Sterling White

With just under a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Sterling currently manages over $10MM in capital, which is deployed across a $26MM real estate portfolio made up of multifamily apartments and single-family homes. Through the company he co-founded, Holdfolio, he owns just under 400 units. Sterling was featured on the BiggerPockets Podcast and has been contributing content to BiggerPockets since 2014, with over 200 posts on topics ranging from single-family investing and apartment investing to wholesaling and scaling a business.


        • Lerone Reid

          Hey James,

          Awesome book choice! Last year I read dozens of books; I was well read and certainly sounded a lot smarter”. But I would often move on to another before I actually applied much of what I learned. This year, I’m taking a new approach. Rather than reading multiple books over the course of the year, I’ll be taking a monk’s approach to mastery by studying, rereading and building daily practices and habits around just one book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Enjoy the read!

    • Sterling White

      I totally agree with this point. Visualization is huge! I keep my goals in my pocket to look at them consistently and visualize as if I have already achieved the goal!

      Thank you for bringing that up Lerone and stopping by for the read

  1. John bennett

    Let’s go for the trifecta Sterling, that was more steller content.


    One of my habit forming goals this year, at the very least, is to Evelyn every email I get from Bigger Pockets, something I started practicing just before Christmas when I noticed that my BP folder had close to 100 unread emails!

    Three years ago, my goal would have been to read every single email in its entirety, while keeping up on the new ones, thus proving my determination to succeed!


    I’m glad to say that I have been diligent in my “reasonably” set goal, and success is enriching! I have also found reward with this endeavor; large chunks of wisdom from the experience of Bigger Pockets Family Members such as yourself!

    Thanks for everything BP, I am learning constantly!

    Post Script: “EVELYN” is a reference to Evelyn Wood, who created a speed reading course in the late 50’s.

    • Sterling White

      Thank you for the clarification on the meaning of “EVELYN” I learned a similar reading strategy from the book Four Hour Work Week. Great to hear implementing Evelyn has really helped you excel in your career.

      Glad to have people like you on BP that are constant reminders of what is possible in this marketplace! Thank you John

  2. John Daley

    This is some good advice on team building, Sterling. If we start to slack off, it is only a matter of time before our organization loses momentum. Stay involved, stay visibly active and try to find ways to keep it fun! Every day is a new adventure in real estate…if you can keep a positive attitude eventually something will work out!

  3. Jeremiah Harrington

    Good read. I decided a few months ago to get into real estate investing. The thought was always on my mind while I was in college, but I never took action (thinking it was unrealistic at that point). I had no idea of the kind of resources that were out there. Now I am making sure that I do the first two on the list until I can do the last two. Keep up the good work, hope to meet some people like you out here in San Diego!

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