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Do you want to increase your closing percentage when you talk to sellers? Well, if so, pay attention because you’re about to learn the secret to one of the most important reasons people decide to buy and sell houses.

Let me start off with an example. This is a personal example, but it proves the point beautifully. My mother died of cancer and before her death we used Hospice. The other day I got a letter in the mail from Hospice asking for a donation to the program.

It was a brilliantly written letter which talked about a family with cancer and how Hospice had helped the mother of the family live out her last days in comfort. The letter pulled on the heart strings and touched on almost every emotion.

This was obviously the perfect letter to send to someone like me, being that I could emotionally relate. (No, I didn’t donate any money. I donate 10% of my income to other causes).

The big lesson…

So what’s the big lesson from this letter? If you want to close more deals and be more successful as a real estate investor you must appeal to people’s emotions. Human beings are not logical (especially one of the sexes, I’ll let you guess which one).