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A mobile home park manager and you want the same goals and outcomes for the mobile home community. The park management and you both want to fill the park up with nice quality homes, keep all homes in the park, want qualifying hard-working buyers in those homes, and want to pay lot rent every single month. Any park manager in his or her right mind should love working with you or receiving your help on a regular basis. The list below discusses the 4 main reasons a mobile home community manager may not want you in his or her mobile home park.


When it comes to finding great real estate deals, I am a firm believer that you can find deals in any market and any time. But what is the probability that you can cherry pick from many home run deals have little competition and multiple exit strategies?

To identify markets to invest it is recommended to have not 1 or 2 of the following, but all 4:
Little chance of depreciation, lots of available deals, low competition, multiple exit strategies.