BiggerPockets Podcast 252: House Hacking (Your First Deal) & Life Hacking with Craig Curelop

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People spend years thinking about buying real estate—but many never take the first step. Not today’s guest, though! Today, we sit down with Craig Curelop, a new investor in the expensive Denver market, as he shares his story of buying his very first “house hack” and how’s he’s actually getting PAID to live for free. You’ll also learn some other creative way Craig is generating extra income each month (including renting out his car!) on his quest for financial freedom. It’s a super inspiring story with a plethora of tips, so don’t miss a moment of it!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Craig’s story and how he found out about BiggerPockets
  • What he does at BiggerPockets
  • How he house hacked his first home in Denver
  • Tips for finding a good agent
  • How to find a good lender
  • What exactly PITI is
  • How he’s generating rent from his place
  • His method of fast tracking his way to financial freedom
  • How his Airbnb system works, including how he handles cleaning
  • Tips for turning liabilities to assets
  • How he rents out his car
  • A discussion on having a frugal lifestyle
  • His future plans for real estate investing
  • And SO much more!

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  1. Cam Jimmy

    Thanks for the podcast Craig! I have a question about your B n’ B… What do you provide for your guests? for example… cable TV? breakfast? just a bed and a room only? My wife and I have been thinking about doing something similar and we’re wondering what would work and what wouldn’t. Anyways, any ideas would help. Thank you


    • Craig Curelop

      Hey Cam,

      Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it. So I’ve stayed at a bunch of AirBnb’s as well as hosting and honestly, every place is different. I offer a private bedroom. There is an extremely comfortable queen-sized bed that sleeps 2, there’s 4 very comfortable pillows as well as a clean towel for each guest. I have a basket of goodies which include a couple of water bottles, oatmeal, and coffee/tea that can be made with Keurig.

      Essentially, just the basics. Nothing too fancy.

    • Craig Curelop

      Hey Adam – Thanks for listening! I’m glad you liked the podcast.

      Turo has been pretty good. Though, it is definitely seasonal. More so than AirBnb. In the summer months, I was booked every single day. There was a point where I went 6 weeks without my car. Turo started to cool with the weather. Now, I rent it out probably for ~7 days a month… which is better than nothing.

      I would not advice purchasing a car for the sole purpose of renting it out on Turo. Because you are still purchasing a depreciating asset that you will likely have a payment on. For me, I purchased my car with cash so my only significant monthly payment is insurance and I set aside $100 a month for reserves.

      This is beneficial to me because I do like having a car, but do not use it regularly. Hope this makes sense!

  2. Michael Ehmann

    Craig – great show! I’m in a similar stage of life: a couple years out of school, and I just recently brought my first property (because I was tired of giving someone else ~$1000/month in rent). I house-hacked it by adding a 3rd bedroom, allowing my roommates to cover my mortgage. I actually just created my first blog post about some lessons learned from my first experience as a house-hacking landlord. Feel free to check it out and leave comments if there is anything you’ve learned based on your experience, too:

    Also, it was very inspiring to hear about your life-hacking experience! I also haven’t considered Airbnb-ing out my bedroom, which sits empty for 50-70% of the month because I travel for work every Monday – Thursday, so that’s something I may look into in the future.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience, and best of luck with your future real estate endeavors!


    Hey Brandon, GREAT PODCAST. I listen to you guys everyday and it’s doing wonders with my mentality on how to approach real estate investing and life in general. I’ve been telling everybody I know about this site lol.

    Question, have you heard of a guy named John Sonmez. He’s a software developer with a popular youtube channel who’s making $10k/month through rental properties. I think he’d be a great guest for you guys to have on your show. I asked him on his youtube channel if he’s ever done an interview on bigger pockets so I can look it up, but he said he hasn’t. So I thought, maybe I should should you guys a comment because I do believe he’d be great for the show. I don’t want to put links on here incase you guys are against that. But you can look him up on Youtube 🙂

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