2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scaling Your Business (& 3 Easy Steps to Get Started)

2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scaling Your Business (& 3 Easy Steps to Get Started)

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Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson is an avid real estate investor from the suburbs of Philadelphia. She owns several real estate businesses and focuses primarily on the operations of each business.

Ashley began her real estate career investing in short- and long-term rentals. She then started flipping houses in the suburbs of Philadelphia, while living in Europe. Upon her return, she moved into large multifamily.

Over her tenure, she has been involved in over $40M of real estate and has overseen over $5M in construction. Today, she focuses on both flipping houses and operating large multifamily properties, as the Asset and Construction Manager.

Currently, Ashley is a contributing blogger to BiggerPockets. She also was on BiggerPockets Podcast episode #277 and previously provided live content for BiggerPockets YouTube and Live Stream.

Ashley has also been featured on several podcasts, including The Real Estate InvestHer, Purchase to Profits, Best Real Estate Investing Advice with Joe Fairless, The Real Estate Syndication Show, The Multifamily Zone, Multifamily Marketing, and Cashflow2Freedom. In addition, Ashley has spoken at several real estate events including IMN Multifamily Property Management & Operations, MidAtlantic Summit, Diversified Investors Group, The Real Estate InvestHer, and Strategic Investor Alliance.

Ashley attended Colgate University and then later received her Masters of Leadership Development at Penn State University, where she was inducted into the Beta Gama Sigma Society. Ashley also holds a Six Sigma Lean Professional Certification and an Independent Rental Owner Professional Certification from the National Apartment Association.


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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” —Maya Angelou

It seems like yesterday. I was scouring the internet looking for articles on scaling one’s business. While there is a lot of information for both newbie real estate investors and people who are doing hundreds of deals a year, there is not a lot of content available for people transitioning from newbie to veteran.

So for anyone looking to get out of the newbie group, this article is for you!

Scaling your business is a topic that will inevitably arise if your business is doing well. While it may seem like a natural progression, it is not for everyone. Before biting off more than you can chew, ask yourself the following questions to confirm that your business is scalable. 

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Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Scaling Your Business

The first question you should be asking is do you want to scale? Bigger is not always better. If you are doing well on a smaller scale, you could just sustain your current business model and still be successful. The other point to consider is if you are prepared for the additional work and stress that comes along with transitioning your business.

The second question is, is it feasible to grow? In other words, do you have the infrastructure to grow (available inventory, access to additional capital, and manpower)? To answer this question, look at all of the components that make your business successful currently, and see if you can double it.

If the answers to these questions confirm your initial thoughts of wanting to scale, then you are ready to take these next steps.

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How to Begin Scaling Your Business

  1. Check with your current team about whether they are also able to handle the additional workload. If anyone is uncertain and/or cannot, then it is time to look for back-ups/additional resources. This is probably something you do not want to do. It takes a lot of work to identify resources; however, if you do not identify the additional support now, you may regret it in the long term!
  2. Check with your funding sources about whether they are able to lend on more opportunities. Wanting to scale is one thing, but being able to do so is another. Obviously financing is a component that can be rate limiting. If your current resources are not able to provide additional funding, it is time to look for some new contacts.
  3. And once these two steps are resolved, it is time for the fun part: Begin hunting for opportunities! If you are passionate about growing your business, this step is probably second nature for you!  

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As your business continues to expand, it will face new challenges. Don’t get discouraged, as this is actually a sign of growth! It’s only when your challenges stay the same that you should be concerned.

Stay focused, take it one day at a time, and be as proactive as possible when a hurdle arises. Remember, you did not build your business overnight, so you will not be able to grow overnight either! 

As a good friend of mine always says, “Be impatient with action, but patient with results.”

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Have you received any other beneficial scaling advice, or do you have any helpful tips to share from your experience? 

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