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Strong personal finance and financial literacy lays the groundwork for much investing and business success. Here, you'll find hundreds of articles written by personal finance experts on topics like saving, earning more, and investing. A strong knowledge of personal finance can seriously expedite your real estate investing career. A great credit score, some cash in the bank, and strong stable income can be invaluable assets for those looking to begin or add to their real estate portfolio. For a more in-depth discussion and debate about best practices in personal finance, you may want to check out the Personal Finance Forum.

 Richard Warren

Another Financial Crisis Looming?

Could anything be worse than the foreclosure crisis? People who purchased more expensive homes than they could afford or used risky mortgages to obtain them are losing their homes in…

 Richard Warren

Skating On A Frozen (Credit) Pond

The credit markets have been so frozen that the Government felt that they had to step in with the recently enacted $700 Billion bailout. The freeze that started with subprime…

 Richard Warren

Growth vs. Value Investing

In more than 15 years in the financial services industry I worked with many different investment theories and with almost as many different kinds of investors. Some were extremely conservative…