5 Things You Should Prepare for Before Any Big Move

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What? What? What?

Did you just say you are under contract and getting ready to move? Ummm, home ownership and stepping up in life are definitely fun. But moving most certainly is not.

Moving is like paying tons of money and ruining your entire weekend (and likely that of a few other people who are obligated to like and/or love you—and therefore help you) only to find out that you’re, in fact, a hoarder. (Most of us are!)

Since I have some clients closing in Denver next week, and I have shared this information with them pre-emptively, I am also going to share with you this list of ways to prepare for a move. That way, you can prepare before your move is 48-hours away and the only thing you can think to do is watch reality television, in denial of the tremendously awful weekend ahead of you. Let’s get started (and, yes, the top two are impractical if you’re trying to save money, but also—time is money, and we all value our time and effort differently).

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1. Choose and Hire Movers

Moving is expensive, and movers add to the cost. However, they might also save your marriage and prevent your friends and family from avoiding you for the month leading up to the big move. We’ve found that you can find decently priced movers on Craigslist or uhaul.com. For us, at least, the experience has been wort it every time.

2. Choose And Hire Cleaners

My mom cleans like she’s German, so I haven’t had to hire out for this yet. However, I find the post-move cleaning really tedious. As a proud minimalist, I am always in disbelief at the amount of stuff that still needs to be packed, and the crevices that still need to be cleaned. So ultimately, I think it’s worth considering hiring out for this as well.

3. Officially Change Your Address

Here are the quick hits on who you might need to notify of your change of address: USPS, Amazon, your bank, your credit card companies, your car loan provider, your student loans provider, your HR department at work, your insurance provider, and your doctor. There are probably more, so make a list early and continue to add to it until you’re satisfied that it’s complete.

4. Cancel And Reschedule Subscriptions

Think utilities, cable, internet, trash, recycling, etc.

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5. Schedule A Few Days Off Work

Do this because you’re going to be busy and excited, and you’ll have to sign a lot of documents and coordinate many appointments. I think it’s worth taking off work the day of your close—and if it falls on a weekday other than Friday, the day after as well. Moving is a hassle. Compressing it into a short, effective timeline will help with the pain.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your move!

What about you?

What tips and tricks do you have for getting a big move in order? Share below!

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