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Let me tell you a story about how I made a bundle of money this week. It’s the story of how I captured my latest deal. Now when I tell you the story you may think that I’m counting my chickens before they’ve hatched but you really do make your money when you buy. Never, loose site of that important fact. In this case the money is made and in the bank. Now until the home is sold the money is mine to loose or keep, depending on how I manage the project.

Persistence and Ambition Lead to a Working Relationship

You could say it started about a month ago. A young ambitious Realtor contacted me when he saw my ads stating that I buy houses. He sent me about a half dozen listing and to my surprise the list had potential. I am a licensed and active Realtor but I appreciate a go-getter when I see one. I can only cover so much ground myself and I love to enlist the services of ambitious people. We looked at a few of these properties on his list and we made some offers but nothing came through. The beautiful thing was that this young Realtor came back with another list of properties. That is how I knew he had the stuff. Many Realtors say they want to work with investors but when they actually see the nature of the game they roll out quite quickly. The fact that this guy came back told me he was real deal.