BiggerPockets Podcast 235: How to Find and Fund Real Estate Deals with Anson Young

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From the millions of people who come to BiggerPockets each month, there are two issues that we hear about over and over and over: People can’t find deals, and they can’t find money. So today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, we’re excited to dive deep into these two issues with a good friend of BiggerPockets—Anson Young. Anson is an experienced investor (and new author!) who shares his best tips for finding real estate deals, even in a competitive market. You’ll learn his best direct mail tips, advice for talking with sellers, and much, much more!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Who is Anson Young?
  • How many deals he has done so far
  • The most common mistakes made when finding deals
  • How to set the right criteria
  • Where to find great properties
  • How to cut through the competition
  • Tips for using CRMS and checklists for direct mail marketing
  • Where Anson gets his lists
  • What exactly a probate is
  • How to maximize networking and referrals
  • How to use bandit signs the right way
  • The bonuses you’ll get with Anson’s book
  • What you need to know about funding deals
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Step one is always finding out where you want to be for what you want to do.” (Tweet This!)
  • “The more work it takes, the less competition I have.” (Tweet This!)
  • “I don’t trust anyone’s numbers.” (Tweet This!)

Connect with Anson

Anson’s book is now available!

About Author

Thanks for checking out the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing & Wealth Building Podcast. Hosts Joshua Dorkin & Brandon Turner strive to bring top-notch educational content and interviews to our listeners -- without the non-stop pitch prevalent around the industry. With over 180,000 listeners per show, the BiggerPockets Podcast has become the biggest real estate podcast in the world. But don’t take our word for it. We’re the top-rated and reviewed real estate show on iTunes — check it out, read the reviews on iTunes, and get busy listening and learning!


  1. John Payne

    Awesome show! And I’m looking forward to picking up the book, as well!

    One thing that happened to pop into my head when you mentioned taking a call while driving was to find a free or paid cell phone call recorder. Just click the recorder app on your phone when you pick up a call, and notify them that “this phone call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes” (HA! – Maybe a bump of legitimacy or entirely scaring them away, who knows?!) A quick google search brings up a few options. Obviously, some may suggest a call center, but that obviously depends on deal flow, level of business, etc.

    Lastly, you mentioned the “Checklist Manifesto” and pilots. Pilots use what’s called a kneeboard for checklists having only the essential information they need to do their job. I think having an abbreviated checklist small enough to not get in your way, yet big enough (and in plain sight) to make it easy to reference. Brandon mentioned on the windshield. Great thought, and I’m sure there’s plenty of other ways to make sure it’s easy to pick the call up, record it, get the essential information, and stay safe while driving! Again, great show!

  2. Tony Wooldridge

    Just ordered the book and will be looking forward to getting an in-depth look into Anson’s thoughts as they apply to finding deals! Love all of your Podcast, as usual thanks for taking the time to share your story once again and taking the leap into becoming an author for us all to benefit! Best of luck to you and here is to wishing you a successful 2017 in your REI ventures!

  3. Sonia Spangenberg

    You guys talking about the word Smörgåsbord brought back memories of the Swedish chef on Sesame Street. Then I started to picture you guys as the two old guy puppets from Sesame Street too. I guess you had to be there (in my brain) but it was so funny.

  4. Tara G.

    BEST book- real ‘meat on the bone’ stuff, there. Great conversational tone- easy to read, but like I said– a lot of information you can DO stuff with; thanks for digging that info out and presenting it to us in a usable way.

    Awesome podcast- one of my favorites!

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