Real Estate Business

Business Management can often be similar across many industries and types of enterprises. Successful real estate investors treat their investments like a business and run them professionally. This section of the BiggerPockets Blog contains articles that can help journeyman investors systematize and professionally run their real estate businesses. Topics include hiring, management, business policy, and scaling. These articles are written by some of the best investors in the business, and in regions throughout the country.

 Anwell Tsai

Which Property to Buy?

Let’s assume you’ve been presented with two outstanding investment properties to purchase.  Both can be purchased at a great discount and share similar risk profiles, though property A is significantly…

 Anwell Tsai

5 Great Ways to Market Your Property

1. Post on a broad array of websites such as, Yahoo, Google, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Etc. (my listings are found on over 50 sites) 2. Syndicate video walkthroughs which…