The Ambitious Newbie’s First Flip: Analyzing the Deal [Video Walkthrough!]

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Hello, BiggerPockets community! I’m pretty darn excited to start working on a huge new rehab and get to share the journey with y’all. (Yes, I’m from Texas, and we say “y’all down here!)

My investment journey started when I became a real estate agent about 5 years ago, which quickly led to numerous fix and flips and other development projects around downtown San Antonio.

This is a huge project, definitely not for the rookie investor or someone scared of a giant rehab. Still, the strategies used will serve as valuable lessons to those looking to start out in this niche. We will be touching every part of this house over the next few months and hopefully transforming it back to the historic masterpiece it once was.

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Obviously, this is on the extreme side of flipping (foundation, roof, lots of structural work, etc.), but I have completed quite a few rehabs with similar scope because returns can be better and you don’t deal with any quality issues or repairing something that may be on its last leg.

I’ll be going through my entire rehab process in the next few videos. This includes:

  1. Analyzing a deal
  2. Creating a floorplan
  3. Working with contractors/managing a project
  4. Marketing & selling a property/working with a real estate agent
  5. Creating systems/workflow optimization
  6. Summary of rehab/final walkthrough
  7. At the closing table/taking a deal from under contract to close

It’s going to be a great journey, and I hope you’re along for the ride!

How to Analyze a Real Estate Deal

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Check Out Episode 1: Analyzing the Deal

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Christopher Gill

Christopher Gill is a real estate investor and serial entrepreneur based out of San Antonio, TX. Starting with just $15,000 in working capitol in the past 5 years he’s owned millions of dollars worth of residential and commercial real estate. Come hang out and let's talk real estate!


  1. Because you are in Texas your construction costs are much less than ours, here the best option for that house would have been a tear down. I understand you couldn’t do that due to historic district. As a person that has rehabbed many homes I realize much of the cost is in the infrastructure, less so in cities.

  2. Shawn Trejo

    Hey Chris great video and I will be following your series. As a fellow Realtor who’s client has been super-satisfied with one of your previous rehabs and the process of working with you I am now eager to use your business model with my first project next month as I grow my own rehab business. -Shawn T.

  3. Tyrese Lee

    Chris your a inspiration I’m based out of Detroit MI . So you already know it takes a creative forward thinking mind to see the diamonds in the rough and I’m about to go all in I have limited capital but a vision that’s tenacious and I refuse to settle or lay on the fence I’m following you FB and YouTube so thanks for inspiring

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