4 Myths About Investing In Real Estate—Busted [VIDEO]

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There are tons of misconceptions about real estate investing—the main being that you need lots of money to become successful. Or time. Or deals. Not true!

Speaking of which, check out BiggerPockets Podcast Episode 272, which tackles this masterfully.

Fortunately, most of the myths surrounding real estate are pretty much just that — myths. Heck, I started with $79, later an FHA deal. (There’s also fear of failure.)

In this video, I break down four myths about investing in real estate. Check it out!

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1. You Need a Lot of Money

You can start with little down on a rental and grow your assets that way. As your properties gain equity, you can continue to invest.

2. That You Need to Find Flips

Flipping a house looks easy on TV, but there are easier ways to get into real estate investing.

3. You Have to Find a Great Deal

As a first-time investor, start simple. Find something recently renovated and rent out the rest of it. It may not be priced at a discount, but in the right market you’ll make cash on the rental.

4. The Market is Cyclical

With income-producing real estate, the value isn’t tied into supply and demand, it’s tied to the income in produces.

What myths about real estate investing have you heard?

Share them below so we can take a look!

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  1. John Murray

    There are many ways to invest in real estate. The whole concept is to buy low and sell high. In the interim produce positive cash flow until your exit strategy comes to fruition. This is pretty simple but you do have to have an exit strategy or do it on the fly like me.

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