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8 Habits to Get Your Mind Right in the Morning (& Be Productive All Day!)

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So many of us are always seeking more skills, more tips, more ways to gather real estate knowledge. That's great, but working with people all over North America has shown me very, very clearly that the space between our ears is by far the most important.

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Yes, it’s more important than skillsets.

The eight points below are just a few of many mental training tips from which most people could benefit. They are not designed to be done once or twice. Rather, they are designed to do daily!

Try to make them a habit, part of your morning routine. You can edit and customize each as you see fit, but work toward making them habitual.

8 Ways to Get Your Mind Right in the Morning

1. Meditate and visualize your goals.

This can be done while working out, before starting your day, and/or before going to sleep at night. A good friend of mine, Dr. Joe Vitale, really helped me perfect my technique and has done amazing work on the subject. He’s also authored over 70 books—many of which deal with this. Together, we developed a course called “The 31-Day Billionaire,” which has nothing to do with real estate and 100 percent to do with the space between your ears.

2. Do some sort of exercise.

Take a walk, lift weights, do yoga—do something—daily. This creates more discipline and more energy to accomplish your goals while lowering your stress.

For me, this means heading to Anytime Fitness two days per week at 3:30 a.m. for yoga or meditation. If I start my day without one (or a combination of a couple things), I’m off rhythm in every way. Call it a morning ritual, daily discipline, or whatever you want, but give it a try.

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3. Review your life plan and business plan.

Do this daily, for four to five minutes minimum. Of course, this one requires you to have a life/business plan first!

This can be as simple as an index card, which I keep inside my journal, where I’ve written my top four goals for the month and top six to eight for the year.

There’s something about reviewing those daily and embedding them into your subconscious that does wonders.

4. Read something inspirational.

There are several thousand incredible books out to keep you motivated, focused, and intense. What’s really cool now is you can utilize Audible, Blinkist, and many other apps to listen or read anytime, anywhere.

For me, I read physical books at home and while on the stationary bike at the gym, and then listen to audiobooks while in the car, running, walking, or working out on the elliptical machine.

See, it’s actually easy to combine a few of these eight game-changers. By the way, Blinkist provides a 15-minute summary of 3,000-plus books. Who doesn’t have time for that?

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5. Listen to something motivational.

This can also be done while working out or while driving in your car. Play something motivational or educational whenever you can. Your automobile can literally act as a university if you choose to take advantage of it.

What are you working on in your business or life this year? Get the audio files for the training(s) and immerse yourself in them.

6. Recite affirmations out loud.

You can even take it to the next level and create your own affirmations audio loop. Affirmations are extremely powerful, and almost all successful people use them to their advantage.

Two fabulous books to get you started with affirmations are Affirmations of Wealth: 101 Secrets of Daily Success by V. John Alexandrov and What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter.

John was a very close friend who passed away over a year ago, just before his 60th birthday. His work lives on, and I actually was asked by the family to purchase the rights and continue his legacy, which I did.

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7. Develop healthy lunch habits.

Eating lunch is obviously not something you can do in the morning, but you can use the a.m. to set yourself up for success. Try to have lunch at the same time daily, and eat something designed to give you some energy for the afternoon.

Shortly after waking up, pack what you’re going to eat midday—or at the very least, make a plan so you can avoid resorting to fast food if in need of a quick bite.

How many of you are dragging in the afternoon? There’s no need for it. Redesign how, when, and what you eat.

8. Visualize and execute.

When you wake up, for a moment pretend as if you’re unemployed (in the sense of income generation). You have to do something productive or waste the day.

It’s super easy to get comfortable when things are going well. But if you’ve broken down your yearly goals into daily bite-sized pieces—and regardless of the progress you’ve experienced thus far, you do that one thing every day—you’ll have an amazing year. Don’t get complacent with success.

Do you work on bettering yourself daily? How so? What results have you experienced?

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    Catherine Coy from Huntington Beach, California
    Replied over 1 year ago
    How ’bout “get dressed before you do anything else.” LOL
    Susan Maneck Investor from Jackson, Mississippi
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Naah, I can check out possible purchases on the internet in my pajamas, although I usually do so late at night as HUD houses are added and removed at midnight EST. Not an early to bed, early to rise sort of person. I have to say, I don’t find motivational approaches all that helpful. I prefer to focus on strategy.
    Account Closed Specialist from Middletown, RI
    Replied about 1 year ago
    We love stragegy and offer free strategy calls after you watch our free webinar. Happy to help.
    An Vu
    Replied over 1 year ago
    This is a wonderful post! Thank you Mr.Prefontaine!
    Account Closed Specialist from Middletown, RI
    Replied about 1 year ago
    You bet An – let us know how we can help.
    Matthew Corbett
    Replied over 1 year ago
    As part of my research into these late night seminars for real estate investing programs, I stumbled upon Bigger Pockets. I am impressed by all that it has to offer. When the time comes I will share my experiences along the way. I will refer to the many educational tools Bigger Pockets has to offer. Thanks for being available
    Account Closed Specialist from Middletown, RI
    Replied about 1 year ago
    You bet Matt. You’ll find us in the trenches doing deals and helping students as a family company . No late night info mercials selling stuff from us!
    Pierre Burgers from BRISBANE QLD, AUSTRALIA
    Replied about 1 year ago
    Some great reminders that I sometimes get too busy to apply!
    Account Closed Specialist from Middletown, RI
    Replied about 1 year ago
    GREED so set up an accountability partner to help you stay on track. I have one every Monday morning 8am.
    Bob Langworthy Accountant from Brunswick, ME
    Replied about 1 year ago
    Literally eating peanut M&Ms while reading point 7…
    Account Closed Specialist from Middletown, RI
    Replied about 1 year ago
    HAH – meant to be Bob.
    Marcus Maloney Wholesaler from Queen Creek, AZ
    Replied about 1 year ago
    Chris, I can concur starting the morning with a schedule routine provides clarity for the day. I currently practice 6 of 8, still working on the exercise thing and I need to be more consistent with reviewing my goals and plans. Thanks for a great read.
    Account Closed Specialist from Middletown, RI
    Replied about 1 year ago
    You’re very welcome Marcus. Set up an accountability partner to help you nail the other 8 and then start adding a new one each month.