BiggerPockets Podcast 199: 25 Doors by Age 25 with Houssein Al-Eidan

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Real estate investing is no longer just for older generations! Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with Houssein Al-Eidan, an accountant from the St Louis area who has purchased 25 rental units — and he’s just turning 25 years old this month! You’ll hear Houssein’s unique strategy of buying lower-price properties (many from auctions) and using a variety of strategies to increase his returns (including AirBnB and even leaving some properties vacant!). This show is bound to leave you inspired to expand your own real estate portfolio — no matter what age you are.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Houssein found BiggerPockets
  • How he relocated from Kuwait to St. Louis (and why)
  • How he discovered real estate through TV shows
  • What his first deal was like
  • How he dealt with a complicated foreclosed property with an existing tenant
  • The total number of deals he’ve done so far in the past year
  • How his numbers look for his condo units
  • What his game plan is after buying so much property
  • How he funds these properties through seller financing
  • The importance of understanding the seller’s motivation
  • Tips on Airbnb properties
  • How be built a team for delegation
  • A word of caution in this type of investing
  • And SO much more!

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  • “The first purchase may not be always be the best.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Once you understand the seller’s motivation, from there you can customize a plan.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. Ryan Reynolds

    Wow….I’ll say it this way. Brandon and Josh, you two did a great job trying to get this guy to answer questions. I felt like I was in a courtroom listening to a guilty party dodge questions in fear of self incriminating themselves.

    I sensed a bit of frustration from Josh, and for due reason….

    Good job Brandon and Josh!

  2. Peter Crisp

    I was most concerned about buying a Laundromat. If it included dry cleaning at one time, there’s a significant risk of contamination at the site and at neighbouring properties. This can make you bankrupt fast because dry cleaning solvent can migrate a lot. I sure hope that the speaker did his homework. Frankly I’d want a Phase 2 study from a firm I trusted before I’d touch any Laundromat/dry cleaning operation or any property anywhere close.

    The strategy could work if prices are rising sharply and it’s time to buy, but I would have thought that this would have happened a long time ago in this market.

  3. Jesse Kropf

    I decided to listen to this podcast, in spite of the negative comments here. I was expecting the gentleman to be shifty and acting like he’s hiding something, but I came away with a much better impression after the show.

    Here are my impressions:

    1. He has a Master’s Degree and is also a CPA. He’s used to talking in concepts rather than specifics. He expects the listener to apply the concepts to their own situation.

    2. He is highly intelligent and thinks many thoughts at once, therefore he tends to speak more slowly.

    3. He knows so much about finances, he might forget to fill in the blanks for the typical audience. It’s easy for a person like him to forget how much more he knows than the average person does. The average real estate investor does not have a Master’s degree and is also not a CPA.

    4. He reminds me of a person who was taught at a young age to tell the truth, so he pauses to make sure he is accurately answering the questions rather than embellishing the truth.

    Those are my impressions. I’m in retail sales, so I’m used to reading body language and forming impressions of where people are coming from.

    I actually found this episode to be very helpful. I got some useful ideas about seller financing and Airbnb from this show, and I also think his strategy could be helpful for others who have a great income to work with.

  4. Drew Walker

    Thank you both for having an investor on from St. Louis. I feel like we having a very exciting market to work in here and it was nice to hear from someone in the area. I certainly learned a lot from the interview, thanks guys!

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