We Just Made 6 Figures in One Month—But That Means Nothing Unless…

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So in the month of August, my company made more money than I have ever made in my entire life! We had 24 properties under contract, we sold over 15 properties, and grossed over $100,000 in just one month!

But can I be honest with you for a second?

On the surface, this may seem very impressive and amazing, but I want to be transparent and tell you that this doesn’t mean anything to me.

Money Isn’t What This Is All About

You know, normally, I’m not one who goes into our numbers — not even on our on our platform  — but today, I want to share this with you because I see so many people who are motivated by money.

I want to just speak to that for a minute because guys, if you live for the amount of zeros in your bank account, you’re going to die on your deathbed, looking back at a life full of material things and nothing of true substance.

Now, I’ve written about this before, but I want to continue to emphasize that — financial success in and of itself is empty!

You’re not taking any of these material things with you in the next life. For me, it’s not about how much money I have or how big and flashy my house is; it’s about the opportunity to provide for my family. I want to be able to provide my children with a great education. I want to take my family on trips and attend camps with my children. I want to really help my family develop a love for our faith and a love for life!

So, when I say making $100,000 in a month doesn’t mean much to me, don’t get me wrong, I am super happy, but it’s more that I’m happy to see that my team is growing.


I actually had one of my team members say to me, “Dude, aren’t you super excited? You’re making so much money! You’re making $30,000 in a week! Isn’t that incredible?”

My honest response to him was, “Not really. I’m excited by the results, and I am happy we’re setting goals and we’re surpassing them, but it’s not really about the money. It’s about seeing my team successful, seeing my team excited, and seeing our investor-buyers believing in our brand and in our company.”

For me, I love seeing our motivated sellers happy and our investor buyers happy.

I don’t have selfish motives. My goal isn’t to take advantage of people. My goal is to create genuine win-wins and to ultimately serve people and teach people how to do this wholesale business successfully.

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What Drives You?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Why do you wake up every day?
  • Why are you on this Earth?
  • Are you in this business just to pull up to your family reunion in your new fancy car wearing a Rolex?
  • Are you in this business to be perceived as something significant and worthwhile?

Here’s the thing — you’re already worthwhile!

Your job title doesn’t define who you are, and neither does the amount of money you make.

So if you’re a jerk, and you have a bunch of money. Guess what? You’re still a jerk.

But if you structure your business to where you’re adding value, changing lives, and making a difference in this world, all money will do is amplify those desires in you!

Yes, I made $100,000 last month — big whoop!

Does that make me any better than you? Does that make me a better wholesaler than you?

Not at all!


Having Purpose Trumps All

It only means that I’ve remained faithful to this thing, that I’ve gone after it, that I have a purpose, and that I have an ultimate “why” behind my business.

 What about YOU?

Why are you in the real estate investing business?

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If it’s just to make money, I think you should really examine your heart because there are many ways to make money other than real estate wholesaling.

This business is super simple, but it takes action, effort, work, and dedication.

With the many ups and downs in real estate investing, if money is your only motivation, when times are tough, you’re going freak out because your security is in something that isn’t sustainable.

To conclude this post, I want to encourage you go after your dreams but don’t make money your sole motivation. On your deathbed, will you look back at your entire life and reflect on how much money you made?

Having a bunch of zeros in your bank account doesn’t mean anything in the end!

You have to make a difference in the lives of others because those are the things that really matter. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself unfulfilled and miserable.

I hope this blog posts encourages you today to figure out your “why” and use real estate to serve it.

[Editor’s Note: We are republishing this article to help out our newer members.]

What’s the reason YOU invest in real estate — beyond just the money?

Let’s talk in the comments section below!

About Author

Brett Snodgrass

Brett Snodgrass is a licensed real estate broker and wholesaler who hails from the Indianapolis metro. His mission in life is to glorify God by serving as many people as he can through his real estate business. He has a pretty active community growing on Facebook and is also the founder of SimpleWholesaling.com Come check it out now and connect!


