Real Estate Investing Basics

Are you just getting started on your real estate investing journey? This section of the BiggerPockets Blog might be just the thing you are looking for then. We have hundreds of articles designed to help newer investors launch their investing careers into orbit. If you are ready to introduce yourself to the world of real estate then check out the articles below, containing information on everything from saving up for your first purchase, finding the right agent, to screening your first tenants. If you are new to real estate investing, then these articles, written by seasoned investors with decades of experience, are just the thing you need! Oh, and for more discussions and introductions from other investors that are starting out, it might be a great idea to engage in our Starting Out Forum. This is a welcoming place where new investors can learn and formulate strategy while receiving feedback from seasoned investors and each other.

 Joshua Dorkin

Real Estate Scams to Look out For

I was just reading the Michigan Real Estate Blog, and I found an article I thought would be extremly useful for our newbie real estate investors. The article talks about…

 Joshua Dorkin

Fair market rental value

Fair market rental value is just another step in the process of evaluating your investment property! Rental values in most areas vary over time, market location, population need, community growth…

 Joshua Dorkin

Finding the Owner of a Property

Ever wonder how to find out who owns a property? Your county assessor’s office has that information, and its free! You can either visit their office, or check to see…