BiggerPockets Podcast 213: Investing in Real Estate Without Being a Landlord with Noah Kagan

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If there is one thing you can know for sure by listening to the BiggerPockets Podcast, it’s this: There are a LOT of ways to invest in real estate! That’s why we’re excited to bring you today’s interview with Noah Kagan, who invests in a different way than most of the guests we’ve had on the show. Noah currently runs several very successful internet businesses (SumoMe and AppSumo) and knew he didn’t want to be a landlord; Noah knows his best return is made in his business. Therefore, he devised his investing strategy around NOT being the landlord. Noah is a wealth of information and one of the most motivating humans we’ve ever met. So sit back and enjoy today’s episode with Noah!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Who Noah Kagan is and how he got into real estate investing
  • What keeps newbies from buying their first investment properties
  • The ROI of other businesses as compared to real estate investing
  • A discussion on the 1% rule
  • Thoughts on whether a commercial property is a good first investment
  • Why you should find experienced real estate investors in your area
  • Tips for growing your capital
  • How Noah finances his deals
  • What you should know about asking other people for money or syndication
  • Why you should stop apologizing for being successful
  • How to grow your network
  • When should you stop learning and start doing
  • The importance of knowing where do you want to be in 5 years
  • Why you should visualize the destination
  • And SO much more!

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  • “It took me 10 years to actually be ready, not financially but mentally, to make that decision, to make that purchase.” (Tweet This!)
  • “The best deals happen off-market.” (Tweet This!)
  • “I think the trait of a successful person is resourcefulness.” (Tweet This!)
  • “If you want to find someone else to help you, you have to help someone else.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. Vincent Crane

    Josh, that monologue you had was amazing. Talking about how if you hadn’t messed up in real estate, BP wouldn’t be here. BP changed my entire life. What you’ve done with BP, is far bigger than anything that even the richest solo real estate investor will ever do

  2. Jay Castillo

    Wow! I didn’t know Noah Kagan was also into real estate! I’m a happy customer of Appsumo (have around 40 products, half are paid) and been using Sumome ever since it came out, and I’ve been following Noah after that.

    The main takeaways for me was how you still have to evaluate which action will bring the better ROI, like in Noah’s example were sending just one email can bring in 2oK as compared to spending more time for real estate and he will earn about 10K, and I also love what Josh said about how it would take a massive deal to be worth for him to stop doing what he’s doing to the biggerpockets site. As a website owner myself, I can totally relate, and I try to balance my website with real estate. But at the end of the day, I love em both!

    How I wish there was something like Realtyshares here in the Philippines.

    Thanks again Josh and Brandon for another awesome podcast, although I watched the video instead of just listening, it was funny watching you guys, but I still learned a lot! And thank you also to Noah, you’re awesome!

    By the way, did you just change the site’s layout? No more sidebars? Looks nice and clean!

  3. Bradley D.

    Josh, Brandon and Noah:

    Great show guys.

    Real estate is so proven to be a great investment, as long as you have the LLL you will bear all dips.
    People will always need a roof over their head.

    Domain names can be a very good investment, as well.
    Like real estate, or any business, know your market and follow what works for your personality, the returns can be significant, even tremendous.



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