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Do you act rich? Do you flaunt your wealth, or pretend to be rich by driving a car you can’t afford?

Well, you need to stop. Thomas Stanley who’s the author of “The Millionaire Mind” (which was fantastic) has a new book out called “Stop Acting Rich and Start Living Like a Millionaire.” Now, I have not read this new book yet, but I do have some advice which could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Why Not To Buy A BMW

I started investing in real estate in college and was able to make some decent money in my early 20’s. Then again, any money in your early 20’s is decent. And I ended up wasting a lot of it by doing immature things. For example, I had a BMW. I only had it for a short time because I realized it wasn’t me and I felt stupid driving the car around. I’ve also wasted a good amount of money on going to Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Yes, I certainly believe in having fun, but you need to be smart and save your money–at least 10 percent of it. However, I’m not writing to you to try to get you to save your money. That’s common sense. The reason I want you to stop acting rich is to protect your assets and keep yourself from being a target of fraudsters.


Oh have faith yea disciples of the deal; it is possible to find a lender who will loan every penny of the purchase price of a property. Just like it is possible to find a property that can be bought with no money down, but know that both endeavors can be laborious. Real estate is one of the few business games where the ante is affordable to anyone with a little gusto, and success is possible for those with a lot of diligence and perseverance.

Where to Find Private lenders

  1. Classifieds advertising sites such as Look under services and financials.
  2. Do an internet search using any search engine type in “hard money” or “private money loans” etc.
  3. Check your local newspaper classifieds under money to lend or finance.
  4. Go to your Real Estate Investment Groups meetings.
  5. Patrol real estate investment websites like
  6. Network with other real estate investors to see who they use.
  7. If all else fails you can even call mortgage brokers.

Researching Lenders

Search far and wide and you’ll find a couple of good private lenders. There are no certifying bodies for private money and there is no central association. Anyone with a lot of money can essentially lend it out, so sometimes you may run into a lender who is not legitimate.