Jerryll Noorden

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Jerryll, often referred to as MSOOTKAUG (My Supreme Overlord of the Known and Unknown Galaxies), is a bonafide nutcase. Working for/with NASA, IHMC (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition), and IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia aka The Italian Institute of Technology) as a robotics scientist, developing humanoids and exoskeletons to better humanity, must have done something to his mind—or maybe he was just born that way? To fund his robotics R&D projects, he started flipping houses. This prompted the need for better REI lead generation methods. Jerryll is an expert on SEO and website lead conversion tactics and often writes about his newest SEO strategies, which he freely shares with anyone interested in learning. Jerryll is a home buyer in Connecticut and New York and now flips between three to five houses at a time, while developing his own in-house SEO strategies for his company, SEO for Real Estate Investors.