  1. kris patel

    Health comes first, no amount of money will help. Second, be content at my age of 75 to preserve net worth and enjoy cash flow as much as possible. If need to dip in net worth, it is ok, as long as you are happy, healthy and content. Enjoy family n friends and do exercise that takes you outdoor, fresh air! Thanks

  2. Glenn Tracy

    Brett, such a great post, and so true! I was just listening to one of Les Browns motivational speeches the other day, and one of the things he talked about stood out…he said, “LIVE FULL AND DIE EMPTY”. And what I take from that is…live your life with no regrets! Go after your dreams and goals and fulfill them, but along that journey, live a life of substance and always be sure to help others along the way.

    It’s like you said, all that money in your bank account isn’t coming with you when you’re gone, so be sure to have something much deeper and more meaningful to take with you when that time comes. : )

  3. Randy E.

    This is actually a more complex subject than you could imagine. Participants in this blog probably have similar views when it comes to financial security, or just security in general. However, as a population, we are woefully inadequate in terms of money management and how it impacts our lives; for example, a recent poll by Princeton University indicated that forty percent of Americans said they “could not,” or “probably could not” come up with $2,000 if an unexpected need arose.

    Financial security means something different to everyone. It also changes as we move through the different stages in life. I’ve always valued my freedom more than things, so this feeling changed my behavior in terms of how I view money.

    Being debt free and achieving financial independence share a common thread, which is the freedom to enjoy life and family unencumbered by money concerns. Wealth isn’t about having things; it’s about having the opportunity and flexibility to chart your own course in life. The flexibility to enjoy time with family, travel and pursue your dreams. After all, life is short, so you better enjoy it because the next day is promised to no one.

    • Tanja Davidson

      Spot on! My personal motto for life is now “No Regrets!”. I lost my sister who was just one year older than myself to breast cancer at the young age of 41. Then a few months later I lost my grandmother. Then within the year, we lost all of the ‘great aunts and uncles’ on mom’s side of the family and a few close friends. In the past two years, I’ve lost two uncles and an Aunt and one of them was my age. I’ve looked back on the time I did not spend with these people whom I loved so much when I could have and decided to begin living my life with no regrets and to begin putting God and others before myself as much as possible. I am not always successful but at least now I’m trying to be a better person and one who hopefully will not be sitting in front of another casket saying “I wish I had done……”. I want to be able to sit there knowing I did what I could.

      I’m retiring in 3 months and will be beginning my REI career. It’s partly to help build my nest egg but mostly to help out loved ones who can use some help. There are plenty of people in this world who have worked hard all their lives and were never able to ‘get ahead’ for one reason or another. These are the people I want to help. I also want to be in control of my schedule and my salary. Sick and tired of working hard and watching others who didn’t get the rewards. At least REI doesn’t judge you by your age, size, degree, etc. You work hard, you get rewarded. I can’t wait! I’ll also be able to finally begin using my real estate license I got last September!

    • Jon Kepler

      Would you say that, if an NBA player chases points, there’s never enough of them and the goal is “never achievable and meaningless?”

      In reality, all worthwhile endeavors have milestones, and if the project is truly worthwhile, those milestones all come with meaning and fulfillment.

  4. kara haney

    Hi Brett – there are some points in life – you arent there – where you4r purpose has disappeared and you are too old to get hired and all you really do need is money to get you thru…

    BTW mozilla says your site is unsafe and will not let me in

    • Brett Snodgrass

      Thanks, Kara. The article was to encourage/remind us that there is more to life than just making money, but I recognize that we can hit obstacles and need to just make ends meet sometimes. Whether you’re on top or not, perspective plays a big part in how we live this life.

