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BiggerPockets Business Podcast
0 BiggerPockets Business Podcast 03: How to Attract Media Attention and Turn Publicity Into Profit with Brent Underwood

Want your business to be noticed by reporters and generate positive press? Brent Underwood is your man. In this episode, he talks about making a splash through outside-the-box techniques he’s used for musical artists, bestselling authors, and his own projects—including a ghost town he’s turning into a high-end resort.

BiggerPockets Money Podcast
0 BiggerPockets Money Podcast 72: Increasing Your Income Through Commissions With Dawn Brenengen

Dawn Brenengen’s money story begins differently than most. Her parents shared their finances with her, so she learned about money young. She went to college, graduated with little debt, and got a low-paying job—until her father suggested she get a real estate license. Tune in to find out how she now earns six figures!

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