Why Your “Bachelorette”-Loving Spouse Could Unexpectedly Catch the Real Estate Bug

Why Your “Bachelorette”-Loving Spouse Could Unexpectedly Catch the Real Estate Bug

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You know… sometimes (a lot of the time) when people find out that I am an avid “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise” fan, they immediately think less of me and/or try to block that information from their heads so they can still respect me. But I don’t care, OK? 

It’s not like I think that agreeing to marry someone after spending approximately 36 hours total with them is a good idea either. But I do think watching extremely attractive people torture themselves with multiple suitors, forcing their parents to give their blessing on TV, and agreeing to sex up strangers in back-to-back fantasy suites makes for very, very entertaining television. And frankly, the numbers would suggest that a lot of America (and not just females) agree with me.

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If you’ve made it this far in the article, you may be thinking, “Great, you are a dummy. What does this have to do with real estate?”

Well, we recently had someone call us who wanted to move forward with an investment property. He’d been trying to talk his wife into it for a while, but she’d been resistant. It was hard for her to conceptualize what the reality of that looked like before “Cash Pad” aired on CNBC, at which point she started to warm up to the idea. (To his full credit, this is when James burst into my office and said, “You should write an article about ‘Cash Pad.’”)  

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One of my favorite topics to write about for BiggerPockets is the difference between males and females when it comes to investing. I continue to believe that female investors are a much ignored market and that the way they process information is different from men. It’s not inferior, just different. Women prefer referrals over internet searches, and they like to hear about an idea from multiple sources (people they trust, podcasts, books, HGTV, etc.). 

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And “Cash Pad” is one more resource—it just happens to star a former “Bachelorette” contestant and the winner of her season—her now life partner and Aaron Rodgers’ much better-looking younger brother Jordan. Before becoming the bachelorette, JoJo was a real estate agent with a few investments already under her belt, and Jordan was an NFL reject. After the show, they teamed up and started doing a lot of renovation projects and TV interviews until they landed “Cash Pad.”

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“Cash Pad” is a weekly series starring JoJo and Jordan and focuses on transforming underutilized spaces into Airbnb rentals. If you have a resistant wife/spouse/partner that likes the “Bachelor” franchise, this might be a good place to warm them up to the idea. (Before I get a bunch of hate comments about how sexist this is, let me qualify that by only putting this in front of your partner if they are a fan. It obviously will be less effective—maybe even insulting—if they are not.) 

Anyway, broaden your perspective and try to think of this as another resource and not just the stars of an eye-rollingly stupid reality TV show. If it’s a show your partner likes to consume, meet them in the middle or use it as a tool to further expose them to the idea. 

Have you watched this show? Will you? If your significant other is currently against investing, what arguments is he or she making?

Let’s talk in the comment section below.