What All Real Estate Investors Should Remember on Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is here. What does it mean for us as real estate investors?

Memorial Day is one of the most important days of the year. Yes, it gives most people an extra day off to party, relax, and eat, but it is so much more important than that, especially if you are a real estate investor in the U.S.

This year, Memorial Day 2016 falls on Monday, May 30th. This is an important day to consider no matter when you read this and no matter how you feel about American history and the military.

This special day was created to honor those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom — the freedoms we all still enjoy today. In fact, there are thousands out there today risking their lives so that you can invest in real estate and barbecue in safety. They have given the ultimate sacrifice.


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Giving Back in Day to Day Activities

It definitely begs the question — how much are we giving of ourselves in our daily lives and careers? We may only be on the front lines of parenthood or real estate, but those aren’t roles that should be taken lightly either. Everything we do really does matter.

So are we giving our very best? Are we truly giving of ourselves? Are we serving, protecting, and making a sacrifice for others?

For real estate professionals, that means delivering great products, services, and advice. It means protecting individuals from financial harm and property-related health hazards, as well as acting in the best interests of their clients and tenants. What if that was the driving passion of all real estate pros instead of just thinking about the rent check? How much difference would that make?

Making this leap starts with gratitude. Yes, there can be clients and personal contacts who are difficult to help. There can be rules and industry habits — and “professionals” who don’t make this easy. But how incredible is the freedom we have to change that? The freedom just to own a piece of property, the freedom to invest in real estate, to elevate our families in freedom and opportunity, and to progress. Those who really understand this will even find immense gratitude simply in the freedom and privilege to serve other human beings.


Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Start with that mindset and perspective, and it changes everything.

Then let the barbecue begin!

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The above is serious stuff. Yet that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun and compelling, too. Where can you go celebrate? Who can you invite over in this day for a magnificent, inspiring, and relaxing experience? Who can you help to have an amazing day?

Then, if the opportunity arises to really serve them well with a new real estate move, don’t hold back in helping them. Help them find safe and healthy housing for their families. Help someone keep their home. Help others enhance their financial freedom, and give their future generations more freedom by making sound investments in real estate this month.

Finally, make sure you pass this passion on to others. Let’s never take Memorial Day lightly again. It’s a big deal. It’s worth celebrating. And if we remember what it is about, we can be a massive influence for good.

“The secret to life is giving.” — Tony Robbins

Investors: How are you spending this holiday? How do you make sure you keep gratitude at the front of your mind?

Leave your comments below! Happy Memorial Day!

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    • Joshua Phelps

      This is a great article, im glad to see some real estae investors understand what today is really about. Im currently transistioning out of the U.S. Army of 5 years to be a real estate investor, everybody sorey for the loss you may have had. Have a good day and rememeber the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice to live in a great free country!! Have a great day!!!

  1. Elizabeth Faircloth

    Thank you for a great article and reminder. Wonderful day to stop, reflect and be grateful for all of those who have served our country and all the opportunities before us as real estate investors. We all have opportunity to make a difference for good in our world.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Chris Cliff

    Truly is a shame that any of the men and women of our military ever wind up sleeping on the streets. As a country, it really would be nice to honor their service, regardless of whether we individually agree with any of the orders they are given.

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