Real Estate Business

Business Management can often be similar across many industries and types of enterprises. Successful real estate investors treat their investments like a business and run them professionally. This section of the BiggerPockets Blog contains articles that can help journeyman investors systematize and professionally run their real estate businesses. Topics include hiring, management, business policy, and scaling. These articles are written by some of the best investors in the business, and in regions throughout the country.

 Richard Warren

The Power of Networking

We have all heard the classic saying: It’s not what you know, but who you know. It’s true in life, it’s true in business and it’s certainly true in real…


Here’s How You Write a Real Estate Ad

In the world of [tag]real estate marketing[/tag], getting people to see a [tag]property[/tag] is half the battle. Assuming you can get them to look, you are much more likely to…


Marketing Your Home

No matter how you’re selling a home–whether it’s through the cost of a realtor, by auction or using my preferred method of selling “for sale by owner”–your #1 goal is…


Reasons People Fear FSBOs

If there’s one thing I wish I could change about the real estate market, it’s that people fear selling without an agent. I am completely convinced that anyone who can…