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The marketing method I’m about to share with you always seems to elicit a lot of emotional responses. A lot of people hate it and bad mouth it, but guess what? I don’t care. Why? Because it makes money and it gets results. You should track all of your marketing methods and if they’re working keep doing them and if they don’t, then obviously stop.

I’m pretty much willing to bet that anybody who doesn’t like this method has never used it (the most likely reason) or has never gotten a deal from it because they don’t know what they’re doing (I’ll show you the perfect plan.) So what method am I talking about?

Here’s a blurb from an email I received last week, from one of my partners…

“Over the past week I have been putting out my new signs, I attached a pic of it, check it out. So far the signs have been pulling an excellent amount of calls. I’m getting an overwhelming response. For example, I put out 50 signs last night in high traffic areas and just today I got 11 calls.”


In this blog post, I want to tell you about 3 powerful websites that can post your property listing ads all over the net on autopilot for FREE.

I don’t know about you, but I hate manually posting ads because it takes up too much of my time.  I’m always look for ways to make my business marketing easier so I can concentrate on putting more deals together. Although my assistant has taken a lot of this weight off of my shoulders (which is something  you may want to consider getting, if you haven’t), I still feel that online ad syndication sites are top notch.

Automation is something I thrive for!

So, what is Online Ad Syndication


I go to my post office box once a week. I insert my key and kaplow out comes a pile of junk mail. Sometimes I think I am just paying for my post office box just so companies can send me junk, lol. Just a few years ago I would’ve been ticked off to be getting so much junk mail but now I embrace junk mail. I love junk mail.

I get junk mail from banks, auto dealers, insurance companies, fast food chains, super markets, travel, get rich quick schemes and the list goes on and on.

Fortune 500 companies spend millions hiring the top advertising agencies of the world to create and come up with the best advertising. These advertising agencies take into account every little detail and every word that’s said.

I know we don’t  have millions of dollars to spend on the best advertising money can buy so why don’t we learn from these advertisers and put together the best of best for FREE.  Let’s learn from our competition and such.

The next time you pull out a pile of junk mail and instead of just tossing it into the trash stop and look it over for a second.  Separate the mail that catches your attention from the mail that is flat out junk mail and uninteresting. Take the mail that seems interesting and look for the following:


There are quite a few features that Postlets offers, some fee-based and some free.  In this post I’m going to focus on the free features and show you how you can take your CraigsLists posts from this:

To This:

Postlets Tutorial for Craigslist

In this tutorial does most of the work for you.  However, in relation to my previous post, I’ll also show you how you can create the illusion of an embeded YouTube property video.  The procedure is as follows:

Step 1:

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