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Over the last 8 months, my purpose at BiggerPockets has been to improve the site for our Pro members.

My pride and joy has been the addition of the Pro Perks!

The reason? BiggerPockets is not receiving any payments for the Pro Perks—they are simply a value-add for you!

Because BiggerPockets is not asking these companies to pay us for marketing or advertising, we are able to negotiate a large discount as a value-add for the Pro membership.

The discounts are not just $10 here or there. They are the best discounts available for the 44 companies who are providing Pro Perks.

The Pro Perks sum up to thousands of dollars in savings across sites that we know you, our members, use or will use on your real estate journey.

From cabinets to property management to lenders and more, we have so many discount options for you based on your real estate goals.

When I speak with each company, whether I reach out or they do, my first question is, “What is the best discount you can offer?” This is because I know that you are hustling and working your butts off, and I want to add more value to your membership and increase your likelihood of succeeding as an investor.

Also, these amazing companies are getting free marketing across the site, but they deserve it for giving you the best discounts possible!

I love you, Pro members!

That’s not to say we’ve forgotten about the rest you. For our regular and Plus members, I’ve released a few new upgrades from this effort for you. These upgrades include new and bigger (pun definitely intended) member discounts a.k.a. Perks, easy access to state-specific, lawyer-reviewed landlord forms, and both the Find a Contractor and Get a Mortgage Loan pages.

I love you too, regular and Plus members!

However, today I’m here to talk about my favorite Pro Perks.

These are our largest and most valuable Pro Perks—ones that if you don’t take advantage of, you should be considered crazy.

I mean that we’ve added so many discounts for our Pro members that taking advantage of our largest, most amazing, grandest Perks can save you more money than the cost of your membership—or at the very least, they can significantly lower the cost.

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And don’t worry, regular and Plus members, I have your back. You have perks, too. And they are fantastic. The difference is that they are simply not AS comprehensive as Pro Perks, which cover multiple needs of investors.

TL;DR: Be a Pro. Use a Pro Perk. Save money. Be a regular member. Use a Perk. Save money.

Our 10 Largest, Most Valuable Pro Perks

Here we go. In no particular order, our top value Perks:

(Note: full chart of all Perks below)

#1: SenseFinancial: *Perks for regular, Plus, and Pro members!* 

For regular and Plus members, SenseFinancial offers $200 off setup fees for a self-directed Solo 401k or Checkbook IRA. If you’re a Pro member, that number jumps to $300!

If you’ve been trying to use creative financing to purchase a property, I suggest attending a Matt Faircloth webinar and using this particular perk.

#2: NBKC: Pro-only perk

When I say Todd Bukaty at NBKC is one of the nicest people I’ve ever spoken to, I mean it. He’s worked with our Community Manager Mindy in the past and jumped at the chance to be one of the first lenders to provide a great opportunity for BiggerPockets Pro members—$200 in savings on lender fees!

#3: Better: Pro-only perk

Pro members, you’ll get $1,000 off closing costs when you close on a loan with Better. Better has been a fantastic partner, with a mission of providing fair rates to anyone who needs a loan. If you are not a Pro but want to learn more, check them out on our mortgage loans page.

#4: ASM Schumacher & Sons: *Perks for regular, Plus, and Pro members!*

Own a commercial or residential property? Regular and Plus members received a free building maintenance assessment valued at $275. Pro members, you get 10% off your first building renovation or management contract, up to $500.

#5: Conventus: Pro-only perk

This is exciting for anyone who needs a hard money loan. Calling all my creative financing friends! You’ll receive $500 off a $1,500 processing fee for a loan.

#6: Dealflo: Pro-only perk

Pro members receive $324 in yearly savings. This is a great discount if you are marketing at scale! Dealflo not only takes advantage of one of the best software platforms available, ActiveCampaign, but it also offers REI-specific integrations and applications, ready to plug into any REI business.

#7: PayLease: Pro-only perk

Let’s put the technology back in collecting rent. Get $299 off setup fees for rent collection, no matter how your tenants prefer to pay.

#8: Rooftstock: Pro-only perk

Roofstock offers properties for sale that are ready to rent. An offer of $500 off closing costs is just icing on the cake.

#9: Patch of Land: Pro-only perk

All it takes is five easy steps to fund a project with Patch of Land—and then you get $200 off your loan application fee. Enjoy!

#10: NeighborhoodScout: Pro-only perk

Look, I’m not an investor (yet!), but the first thing I did when I started using NeighborhoodScout was look up my neighborhood. They provide insight into all the “need to know” information for a property. Save up to $287 when you become an annual member.

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for:

Any questions about Pro Perks? Which of these discounts will you be taking advantage of?

Leave your questions and comments below!

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Lauren Hogan

Lauren Hogan is the director of marketing at BiggerPockets. She is an aspiring real estate investor and the person behind any survey, marketing email and general messaging you receive from BiggerPockets. Have feedback about BiggerPockets marketing? Let us know here.


  1. Dave Rav

    Thanks for this post.

    @Lauren Hogan, I visited the NBKC bank website. I am looking for lenders to loan on investment RE. The site was awesome; it even allows you to search by associate name. I tried plugging in Todd Bukaty’s name but it came up no results. Do you have other contact info for him? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Kristin Zajac

    Hi Lauren, Thanks for all your work bringing us great perks! I tried to use the AirDNA promo, but the code didn’t work and when I contacted their [email protected] email address, someone told me the code had expired on 9/30. Any chance you can get a fresh code going with them, and help me apply it retroactively? 🙂

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