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Diversification is the key to any good investment strategy. Parochial and or dogmatic mindsets will certainly catch up to any entrepreneur and be the kiss of death to his enterprise. Most real estate investors are aware this fact yet many stubbornly cling to a small geographical area. Despite the advice given by the great Andrew Carnegie who said, “put all your eggs in one basket… and then watch that basket,” I just feel a little better knowing that the total value of my real estate portfolio is not dictated by the fortunes of one town.

Expand Your Base into Different Markets

I say that if you have more than just a couple investment properties, particularly if you are a buy and hold landlord, then you should really consider spreading out a little. No, don’t ever invest in a town or state in which you are not familiar. Do your homework before you lay your hard earned money down. I encourage investors to look first at their favorite vacation spot. The investor will likely be at least basically familiar with the location.