      We just re-did the site. I’ll have my IT guy look into it. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. Karen Johnson

    I love this post. Lately, I’ve been thinking more about my “why”. And you’re right, making money is not enough. It isn’t bad or even wrong, but I want to do so much more with my (fledgling) business. I want to genuinely impact and change people’s lives in a positive way. I don’t know all the definitive ways I’m going to do that (I don’t have a manual or to do list for this), but I know I’m going to keep that at the forefront of my mind and allow it to guide my decisions and my relationships in this business.

  6. Mark Forest

    Your blog is politically correct, but having a lot of zeroes in your bank account DOES matter. Sure people in your family and good health come first. However, it is not the money per se, but rather the fact that money can, contrary to popular clichés, buy happiness. Money gives you independence from a boss or job you hate. It allows you take vacations to places you may never have gone otherwise. It allows you to occasionally have that delicious dinner instead of fast food. If you have legal or medical problems it gives you the resources to get the professional help you need. All the above things bring happiness brought to you via money, so I am just going to be honest and say yeah IT IS the money.

  7. Gilbert Dominguez

    While it may become important to naturally become a mature and reflective person that at some point realizes that life should be lived with purpose and fulfillment it is likewise important for those that have embarked on a career in real estate investing to simply become financially successful enough in real estate to stay in the business without feeling you also have to become such a deep and conscientious person at the same time.

    Maturity develops in each person differently. It will come. It’s a natural part of the life process.

    Weather you are a religious person or not being spiritual is a natural part of most human beings and manifests itself more greatly the more mature we become.

    Thank you for your post and reminding us all to understand the why of our life’s work and devotion. This can only lead to a greater appreciation, value, gratitude, and satisfaction of attaining accomplishments that can generate, create, and provide, many benefits than simply earning money.

  8. Samia Bingham

    Awesome article Brett! My “why” is to build sustainable communities where we are not bogged down by only the latest fast food or retail chains. Shared commercial communities which provide opportunities for innovation and growth in what is currently known as a bedroom community here in Maryland is what my firms’ mission is and will always be. Even as we expand, keeping our focus and ensuring that our staff, their families and the communities in which we operate and serve are well taken care of will forever be my motivator. Thanks so much for this on time reminder and be blessed!

  9. Jonathon White

    Good Post. Agreed. $$$ if used wisely is a blessing. $$$ if used unwisely.

    And, by the way I hope your use of the word “TRUMP” in the title is not a political statement!

    I think a key question you are getting at is “What are we investing in?” If just bricks, then insufficient. But it seems you are also investing in people. Great!

  10. Abel Curiel

    Awesome blog post! I’ve been on BP for about 6 months and have read dozens of posts on the “why” that is essential for us to succeed, but this one really stands out (no offense to the others).
    We really need to keep that WHY in mind each and every day. So many ups and downs in this business and life in general and what has kept me moving forward has been my WHY.
    As a son of immigrant parents who came to NY in the 70’s, I saw what they worked so hard for because I am living it. Now its time to take those tools and get to work for the next generation. My business partner and I are choosing to do this through our real estate business and it really doesn’t feel like work. It has to be done and it has to be done for our WHY!

    I wish everyone continued success!


  11. Brett S.

    Not to be a negative Nancy but I see posts like this all the time and while it certainly has shock value, precious few people share their net numbers. Gross numbers don’t mean anything. Someone who sells a $20,000,000 property could tell this board they made “$20,000,000 in 10 minutes” even if they had the property on the market for 15 years and lost money on the deal.

    That said, this forum is really about motivation more so than business so in that vein, congrats. And certainly, if you netted a good chunk of that, kudos. But I hate to demotivated anyone who thinks their numbers are so minuscule relatively.

  12. Ed Perez

    Great article. Balance is everything. If your purpose in life is to travel and spend more time with your family and friends without regards to your finances, you’re going to fail.

    I believe in focusing on the fruit of my labor to reach my dreams.

  13. Stephen Shelton

    I’m in a much smaller boat, but I understand what you mean. I’m more excited about rebuilding the front fence on my newly rented 3rd house than I am with spending that money on something fun for myself. It’s gonna be a bassass fence that other fences will want to be!

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