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Encouragement is the fuel that hope runs on. ~Zig Ziglar Last weekend at the Extreme…


The Burden
There is a widely accepted but rarely named enemy that pervades our culture and handicaps our people. I hereby resolve to name it and identify it in defense of those with the capabilities which this enemy stifles. I want to give cover to all of you who have thought it but were afraid to speak it; to those who have muttered it but where silenced by the shrill cries of indignation. I will scream it in proud defiance atop the rock of natural law. Simple common sense and cause and effect will be my shield and my sword though I know they have proven useless against the squishy formless subversive weapons of the warriors of the enemy. I will be called greedy, heartless, and hateful by the merciless minions of the enemy but I will bare it as a patriot to the cause of productivity.

This enemy is guilt. Its weapon of choice: charity. Its result is the abdication of our free will to think, to speak, and to act in our own best interest. Guilt is the weapon that turns our strength against us. The more successful you are the more reward that natural law endows upon you and thus the more guilt you are expected to feel. In the end the most successful among us are left questioning their own rewards and sabotaging their own business by questioning whether they deserve to make so much money.

In turn the enemy is shameless. He comes with indignant scowl on his face with hand extended demanding his share of any profit. He grins and turns his back when a deal loses money as if saying, “That’s what you get.” Never would the enemy consider giving back a portion of what he took from the last deal. His interest seems to lie in taking from those who are successful and keeping down those who are in need.