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3 Ways To Invest In Real Estate—Even With Limited Funds [Video!]

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There are lots of myths surrounding real estate investment and how you can get started. While there are many, here are three ways you can get started—even while trying to build bigger pockets.

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In this video, I break down three common ways to get started. (And no, none of them include HGTV-style flipping…)

1. Be a landlord

Find a property to invest in. If you don't have a lot of startup capitol, you can look into FHA loans. Next, find tenants, and start collecting rent!

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2. Become a Partner

You can invest in someone else's rental property by partnering with a landlord. This is called passive investing. You won't have the headaches that come with being a landlord or a property manager, but you still get the benefits of appreciation, cash flow, etc.

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3. Invest in Real Estate Securities

Check out the stock market for real estate holding companies. You can buy a share for as little as $20 or $30. Or, check out a crowd funding platform to invest in a property for as little as $1,000.

What are some creative ways you got into real estate?

Share your ideas and experiences below!

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    Mark Jennings
    Replied over 2 years ago
    Ok, I have a few questions! First, I have acquired a property and it is going great so far. However, I have no mortgage, I owe nothing but want to do more. Meaning, I have tenants who live on my property who pay their rent cheerfully every month. I want to sell and buy another property and renovate it. I have a team of guys who are ready (electricians, plumbers, framers etc ) and in place and to top that off there is a huge opportunity here where I live. I was thinking REIT’s Any ideas?